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Meanings of "assigner" in French English Dictionary : 2 result(s)

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Parliamentary Terms
assigner cédante [f]
assigner cédant [m]

Meanings of "assigner" in English French Dictionary : 28 result(s)

Fransızca İngilizce
assigner [v] appoint
assigner [v] allot
assigner [v] designate
assigner [v] constitute
assigner [v] apportion
assigner [v] intend
assigner [v] schedule
assigner [v] destine
assigner [v] assign
assigner [v] attach
assigner [v] sump
assigner [v] summon
assigner [v] cite
assigner [v] mark
assigner [v] appropriate
assigner [v] fix
assigner [v] allocate
assigner [v] specify
assigner [v] summon
assigner [v] subpoena
assigner [v] assign
assigner [v] allocate
Governmental Terms
assigner [v] serve
assigner [v] subpoena
assigner [v] summon
Parliamentary Terms
assigner [v] summon
assigner [v] assign
assigner [v] assign

Meanings of "assigner" with other terms in English French Dictionary : 27 result(s)

Fransızca İngilizce
assigner une valeur à une variable [v] assign value to a variable
assigner des valeurs à des variables [v] assign values to variables
assigner une valeur à une variable [v] assign a value to a variable
assigner qn issue a writ
Human Resources
assigner des tâches assign duties
assigner à comparaître [v] summon to attend a hearing
assigner qn en justice issue a writ against someone
assigner en justice issue a summons or writ against
ré assigner re-serve a writ
assigner en justice bring proceedings against
permis d'assigner leave to bring proceedings
assigner en justice sue
assigner à personne serve personally with a writ
ré assigner repeat the service of a writ
State Law
assigner à témoigner to call to give evidence
assigner un témoin to summon a person
assigner à comparaître to summon to appear
assigner à comparaître comme témoin en sa faveur to summon as a witness on one's behalf
assigner à comparaître à une enquête to summon to appear before an inquest
assigner une autre valeur to revalue
assigner à comparaître et contre-interroger to summon and cross examine
Governmental Terms
assigner à témoigner [v] call to give evidence
assigner à remplir les fonctions de juré [v] summon for jury duty
assigner à comparaître [v] summon to appear
Human Rights
assigner à comparaître summon to attend
Parliamentary Terms
assigner un témoin summon a witness
Election Terms
assigner un témoin [v] subpoena a witness