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Meanings of "disgusting" in Spanish English Dictionary : 43 result(s)

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disgusting asqueroso [adj]
disgusting infecto [adj]
disgusting chuco [adj] CAM
disgusting relajante [adj]
disgusting repugnante [adj]
disgusting repulsivo [adj]
disgusting infecta [adj/f]
disgusting chuca [adj/f] CAM
disgusting asquerosa [adj/f]
disgusting repulsiva [adj/f]
disgusting asquerosidad [f]
disgusting ascoroso [adj] disused
disgusting asqueroso [adj]
disgusting asquiento [adj] HN CO PE CL
disgusting escuálido [adj] rare
disgusting carroñero [adj]
disgusting malnacido [adj]
disgusting malparido [adj]
disgusting nauseabundo [adj]
disgusting despreciable [adj]
disgusting atroz [adj]
disgusting indignante [adj]
disgusting infitiuto [adj] NI:W rur.
disgusting improsulto [adj] NI
disgusting maluco [adj] NI CO VE BO
disgusting móndrigo [adj] MX
disgusting ofensivo [adj]
disgusting tedioso [adj]
disgusting tediosa [adj/f]
disgusting ofensiva [adj/f]
disgusting desagradable [adj]
disgusting desabrido [adj]
disgusting desabrida [adj/f]
disgusting chis [interj] GT
disgusting vomitivo [adj]
disgusting baboso [adj] AR UY
disgusting che [adj] MX derog.
disgusting imposible [adj] CL AR
disgusting huishi [adj] PE:S rur.
disgusting ¡pailas! [interj] CO
disgusting barajo [interj]
disgusting vomitiva [adj/f]
disgusting babosa [adj/f] AR UY

Meanings of "disgusting" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 48 result(s)

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disgusting thing asquerosidad [f]
disgusting person asquerosa [f]
disgusting thing basura [f]
disgusting mess cerdada [f]
disgusting person/thing asco [m]
disgusting person asqueroso [m]
disgusting behaviour gorrinada [f]
disgusting thing asquerosidad [f]
disgusting person móndriga [f] MX
be disgusting estar hecho un asco [v]
make a disgusting sound chicharrear [v] MX CL
be disgusting dar grima [v]
that's disgusting! ¡chis! [interj] GT
disgusting! ¡gas! [interj] CO
disgusting! ¡guácatela! [interj] CL cult
disgusting mess asco [m]
smelly and disgusting animal bicho de mangle [m] PR
disgusting thing chicle [m] DO
disgusting person móndrigo [m] MX
disgusting person la embarrada [n] CO
disgusting thing la embarrada [n] CO
this is disgusting esto es asqueroso
how disgusting! ¡qué asco!
think of something disgusting piensa en algo repugnante
disgusting room or place pocilga [f]
disgusting thing guarrada [f]
disgusting (food) maluco  [adj] VE
disgusting! ¡fúchila! [interj] MX GT HN SV NI CR PR EC PE BO PY
disgusting! ¡fuera! [interj] EC
disgusting! ¡gua! [interj] CL
disgusting! ¡guácale! [interj] EC CL UY teen
disgusting! ¡guácata! [interj] SV CU
disgusting! ¡guácatela! [interj] PA EC teen
disgusting! ¡guácatela! [interj] MX HN SV CR
disgusting! ¡guácatelas! [interj] MX CR
disgusting! ¡eco! [interj] VE
disgusting room or place chiquero [m]
disgusting meal comistrajo [m]
stinky and disgusting animal bicho de mangle [m] PR
disgusting drink bebistrajo [m]
disgusting! ¡por la madre! [n] BO:W
disgusting! ¡manda pinga! [n] CU
disgusting! ¡manda mierda! [n] CU
disgusting (food) maluca  [adj/f] VE
disgusting person or thing gonorrea [f] CO
disgusting person asquerosa [f]
disgusting person asqueroso [m]
disgusting mess potingue [m]