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Meanings of "type" in Spanish English Dictionary : 60 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
type manera [f]
type género [m]
type tipo [m]
type modalidad [f]
type escribir a máquina [v]
type teclear [v]
type mecanografiar [v]
type estofa [f]
type carácter [m]
type signo [m]
type símbolo [m]
type clase [f]
type calaña [f]
type especie [f]
type suerte [f]
type mecanografíar [v]
type digitar [v]
type identificar el tipo de [v]
type tipear [v]
type mecanografiar (en la máquina de escribir) [v]
type escribir en el [v]
type escribir a máquina (en la máquina de escribir) [v]
type denador (en la computadora) [v]
type digitar [v] HN SV CR PA DO CO EC PE BO CL PY UY
type taipear (inglés type) [v] CR rare
type taipear (inglés type) [v] US PR
type taipear (inglés type) [v] EC rare
type taipear (inglés type) [v] HN CR BO:C,W,S
type taipiar (inglés type) [v] SV NI
type tipear (inglés type up) [v] HN NI VE EC PE BO CL AR UY PY
type arquetipo [m]
type rubro [m] EC CL PY UY
type impresión [f]
type ejemplar [m]
type ralea [f] derog.
type volar máquina [v] GT
type clase [f]
type tipo [m]
type tipo [m]
type modelo [m]
type distintivo [m]
type escribir con el ordenador
type escribir con el teclado
type figura [f]
type escribir (en teclado) [v]
type mecanografiar [v]
type emblema [m]
type escribir con el ordenador [v]
type escribir con el teclado [v]
type tipo [m]
Nursing Terms
type grupo [m]
type tipo [m]
type escribir [v]
type imprimir [v]
type dactilografíar [v]
type tipografíar [v]
type letra [f]
type letra de imprenta [f]
type tipo [m]
type índole [f]

Meanings of "type" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
salsa (a type of music) salsa [f]
type of noodle teja [f]
salsa (a type of dance) salsa [f]
a type of chocolate from peru teja [f]
a type of biscuit or cookie with jam costilla [f] CR
type of light galician wine albariño [m]
italic type bastardilla [f]
type in teclear [v]
salami-type sausage salchichón [m]
type of pass natural [m]
a type of pork sausage butifarra [f]
galley of type galerada [f]
type of head-covering worn by women falla [f]
type of popular song and dance jácara [f]
type-setting tipografía [f]
bastard (type) bastardo [adj]
short poem of the heroic type canto [m]
ancient type of passage boat, ferry escorchapín [m]
representative type genio [m]
eye/face of type ojo [m]
type mold punzón [m]
type for recasting pastel [m]
type measure tipómetro [m]
type-gauge tipómetro [m]
an indian type of song yaraví [m] AMER
bastard (type) bastarda [adj/f]
italic type agrifada [f]
type of wheat álaga [f]
type of artichoke alcanería (árabe) [f] disused
each type of steel acero [m]
type of orange alambor [m]
type of small jewel alcorcí (árabe) [m]
type of falcon alhorro [m] ES local
jet, a type of lignite ámbar negro [m]
type of light opera zarzuela [f]
drum-type instrument zambomba [f]
muff-type ear protectors orejera [f]
type of gypsy dance zambra [f]
a type of dance jarana [f]
type of flamenco song petenera [f]
type of coarse flour cabezuela [f]
type of alcoholic spirit cazalla [f]
type of tuna abacora [f] LAM
a type of fried cylindrical tortilla flauta [f] MX
a type of infertility aspermia [f]
type of apparatus audioguía [f]
type of government autocracia [f]
type of fine-grained quartz calcedonia [f]
type of nephritis glomerulonefritis [f]
type of energy electricidad [f]
a type of redox reaction wherein the reactant is both oxidized and reduced dismutación [f]
type of an address for certain high officials or dignitaries excelencia [f]
type of government comunidad [f]
type of government mancomunidad [f]
type of an address alteza [f]
a type of security wire concertina [f]
a type of recompense recompensa [f]
type of self-referential literature metaficción [f]
type of physical punishment azotado [f]
type of torture garrucha [f]
