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Meanings of "aguantadora" in English Spanish Dictionary : 9 result(s)

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aguantadora [adj/f] AR UY highly productive
aguantadora [f] MX VE BO a person who can drink large amounts of alcoholic beverages without reaching a state of inebriation
aguantadora [f] DO a lender
aguantadora [f] VE PY AR UY a thief that keeps the stolen objects hidden for some time
aguantadora [adj/f] MX GT HN CR CO VE BO CL PY AR UY related to a person who resists any physical effort
aguantadora [adj/f] MX GT HN SV CR DO VE PE BO CL PY AR UY very tolerant
aguantadora [adj/f] MX CO PE CL PY UY resistant to shock and damage
aguantadora [adj/f] MX SV NI CO VE PY AR UY suffering very much with resignation
aguantadora [adj/f] PY AR UY pertaining to yerba mate (ilex paraguariensis)

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cartela aguantadora toe bracket