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sakin ol

Sens de "sakin ol" dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Turc : 16 résultat(s)

Turc Anglais
Common Usage
sakin ol take it easy interj.
sakin ol shake it off
sakin ol cool your jets! exclam.
sakin ol keep your wig on
sakin ol keep your hair on
sakin ol be cool
sakin ol go easy
sakin ol just cool it
sakin ol cool it
sakin ol take a chill pill
sakin ol chill out
sakin ol keep calm
sakin ol don't be freaked out
sakin ol take a chill pill expr.
sakin ol lamp (rap slang)
British Slang
sakin ol play it cool

Sens de "sakin ol" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Turc : 31 résultat(s)

Turc Anglais
sakin ol ve taylor swift'i sev keep calm and love taylor swift
sakin ol ve sıkı çalış keep calm and study hard
hey sakin ol! hey relax!
sakin ol! don't have a cow!
sakin ol adamım! take it easy man!
sakin ol dostum! take it easy man!
sakin ol! draw it mild!
sakin ol! chill out!
sakin ol! cool out!
sakin ol! cool it!
sakin ol! don't get your bowels in an uproar!
sakin ol! easy does it!
sakin ol! easy there!
sakin ol biraz dostum take it easy buddy
sakin ol! keep your hair on!
sakin ol! keep your shirt on!
sakin ol! hang loose!
sakin ol! stay loose!
bana sakin ol deme don't tell me to calm down
sakin ol yeter just be cool
sadece sakin ol just be cool
sakin ol şampiyon take it easy champion
sakin ol şampiyon take it easy champ
bana sakin ol deme don't tell me to settle down
sakin ol ve rahatla keep calm and relax
sakin ol ve çalmaya devam et keep calm and play on
sakin ol! blow on it!
sakin ol kaplan easy tiger
bi sakin ol ya! calm the fuck down!
sakin ol! calm your tits!
bi sakin ol ya chill the fuck out