type of physical exercise musculación [f]
type of boules petanca [f]
type of physical punishment nalgada [f]
a type of cement masilla [f]
a type of bean stew frijolada [f]
a type of boring seaweed caulerpa [f]
a type of candlestick palmatoria [f]
a type of children's shoe mercedita [f]
a type of flamenco chant martinete [f]
a type of medieval helmet capellina [f]
a type of wide-brimmed hat capellina [f]
thick type of churro porra [f]
different type of achicoria chicoria [f]
different type of aedo aeda [f]
different type of agustino agustiniano [f]
different type of albóndiga almóndiga [f]
different type of ajolote ajolota [f]
different type of anchoa anchova [f]
different type of arpía harpía [f]
different type of atmósfera atmosfera [f]
different type of autarquía autarcía [f]
different type of baguete baguet [f]
different type of cerda ceda [f]
different type of dríade dríada [f]
different type of fatua fatwa [f]
different type of feroés faroés [f]
different type of flaccidez flacidez [f]
different type of gentileza gentiliza [f]
different type of hendidura hendedura [f]
different type of hidalgo hijodalgo [f]
different type of hierba yerba [f]
different type of jerigonza gerigonza [f]
different type of jabeba ajabeba [f]
different type of navidad navidad [f]
different type of notocorda notocuerda [f]
different type of pioneta peoneta [f]
different type of rubéola rubeola [f]
different type of señera senyera [f]
different type of soja soya [f]
different type of stevia estevia [f]
different type of sustancia substancia [f]
different type of tangana tángana [f]
different type of tigriña tigrina [f]
different type of utopía utopia [f]
different type of whiskería güisquería [f]
salsa (dance type) salsa [f]
salsa (music type) salsa [f]
a type of basque chili pepper piparra [f]
a type of bun covered in sugar suizo [f]
a type of container used in cooking gaceta [f]
a type of pants worn by a bullfighter taleguilla [f]
a type of pizza made with focaccia bread fugaza [f]
a type of reed flute from peru quena [f]
different type of astenosfera astenósfera [f]
different type of capnomancia capnomancía [f]
different type of cinestesia kinestesia [f]
different type of cleptomanía kleptomanía [f]
different type of energía cinética energía kinética [f]
different type of constantes y vitales constantes vitales [f]
different type of energía cinética energía quinética [f]
different type of hidrosfera hidrósfera [f]
different type of hornablenda hornblenda [f]
different type of mezcolanza mescolanza [f]
different type of necromancia necromancía [f]
different type of polinización polinación [f]
different type of sobresdrújula sobreesdrújula [f]
different type of psicopatía sicopatía [f]
different type of sinapomorfia sinapomorfía [f]
different type of supervivencia sobrevivencia [f]
different type of tía-abuela tía abuela [f]
different type of transcripción trascripción [f]
different type of transferencia trasferencia [f]
different type of transformación trasformación [f]
different type of transfusión trasfusión [f]
different type of transmisión trasmisión [f]
different type of transparencia trasparencia [f]
different type of transmutación trasmutación [f]
different type of transportación trasportación [f]
a type of wine from cádiz manzanilla [f]
moped (a type of two-wheeled vehicle) motoneta [f]
bold type/print negrita [f]
a type of domino play agachadera [f] CU
type of firework avellana [f] PE
type of fireworks balada [f] CL rare
a type of closed and heelless woman shoes ballerina [f] CU
type of instrument for weighing roosters balanza de embudo [f] PR
type of instrument for weighing roosters balanza de plato [f] PR
type of instrument for weighing roosters balanza de sable [f] PR
a type of heelless shoes balerina [f] CU
type of bowling played with wooden balls and a small ball called "mingo" bolas criollas [f] VE pl.
