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remove obstacles

Meanings of "remove obstacles" in Spanish English Dictionary : 5 result(s)

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remove obstacles abrir [v]
remove obstacles descombrar [v]
remove obstacles destrabar [v]
remove obstacles desatracar [v] PE
remove obstacles desatorar [v] MX GT HN NI CR PR PE BO CL

Meanings of "remove obstacles" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 6 result(s)

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remove the obstacles that impede something desentrabar [v] DO VE
remove the obstacles/curses placed on someone by a god or enemy abrir camino [v] CU
remove the obstacles in one's way abrir el banderín [v] CU
remove the dangers, obstacles or curses of a person caused by the witchcraft of an enemy or deity abrir los caminos [v] CU
we are here to remove all obstacles tenemos que eliminar todos los obstáculos
we are here to remove the obstacles tenemos que sacar todos los obstáculos