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Meanings of "wild" in Spanish English Dictionary : 222 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
wild salvaje [adj]
wild feroz [adj]
wild silvestre [adj]
wild arisco [adj]
wild campestre [adj]
wild dislocado [adj]
wild salvajino [adj]
wild agreste [adj]
wild embravecido [adj]
wild incontrolado [adj]
wild airado [adj]
wild indomado [adj]
wild cerrero [adj]
wild endemoniado [adj]
wild chontal [adj] VE
wild alocado [adj]
wild chúcaro [adj] AR BO CAM CL EC PE UY
wild alzado [adj] AMER
wild cimarrón [adj] AMER
wild antiparabólico [adj] VE
wild ferino [adj]
wild fiero [adj]
wild fosco [adj]
wild bagual [adj] CL AR UY
wild frenético [adj]
wild rebelde [adj]
wild desapoderado [adj]
wild descabellado [adj]
wild descabezado [adj]
wild montaraz [adj]
wild montés [adj]
wild desencajado [adj]
wild desenfrenado [adj]
wild borrasquero [adj]
wild desgobernado [adj]
wild bozal [adj]
wild bravío [adj]
wild zahareño [adj]
wild desordenado [adj]
wild dislocada [adj/f]
wild salvajina [adj/f]
wild embravecida [adj/f]
wild incontrolada [adj/f]
wild airada [adj/f]
wild indomada [adj/f]
wild cerrera [adj/f]
wild endemoniada [adj/f]
wild alocada [adj/f]
wild chúcara [adj/f] AR BO CAM CL EC PE UY
wild alzada [adj/f] AMER
wild cimarrona [adj/f] AMER
wild antiparabólica [adj/f] VE
wild ferina [adj/f]
wild fiera [adj/f]
wild fosca [adj/f]
wild baguala [adj/f] CL AR UY
wild frenética [adj/f]
wild desapoderada [adj/f]
wild descabellada [adj/f]
wild descabezada [adj/f]
wild montesa [adj/f]
wild desencajada [adj/f]
wild desenfrenada [adj/f]
wild borrasquera [adj/f]
wild desgobernada [adj/f]
wild bravía [adj/f]
wild zahareña [adj/f]
wild desordenada [adj/f]
wild montes [adj]
wild agreste [adj]
wild asilvestrado [adj]
wild atroz [adj]
wild bozal [adj]
wild bravío [adj]
wild bravo [adj]
wild cimarrón [adj]
wild descabellado [adj]
wild desenfrenado [adj]
wild ferino [adj]
wild fiero [adj]
wild fosco [adj]
wild frenético [adj]
wild tundra [f]
wild loco [adj]
wild desaforado [adj]
wild descontrolado [adj]
wild mesteño [adj]
wild despendolado [adj]
wild borrascoso [adj]
wild alborotado [adj]
wild mostrenco [adj]
wild orejano [adj]
wild bolón [adj] PR
wild calzonudo [adj] MX
wild desnivelado [adj] SV
wild despabile [adj] NI teen
wild cañonero [adj] CU PR
wild groyo [adj] SV rur.
wild jíbaro [adj] CU
wild ladino [adj] MX
wild locatario [adj] SV
wild locatelli [adj] AR UY
wild locumbeta [adj] PE
wild destarabillado [adj] PR
wild destontillado [adj] PR
wild destornillado [adj] SV NI AR
wild estarabillado [adj] PR
wild estontillado [adj] PR
wild destrabado [adj] GT
wild monterudo [adj] SV
wild montuno [adj] PR rur.