long and curved variety of sweet potato (hannah type) batata bruja [f] PR
yellow, and very sweet variety of sweet potato (jewel type) batata mameya [f] PR
sweet potato with yellow flesh and a round shape (japanese type) batata martinica [f] PR
big, red, tasteless sweet potato that is not cultivated (purple type) batata yegua [f] PR
sweet round type of bread made of whipped sugar and milk batida [f] HN
a type of sugar cane calancana [f] PR
type of cigarette, long and thin calilla [f] CO:N,Sw VE
a type of closed and heelless woman shoes balerina [f] CU
a type of closed and heelless woman shoes ballerina [f] CU
a type of long t-shirt bicicleta [f] SV
type of very sweet sugar cane cubana [f] HN
type of royal palm palma de yagua [f] DO PR
type of royal palm yagua [f] HN CU DO PR
type of birthwort, pipevine, or dutchman's pipe (aristolochia argentina) charruga [f] AR:Nw
a type of shirt made from a wide and coarse wool or vegetable fiber cloth cusma [f] CO
place where this type of lottery is played chalupa [f] NI
type of bag for transporting fighter cocks chaqueta [f] CO:Sw
certain type of harmful herb chusmarita [f] AR:Nw
type of banana fotuco [f] PR
type of cavity or slot in the breast of chickens next to the crop filipina [f] HN rur.
female person who cultivates figue, a type of agave cactus fiquera [f] CO
type of floral fabric etamina (francés) [f] HN rur.
type of custard apple espintana [f] PE
any type of difficult work in a barracks that should be carried out by a soldier as punishment fagina [f] EC rare
type of cake made by baking chickpea flour dough faina [f] AR UY
type of cake made by baking chickpea flour dough fainá [f] AR UY
edible commercial product derived from a type of seaweed espirulina [f] MX EC
fiber extracted from a type of bromeliad caraguatá [f] BO:Ne PY AR UY
fiber extracted from a type of bromeliad carahuata [f] BO:Ne,E,C
identifying title of a criminal court case mentioning the type of crime being investigated carátula [f] PY AR
type of trading card or figurine children play with carita [f] AR:Nw
type of slingshot cauchera [f] CO rur.
type of slingshot cauchera [f] VE:W EC
type of potato guanacaya [f] PR
sap of a type of stingless bee guanota [f] VE
hive of a type of stingless bee guanota [f] VE
type of guaracha popular dance that was at its height in cuba during the 70s guapachá [f] CU
type of blade, in the form of a cross, used on a kite to cut an opponent's kite cruceta [f] CU
type of crane cotorra [f] PR
type of hen cologüina [f] GT
type of rooster comb cresta de pavo [f] PR
type of rooster comb in the form of a saw cresta de serrucho [f] PR
type of rooster comb in the form of a saw but shorter or wider cresta rosana [f] PR
type of rooster comb that is circular and small cresta de tomate [f] PR
type of rooster comb that is circular and small cresta rosita [f] PR
type of sandal cocaleca [f] CU
type of tow truck cotorra [f] PR
type of woman's blouse that is short and loose-fitting and made of lightweight cloth cotona (del inglés) [f] PR
large quantity of items of the same type costalada [f] GT HN
dry corn, roasted and coarsely ground to prepare a type of soup jankaqukipa [f] BO:W,C
ruana type garment used by the muleteer mulera [f] CO:E W
type of squash rompelaolla [f] PR rur.
