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Meanings of "fought" in Spanish English Dictionary : 8 result(s)

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fought ensuciar [v]
fought fétido [adj]
fought asqueroso [adj]
fought horrible [adj]
fought sucio [adj]
fought asquerosa [adj/f]
fought fétida [adj/f]
fought sucia [adj/f]

Meanings of "fought" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 24 result(s)

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hard fought disputado [adj]
hard-fought competido [adj]
hard-fought apurado [adj]
hard-fought reñido [adj]
hard fought disputada [adj/f]
hard-fought competida [adj/f]
hard-fought apurada [adj/f]
hard-fought reñida [adj/f]
hard-fought batalloso [adj] disused
period from 1948 to 1953 when liberal and conservative forces fought for political control of colombia violencia [f] CO
fought over reñido [adj]
young cock that hasn't yet fought bozal [m] PR rur.
fighter cock that fought well mocleca [m] PR rur.
panamanian combatant that fought against colombia in the thousand days' war veterano [m] PA
gladiator who fought hoodwinked andábata [m]
main (physical strength: fought with might and main) fuerza [f]
nicaraguan political and military movement during the 1980s that fought against the sandinista national liberation front contra [f] MX GT HN NI
person who fought to overthrow nicaragua's sandinista government contra [m/f] MX GT HN NI
they fought for the sake of pride se pelearon solo por amor propio
be fought in librarse en [v]
hard-fought de meta y ponga [adj] CL UY
hard fought encarnizado [m]
hard-fought peleado [adj]
action fought at dawn alborada [f]