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Sens de "baquía" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 10 résultat(s)

Espagnol Anglais
baquía [f] practical acquaintance with the roads, forests of a country
baquía [f] AMER skill in handwork
baquía [f] expert knowledge of ins/outs of area
baquía [f] BO ability to domesticate cattle and horses
baquía [adj] UY AR rur. with expertise
baquía [adj] PE rare with expertise
baquía [adj] CO:E with expertise
baquía [m/f] CO:E expertise
baquía [m/f] UY AR rur. expertise
baquía [m/f] PE rare expertise

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Espagnol Anglais
baquía  [f] CO AR UY PE practical skills