type of mango rosita [f] PR
type someone as encasillar a alguien como [v]
get control of the trade in a particular type of goods acaparar el mercado de algo [v]
eat one type of food comer un tipo de alimento [v]
eat one type of food comer un tipo de comida [v]
be set in type estar configurado como tipo (letra/número) [v]
type texts levantar [v] EC
type in digitar [v] HN SV CR PA DO CO EC PE BO CL PY UY
type-cast membretar [v] HN EC
blood type tipiar (inglés type) [v] HN
pertaining to the type of diet eaten by vegetarians vegetariano [adj]
related to aguardiente or any other type of drink (which gets you drunk quickly because of its high alcohol content) agarrador [adj] SV CO EC AR
pertaining to fique, a type of agave cactus fiquero [adj] CO
mbti (myers-briggs type indicator) mbti [m]
type of bun or cake sobado [m]
a type of chili ancho [m]
type of spanish sparkling wine cava [m]
type of mince pie morteruelo [m]
type of government forma de gobierno [m]
type of bread bolillo [m] MX
a type of magic mushroom nanacate [m] MX
type of black snake tilcuate [m] MX
type of salty cookie bizcocho [m] AR
type of protectionism contingente [m]
type of tourism turismo espacial [m]
a type of advertising televoto [m]
type of pneumonia síndrome respiratorio agudo severo [m]
a type of speech used to express what another has said estilo indirecto [m]
type of protestantism presbiterianismo [m]
type of exercise entrenamiento de fuerza [m]
type of exercise fortalecimiento muscular [m]
a type of physical exercise estiramiento [m]
a type of advertising emplazamiento de producto [m]
a type of advertising publicidad por emplazamiento [m]
type of iron that is not cast hierro forjado [m]
a type of sunblock protector solar [m]
type of transport transporte público [m]
type metal metal tipográfico [m]
type of scientific testing experimento a doble ciego [m]
type of indoctrination lavado de cerebro [m]
type of brake freno de tambor [m]
type of discrimination alfabetismo [m]
data type tipo de dato [m]
a type of calculus cálculo de variaciones [m]
type of oral sex anilingus [m]
a type of milk calostro [m]
type of earthenware biscocho [m]
type of earthenware bizcocho [m]
blood type grupo sanguíneo [m]
blood type tipo de sangre [m]
type of anxiety trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo [m]
a type of antiferromagnetism ferrimagnetismo [m]
type of carbon grafito [m]
type of insurance seguro de vida [m]
type of presentation formato [m]
type of language tiempo pasado [m]
type of exercise footing [m]
a type of entertainment karaoke [m]
type of olivine peridoto [m]
a type of negotiated bribery soborno [m]
a type of endoscope colpóscopo [m]
type of language presente [m]
type of language pretérito [m]
a type of butter cake sobado [m]
a type of card game tresillo [m]
a type of card game matarratas [m]
a type of house in granada carmen [m]
a type of medicinal plant coyopacle [m]
a type of red kidney bean caparrón [m]
a type of sweet pastry pionono [m]
a type of sweetened crouton picatoste [m]
a type of zucchini pipián [m]
different type of abjad abyad [m]
different type of acerico acerillo [m]
different type of aerostato aeróstato [m]
different type of afrikáans afrikaans [m]
different type of ahínco ahinco [m]
different type of ahuate aguate [m]
different type of aligator aligátor [m]
different type of alfóncigo alfónsigo [m]
different type of alef álef [m]
different type of almez almezo [m]
different type of áloe aloe [m]
different type of ameba amibo [m]
different type of alveolo alvéolo [m]
different type of anafre anafe [m]
different type of bacalao bacallao [m]
different type of bacará bacarrá [m]
different type of buldog bulldog [m]
different type of cabaré cabaret [m]
different type of bungalow bungaló [m]
different type of cachemir casimir [m]
different type of cacto cactus [m]
different type of cahuín cagüín [m]
different type of cásting casting [m]
different type of canelazo canelito [m]
different type of chamán shamán [m]
different type of chantaje chantage [m]
different type of champiñón champigñón [m]
different type of chaulafán chofán [m]
different type of chapopote chapapote [m]
different type of chaulafán arroz chaufa [m]
different type of chichi chichí [m]
different type of chinicuil chilocuil [m]
different type of chinicuil chinocuil [m]
different type of chóped choped [m]
different type of cloche cloch [m]
different type of cloche clutch [m]
