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Meanings of "chivear" in English Spanish Dictionary : 17 result(s)

İspanyolca İngilizce
chivear [v] MX GT SV make someone feel ashamed
chivear [v] BO get up to (something)
chivear [v] PR rur. do odd jobs
chivear [v] GT HN SV gamble
chivear [v] PE perform sporadically in musical shows
chivear [v] DO flirt (a woman)
chivear [v] VE scheme
chivear [v] VE cheat
chivear [v] VE fool someone
chivear [v] BO make mischief (child)
chivear [v] MX GT SV make someone feel embarrassed
chivear [v] HN CR annoy someone
chivear [v] AR UY be entertained
chivear [v] CO forge
chivear [v] AR UY have fun
chivear [v] HN CR irritate someone
chivear [v] CO falsify