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Meanings of "wachsam" in English German Dictionary : 29 result(s)

Allemand Anglais
wachsam [adj] viligant
wachsam [adj] watchful
wachsam [adj] Argus-eyed
wachsam [adj] regardant
wachsam [adj] vigilant
wachsam [adj] alert
wachsam [adj] observant
wachsam [adj] tenty
wachsam [adj] wakeful
wachsam [adj] lidless
wachsam [adj] wary
wachsam [adj] on guard
wachsam [adj] wakerife
wachsam [adj] awake
wachsam [adj] unwinking
wachsam [adj] cagey
wachsam [adj] cagy
wachsam [adj] wide-awake
wachsam [adj] surveillant
wachsam [adj] argus eyed
wachsam [adj] arguseyed
wachsam [adj] at cock
wachsam [adv] alertly
wachsam [adv] vigilantly
wachsam [adv] wakefully
wachsam [adv] watchfully
wachsam alert
British Slang
wachsam box clever
wachsam [adj] alert

Meanings of "wachsam" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 25 result(s)

Allemand Anglais
nicht wachsam [adj] unwatchful
wachsam [übertragen] [adj] wakeful
nicht wachsam [adj] unalert
so wachsam wie [adj] as watchful as
immer wachsam [adj] ever-vigilant
stetig wachsam [adj] ever-vigilant
wachsam sein [v] put on guard
wachsam sein [v] be alert
wachsam sein [v] be alert for trouble
wachsam sein [v] be on (the) alert
wachsam sein [v] be on the qui vive
wachsam sein [v] be attentive
wachsam sein für [v] be attentive to
wachsam sein [v] be on guard
wachsam sein [v] be on the alert (for someone or something)
wachsam sein [v] be on the watch
wachsam sein [v] be wary
wachsam sein [v] be wary of
wachsam sein [v] be watchful
wachsam sein [v] be with it
Holzauge sei wachsam! keep your eyes peeled!
wachsam sein wegen be on the alert for
wegen jemandem äußerst wachsam sein be on guard against someone
wegen jemandem wachsam sein be on guard against someone
äußerst wachsam sein be on full alert