different type of cohombro cogombro [m]
different type of croché crochet [m]
different type of decibelio decibel [m]
different type of escamole escamol [m]
different type of folclore folclor [m]
different type of friki friqui [m]
different type of friki freaki [m]
different type of galillo gallillo [m]
different type of gángster gánster [m]
different type of gasoducto gaseoducto [m]
different type of gnomo nomo [m]
different type of hácker hacker [m]
different type of guajolote guajalote [m]
different type of guatón huatón [m]
different type of haiku haikú [m]
different type of haraquiri harakiri [m]
different type of huarache guarache [m]
different type of hipérbato hipérbaton [m]
different type of idus idos [m]
different type of jerigonza jeringozo [m]
different type of jerigonza jerigonzo [m]
different type of jerigonza jeringoso [m]
different type of ketchup kétchup [m]
different type of karst carst [m]
different type of kirguiso kirguizo [m]
different type of lychee lichi [m]
different type of lonco longko [m]
different type of marojo melojo [m]
different type of máster master [m]
different type of meteoro metéoro [m]
different type of monzón monsón [m]
different type of miriápodo miriópodo [m]
different type of nahual nagual [m]
different type of narguile narghile [m]
different type of mundo mondo [m]
different type of octógono octágono [m]
different type of orujo burujo [m]
different type of pabilo pábilo [m]
different type of pelícano pelicano [m]
different type of pistacho pistache [m]
different type of porciento por ciento [m]
different type of quejigo cajigo [m]
different type of quelpo kelp [m]
different type of robalo róbalo [m]
different type of romesco romescu [m]
different type of señor seor [m]
different type of sida sida [m]
different type of suajili suaheli [m]
different type of suajili swahili [m]
different type of suajili suahili [m]
different type of suajili suahelí [m]
different type of suajili suahilí [m]
different type of superávit superavit [m]
different type of teporingo teporinco [m]
different type of tétanos tétano [m]
different type of tilcuate tilcoate [m]
different type of tlacuache tacuache [m]
different type of triaje triage [m]
different type of tráiler trailer [m]
different type of vikingo víking [m]
different type of vikingo viking [m]
different type of xocoyote socoyote [m]
different type of wolframio wólfram [m]
different type of yanqui yanki [m]
different type of yidis yiddish [m]
different type of yidis ídish [m]
different type of yidis ídisch [m]
different type of yidis yíddish [m]
different type of yogur yogurt [m]
different type of yonqui yonki [m]
different type of achichincle achichinque [m]
different type of achichincle achichintle [m]
different type of ajilimójili ajilimoje [m]
different type of anacahuite anacahuita [m]
different type of barbastrino barbastrense [m]
different type of barros luco barros luco [m]
different type of bustrófedon bustrofedon [m]
different type of cacahuacintle cacahuacentli [m]
different type of caleidoscopio kaleidoscopio [m]
different type of campamento acampamento [m]
different type of campo santo camposanto [m]
different type of chamanismo shamanismo [m]
different type of chile con carne chili con carne [m]
different type of chiquihuite chiquigüite [m]
different type of cigarrillo cigarillo [m]
different type of coitus interruptus coito interrupto [m]
different type of cunnilinguo cunilinguo [m]
different type of feminicidio femicidio [m]
different type of esbatimento batimento [m]
different type of guardiacárcel guardacárcel [m]
different type of halach uinic halach uinic [m]
different type of halach uinic halach uinik [m]
different type of hilemorfismo hilomorfismo [m]
different type of hápax legómenon hapax legomenon [m]
different type of hipocondríaco hipocondriaco [m]
different type of huauzontle huazontle [m]
different type of libertarismo libertarianismo [m]
different type of maremágnum maremagno [m]
different type of medio ambiente medioambiente [m]
different type of padrenuestro padre nuestro [m]
different type of pan tumaca pantumaca [m]
different type of postestructuralismo posestructuralismo [m]
different type of quitanieves quitanieve [m]
different type of sacaleches sacaleche [m]
different type of saltimbanqui saltimbanco [m]
different type of striptease estriptis [m]
different type of striptease estriptís [m]
different type of suscriptor subscriptor [m]
