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campaneo [m] bells ringing
campaneo [m] waddling into direction
campaneo [m] MX a system of collection where waste collectors indicate their readiness by ringing a distinctive bell and possibly shouting
campaneo [m] MX lookout
campaneo [m] MX a system of garbage collection based on a warning by an operator that sounds a bell for residents to take the garbage out
campaneo [m] MX stalking, spying on the movements and developments of others with specific purposes, generally by the police or criminals
campaneo [m] MX beating of a piston during movement due to wear or a fault in adjustment that generates a slight clearance
campaneo [m] MX (among criminals) guarding against inopportune intrusion
campaneo [m] MX surveillance (of criminals)
campaneo [m] bell-ringing
campaneo [m] chime
campaneo [m] ring
campaneo [m] ringing
campaneo [m] bell ringing
campaneo [m] pealing
campaneo [m] strut
campaneo [m] affected gait
campaneo [m] MX an aggression with several repeated beats
campaneo [m] swagger
campaneo [m] waddle
campaneo [m] wriggle
campaneo [m] wiggle
campaneo [m] wiggling movement

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