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Meanings of "syndicate" in German English Dictionary : 11 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
syndicate Arbeitsgemeinschaft [f]
syndicate Syndikat [n]
syndicate Absatzkartell [n]
syndicate Verkaufskartell [n]
syndicate Interessengemeinschaft [f]
syndicate Verband [m]
syndicate Kartell [n]
syndicate Konsortium [n]
syndicate Syndikat [n]
syndicate Syndikat
syndicate Arbeitsgemeinschaft [f]

Meanings of "syndicate" in English German Dictionary : 46 result(s)

Anglais Allemand
lottery pools syndicate Tippgemeinschaft (Lotterie oder Fußballtoto) [f]
lottery syndicate Tippgemeinschaft [f]
lottery syndicate Wettgemeinschaft [f]
a newspaper syndicate eine Zeitungsgruppe, die unter der gleichen Leitung steh [f]
promoter syndicate Gründerkonsortium [n]
crime syndicate Verbrechersyndikat [n]
form a syndicate ein Konsortium bilden [v]
syndicate syndizieren [v]
share in a syndicate Konsortialbeteiligung [f]
syndicate of underwriters Versicherungskonsortium [n]
underwriting syndicate Emissionssyndikat [n]
syndicate transaction Konsortialgeschäft [n]
bidding syndicate Bieterkonsortium [n]
purchasing syndicate Übernahmekonsortium [n]
bidding syndicate Ausschreibungskonsortium [n]
banking syndicate Bankenkonsortium [n]
shares in a syndicate Konsortialbeteiligungen [pl]
syndicate participation Konsortialbeteiligung [f]
syndicate manager Konsortialführer [m]
backing syndicate Sanierungskonsortium [n]
banking syndicate Bankenkonsortium [n]
reconstruction syndicate Sanierungskonsortium [n]
stock exchange syndicate Börsenkonsortium [n]
stock exchange syndicate Börsensyndikat [n]
stock market syndicate Börsenkonsortium [n]
syndicate system (insurance law) Konsortialsysteme (Versicherungsrecht) [n]
underwriting syndicate Emissionskonsortium [n]
stock exchange syndicate Börsekonsortium [Ös.] [n]
stock exchange syndicate Börsesyndikat [Ös.] [n]
stock market syndicate Börsekonsortium [Ös.] [n]
stock exchange syndicate Börsekonsortium [n]
stock exchange syndicate Börsesyndikat [n]
stock market syndicate Börsekonsortium [n]
syndicate banking Bankkonsortialgeschäft [n]
underwriting syndicate/group Übernahmekonsortium [n]
syndicate participations Konsortialbeteiligungen [pl]
syndicate managers Konsortialführer [pl]
syndicate systems Konsortialsysteme [pl]
syndicate of banks Bankenkonsortium [n]
banking syndicate Bankenkonsortium [n]
banking syndicate Bankensyndikat [n]
syndicate of banks Bankensyndikat [n]
SAP Terms
syndicate member Konsorte [m]
syndicate loan Konsortialdarlehen [n]
syndicate of underwriters Versicherungskonsortium [n]
football pools syndicate Tippgemeinschaft (Lotterie oder Fußballtoto) [f]