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Sens de "apolismar" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 16 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
apolismar [v] PA CU ruin
apolismar [v] PA CU PR spoil
apolismar [v] CU PA PR destroy
apolismar [v] CU PA PR spoil
apolismar [v] CU PA PR harm
apolismar [v] CU PA PR damage
apolismar [v] CAM laze around
apolismar [v] CAM slack off
apolismar [v] PR VE be groggy
apolismar [v] CAM lounge around
apolismar [v] PR VE cower
apolismar [v] PR remain undeveloped
apolismar [v] PR remain short
apolismar [v] PA CU bruise a fruit
apolismar [v] PA be injured using punches or blows
apolismar [v] PA squeeze someone in a confined space