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Meanings of "deception" in Spanish English Dictionary : 72 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
deception decepción [f]
deception fraude [m]
deception engaño [m]
deception alucinación [f]
deception chancha [f] disused
deception decepción [f]
deception alucinamiento [m]
deception decebimiento [m] disused
deception embeleco [m]
deception jarana [f]
deception falacia [f]
deception burla [f]
deception trola [f]
deception engañifa [f]
deception superchería [f]
deception maña [f]
deception enyucada [f] PE
deception cogida [f] PR
deception manganía [f] GT
deception macuquería [f] CL
deception ponga [f] HN
deception pongueada [f] HN
deception prendida [f] BO
deception vaciada [f] AR:Nw
deception trácala [f] MX PA VE
deception vacuna [f] CL
deception embuste [m]
deception tiro [m] VE
deception bluff (inglés) [m] US PR
deception blofe (inglés) [m] US MX DO PR
deception bluff (voz inglesa) [m] NI derog.
deception cubo [m] DO
deception cují [m] PA
deception hueveo [m] GT
deception mambo [m] DO
deception parapeto [m] SV NI PA
deception tarrajazo [m] PR
deception amaestradura [f]
deception embrolla [f]
deception trapisonda [f]
deception zarracatería [f]
deception embaucamiento [m]
deception falimiento [m] rare
deception perro [m]
deception superchería [f]
deception charlatanería [f]
deception dolo [m]
deception mentira [f]
deception desobligo [m] EC
deception morisqueta [f]
deception criollada [f] PE
deception gatazo [m]
deception trampantojo [m]
deception emboque [m]
deception amañamiento [m]
deception gatazo [m] PE
deception prestigio [m]
deception engaño [m]
deception fraude [m]
deception falsía [f]
deception picardía [f]
deception impostura [f]
deception tracalería [f]
deception baratería [f]
deception disfraz [m]
deception prestigio [m]
deception embrollo [m]
deception embolado [m]
deception engaño [m]
deception parchazo [m]
deception petardo [m]
deception embudo [m]

Meanings of "deception" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 57 result(s)

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self-deception autoengaño [m]
deception by lying or exaggerating chauqueada [f] BO:W,C
deception or disappointment due to something not being what one expected fajada [f] VE disused
deception plotted especially by a lawyer or a politician güisachada [f] GT
artificial and concealed project or deception, usually with bad intentions maquinada [f] PY
falsity (something false; a lie or deception) mentira [f]
take something away from somebody without his/her consent (particularly by deception/force) aventar [v] CR disused
try to convince someone with deception cuinear [v] HN
deception to take money gatazo [m] PE
subtle and ingenious trick to achieve something with deception or fraud amarre [m] EC
deception through words cuenteo [m] SV CL
scam or deception carried out using a false story cuento del tío [m] PE BO CL AR UY
clever deception astuto engaño
artful deception estratagema [f]
flam (a lie or hoax; a deception) mentira [f]
artificial and concealed project or deception, usually with bad intentions máquina [f] CL
discover a deception coger de atrás para adelante [v] CU
be exposed and surprised while carrying out a crime or deception estar atrapillado [v] PR
get something by manipulation or deception ganseárselas [v] PR
an act of deception cama  [f] AR
person who acts with deception and hypocrisy camandulera [f] AR
joke that is made with deception joda [f] BO PY AR UY EC teen
artificial and concealed project or deception, usually with bad intentions maquinaria [f] CL cult
artificial and concealed project or deception, usually with bad intentions maquinaria [f] PA
robbing through deception tumbada [f] CU CO BO:E
act with deception and hypocrisy camandulear [v] PY AR UY rare
engage in a deception entongarse [v] AR
robbing through deception tumbar [v] PA CU DO PR CO BO:C,S
be a victim of deception caer de maje [v] CR
fall into a trap or deception caer en el jamo [v] CU
a deception curro  [m] AR
person who acts with deception and hypocrisy camandulero [m] AR
a lie or deception cuentón [m] PA
expresses deception or displeasure before a situation ¡qué bajón de nota! [n] PR child
without any deception sin trampa ni cartón
with no tricks or deception involved sin trampa ni cartón
criminal deception estafa [f]
by deception por medio de engaño
intentional deception decepción intencional
larceny by deception hurto mediante engaño
deception jamming interferencia de diversión [f]
imitative deception falsa imitación [f]
imitative deception falsa imitación [f]
deception signal señal confusa [f]
electronic deception engaño electrónico
deception device dispositivo de engaño
electronic deception falacia electrónica
electronic deception señuelo electrónico
imitative deception estratagema imitativa
radar deception engaño del radar
radar deception contramedida de confusión del radar
radio deception engaño por radio
double deception engaño doble
intentional deception engaño intencional
radar countermeasures and deception contramedidas y confusión de radar
electronic deception contramedida electrónica de señuelo
radar countermeasures and deception (radcm) contramedidas y confusión de radar