different type of tepezcuintle tepezcuinte [m]
a type of coffee grown in costa rica nance [m]
a type of dry-cured ham from spain jamón serrano [m]
different type of transbordador trasbordador [m]
different type of transcurso trascurso [m]
a type of leather sandal worn by mexicans cacle [m]
different type of transformador trasformador [m]
a type of music common in the caribbean merengue [m]
a type of small cake made with honey pestiño [m]
different type of transmisor trasmisor [m]
different type of transporte trasporte [m]
different type of wahhabismo wahabismo [m]
different type of xoconostle joconostle [m]
different type of xoconostle soconostle [m]
different type of zoroastrismo zoroastrianismo [m]
type of mask entremés [m]
a type of card game truco [m]
type of bush or shrub alcotán [m] HN SV CR
type of pastry aliñado [m] VE
type of mosquito puyón [m] VE
bell type furnace horno tipo campana [m]
block caused by a landslide/another type of material aterro [m] CR
type of banana banano manzano [m] HN NI CR
type of song where singers sit in a circle and respond to questions with verses banquillo [m] CL
type of a palm tree ballí [m] MX
type of a palm tree ballil [m] MX
athletic human type tipo humano atlético [m]
a type of flattened pasta typical of italy's piedmont region agneloti [m] CL AR
a type of flattened pasta typical of italy's piedmont region agnoleti [m] AR
a type of pasta typical of italy's piedmont region with roast beef and vegetable stuffing agnoloti [m] CL AR UY
a type of broth or soup mainly made with fish aguají [m] CU DO PR
type of shrub with yellowish wood xococo [m] CU PR
type of shrub with yellowish wood agracejo de monte [m] CU PR
type of shrub with yellowish wood jía de monte [m] CU PR
a type of salt cookie bizcocho [m] VE EC
a type of fruity cocktail bole [m] NI
a type of biscuit bizcocho [m] VE EC
type of sandals of the mexican indigenous, made with animal leather and vegetal fibers cacle [m] MX
type of clay bottle cambuche [m] AR
type of cashew tree whose fruit is small and with less flavor cajuilito Solimán [m] PR
a small type of banana banano orito [m] EC
a type of dense, white cheese with a high salt content bagaces [m] CR
a small type of banana plátano orito [m] EC
a small type of banana orito orgánico [m] EC
a modest tie type bagayito [m] AR
a very slippery type of mud babote [m] PR
a small type of banana orito [m] EC
the fruit of the banano orito (small banana type) baby banana [m] EC
a small type of banana baby banana [m] EC
type of machete with a straight blade and sharp point botacabeza [m] HN:N rare
type of white bread bolillo [m] MX SV
fruit of the butuco (type of banana) majoncho [m] GT HN SV NI:E
fruit of the butuco (type of banana) cantudo [m] GT
fruit of the butuco (type of banana) majunche [m] GT
type of firework that when lit slithers around on the ground like a snake canchinflín [m] GT HN SV
type of firework that when lit slithers around on the ground like a snake cachinflín [m] SV NI HN
fruit of the butuco (type of banana) morado [m] HN
type of lucha libre (wrestling) cachascán (inglés) [m] PE BO AR UY EC CL disused
one type of bacteria used for producing yogurt (lactobacillus bulgaricus) búlgaro [m] MX
type of parasitic plant cabellos de ángel [m] CL
type of firework that when lit slithers around on the ground like a snake cachiflín [m] GT HN SV NI CR
fruit of the butuco (type of banana) butuco [m] HN
a type of drum made from a hollow trunk covered in one ends baisié [m] DO
a type of violet-colored wood streaked with black camotillo [m] MX
a diamond or other gem cut type, long and rectangular baguet (francés) [m] US
a type of chili pepper ají arnaucho [m] PE
a type of chili pepper ají amarillo [m] PE BO AR
a type of chili pepper ají bobito [m] DO
a type of chili pepper ají bravo [m] VE
a type of chili pepper ají caballero [m] DO PR
a type of chili pepper ají cacho de cabra [m] CL
a type of chili pepper ají brujito [m] PA
a type of chili pepper ají cachucha [m] US CU DO PR
a type of chili pepper ají cachucha angolano [m] US CU DO PR
a type of chili pepper ají caribe [m] DO PR VE
a type of chili pepper ají chirel [m] VE
a type of chili pepper ají ceviche [m] PE
a type of chili pepper ají chivato [m] CO:C
a type of chili pepper ají charapita [m] PE
a type of chili pepper ají chombo [m] PA
a type of chili pepper ají conguito [m] PA
a type of chili pepper ají colorado [m] PE BO