wild rejego [adj] MX CR
wild salvaje [adj] PY
wild retobado [adj] MX GT HN SV NI CU disused
wild retobón [adj] SV AR
wild retrechero [adj] NI PA CO
wild zamarro [adj] GT
wild animal [adj]
wild cimarrón [m] AMER
wild alborotada [adj/f]
wild borrascosa [adj/f]
wild mostrenca [adj/f]
wild orejana [adj/f]
wild calzonuda [adj/f] MX
wild que no funciona
wild arañero (pájaros) [adj]
wild alpestre [adj]
wild cerril [adj]
wild borde [adj]
wild desatinado [adj]
wild bravo [adj]
wild desbocado [adj]
wild furo [adj] rur. rare
wild indómito [adj]
wild extravagante [adj]
wild estrafalario [adj]
wild loquillo [adj]
wild rustical [adj]
wild selvático [adj]
wild loquito [adj]
wild indómita [adj/f]
wild loquilla [adj/f]
wild estrafalaria [adj/f]
wild selvática [adj/f]
wild arañera (pájaros) [adj/f]
wild arisca [adj/f]
wild fura [adj/f] rur. rare
wild desatinada [adj/f]
wild desbocada [adj/f]
wild brava [adj/f]
wild loquita [adj/f]
wild soledad [f]
wild despoblado [adj]
wild inhabitado [adj]
wild desierto [adj]
wild yermo [adj]
wild solitario [adj]
wild violento [adj]
wild inculto [adj]
wild impetuoso [adj]
wild insensato [adj]
wild aturdido [adj]
wild inconstante [adj]
wild disparatado [adj]
wild fogoso [adj]
wild atronado [adj]
wild despoblada [adj/f]
wild yerma [adj/f]
wild inhabitada [adj/f]
wild inculta [adj/f]
wild solitaria [adj/f]
wild violenta [adj/f]
wild impetuosa [adj/f]
wild insensata [adj/f]
wild atronada [adj/f]
wild disparatada [adj/f]
wild fogosa [adj/f]
wild aturdida [adj/f]
wild braco [adj] HN
wild bronco [adj] MX
wild campés [adj] disused
wild campesino [adj] disused
wild chúcaro (quechua) [adj] LA
wild furo [adj] ES local
wild guacho [adj] AR UY
wild desierta [adj/f]
wild revirado [adj] AR PY UY
wild meco [adj] MX
wild despendolado [adj] ES
wild atarantado [adj]
wild lirumba [adj] NI teen
wild locadio [adj] MX GT SV NI CU VE
wild locancio [adj] CO
wild locateli [adj] PE CL AR UY BO:E
wild locuaz [adj] MX
wild lupara [adj] NI teen
wild desturcado [adj] NI teen
wild machiro [adj] VE:W
wild borrasquero [adj]
wild cafre [adj]
wild de bombero [adj] ES
wild revirada [adj/f] AR PY UY
wild meca [adj/f] MX
wild despendolada [adj/f] ES
wild atarantada [adj/f]
wild virriondo [adj]
wild locayo [adj] SV jail
wild natural [adj]
wild desarreglado [adj]
wild desmadrado [adj]
wild temerario [adj]
wild endiablado [adj]
wild descompuesto [adj]
wild funciona descontrolado
Animal Husbandry
wild matrero [adj] HN NI CR AR
Wildlife Management
wild la naturaleza
wild el medio silvestre
wild cimarrón [adj]
wild sin cultivar
wild descontrolado [adj]
wild wild (inglés) [m] CU DO VE
wild borde [adj] ES

Meanings of "wild" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
wild animal fiera [f]
wild party desmadre (coloquial) [m]
wild boar jabalí [m]
the wild raso [m]
small wild mammals micromamíferos [m/pl]
wild sow jabalina [f]
wild beast fiera [f]
game (wild animals/birds) caza [f]
run wild alzarse [v] CR VE
get wild atorarse [v] AR
be wild with joy estar loco de alegría [v]
look wild desencajarse [v]
wild olive tree acebuche [m]
wild thyme serpol [m]
young wild boar jabato [m]
wild radish rabanillo [m]
wild horse bagual [m]
wild boar verraco [m] AMER
wild party bochinche [m]
with wild abandon desenfrenadamente [adv]
with wild abandon frenéticamente [adv]
wild marshmallow alcea [f]
wild rue alfarma [f] ES local
wild plum endrina [f]
wild plum amargaleja [f]
wild bird ave brava [f]
wild bird ave silvestre [f]
herd of wild horses bagualada [f] AR UY rur.
whistle for calling out to wild animals chilla [f]
call out to wild animals chilla [f]
letting one's imagination run wild elucubración [f]
wild animal fiera [f]
ferocious wild animal fiera [f]
be wild about apasionarse [v]
become feral: go wild asilvestrarse [v]
take a wild guess and be right atinar [v]
go wild descontrolarse [v]
go wild desenfrenarse [v]
let one's imagination run wild elucubrar [v]
go wild ezquerdear [v] disused
wild garlic ajo lígrimo [m] ES local
wild leek ajotrino [m] ES local
broadleaf wild leek ajotrino [m] ES local
wild duck pato salvaje [m]
wild almond allozo [m]
wild plum arañón [m] ES local
wild artichoke arcacil [m]
wild guess atisbo [m]
wild horse bagual [m] AR UY
whistle for calling out to wild animals chillo [m]
wild card comodín [m]
wild dreams delirio [m]
wild gesticulation espaviento [m]
wild abandon frenesí [m]
wild cattle ganado bravo [m]
wild spinach flower stem used as toothpicks gingidio [m]
wild hawk halcón campestre [m]
wild falcon halcón campestre [m]
in a wild way alocadamente [adv]
in a wild way salvajemente [adv]
wild oats mocedad [f]
wild boar's bristle seda [f]
the state of being wild or untamed bravura [f]
wild bull hunting vaquería [f]
wild bee arica [f] VE
wild hive of spherical shape (built in trees/eaves/roofs) bala [f] AR:Nw
wild fuchsia barsalita [f] CO
wild animal taming amansadura [f] CU
wild sweet sop (fruit) toreta [f] PA
thin and poisonous starch extracted from wild manioc anaiboa [f] CU DO PR rur.
wild sea bravata [f] PR
wild cashina (fruit) toreta [f] PA
a wild tropical plant of the convolvulaceae family, very common in cuba, that flowers at easter and christmas campanilla [f] CU
variety of wild grapes with a sweet taste and astringent properties frunciboca [f] MX
taming of wild horses jineteada [f] MX SV BO PY UY
wild person lobanillera [f] SV
wild woman locata [f] CO:C VE
wild animal loba [f] DO
hunting of wild animals that inhabit the banks of rivers and lagoons mariscada [f] PY rur.
wild woman destarabillada [f] PR
wild woman estarabillada [f] PR
wild hen mona [f] SV
wild guava perulera [f] HN SV
wild daisy piqueta [f] PR
wild turkey hen picha [f] MX:Nw
drink made from the fermentation of wild grapes sangre de baco [f] MX:Sw
wild story talla [f] MX PA:Nw
go wild desmadrarse [v]
go wild desmandarse [v]
have a wild time desparramarse [v]
make wild bulls be lead by tame ones encabestrar [v]
become wild or feral asilvestrarse [v]
get wild atorarse [v]
an animal becoming wild when losing contact with men abagualarse [v] AR UY
get the condition of cimarrón (wild animal that was previously domesticated) acimarronarse [v] MX
put the saddle on a wild horse albardear [v] MX HN NI
become wild after losing contact with humans (horse/cow) abagualarse [v] AR UY
become wild volverse salvaje [v]
herd wild cattle with one of their species that serves as a guide amadrinar [v] VE
drive somebody wild excitar [v]
be on the wild side correr riesgos [v]
drive somebody wild volver a alguien loco (sexualmente) [v]
be on the wild side ser osado [v]
go wild descocarse [v] GT HN SV EC AR teen
live a promiscuous and wild life chusquear [v] CL rare
become wild due to living a long time in the field enzacatarse [v] SV
look for wild bee hives to collect honey colmenear [v] HN NI
become wild enmontunarse [v] PR rur.
hunting for wild animals inhabiting the banks of rivers and lagoons mariscar [v] PY AR:Ne
ride a wild horse for the first time machucar [v] PR rur.
play in a wild card game repechar [v] MX EC BO CL
hunt wild livestock vaquear [v] AR
collect wild fruit vaquear [v] NI rur.
run wild calentarse el bocado [v]
go wild alzar la bata [v]
wild-growing (flower) guacho [adj] CL
wild (animal) cerril [adj]
it refers to an animal, especially equine or bovine, that has become wild when losing contact with man abagualado [adj] AR
related to the condition of cimarron (domestic animal that escapes into wild life) acimarronado [adj] MX
in wild form cerrero  [adj] ANT CAR MX CAM
wild due to loss of contact with humans (horse/cow) abagualado [adj] AR
making wild gesticulations (person) aspavientero [adj] CO
making wild gesticulations (person) aspavientero [adj] VE
wild (person/animal) ateperetado [adj] SV NI rur.
wild (party) barranco [adj] VE
wild/feral (animal) alzado [adj] VE UY
wild/feral (animal) alzado [adj] AR rur.
(for cattle) wild bagual [adj] CL AR UY rur.
fleeing and becoming wild (domesticated animal) cimarrón [adj] HN SV NI CR CU DO PR VE BO CL
fleeing and becoming wild (domesticated animal) cimarrón [adj] PE AR UY rur.
wild (animal) cimarrón [adj] HN SV NI CO:E EC PE BO AR UY CR CU DO rur.
wild, elusive, and easily frightened (cattle) cimarrón [adj] PA UY rur.
wild (plant) cimarrón [adj] MX HN CR CU DO PR PE CL AR UY
wild (hen) caquero [adj] CR disused rur.
wild (cattle/horse) chúcaro [adj] GT HN SV NI CR EC PE CL AR UY rur.
wild (cattle/horse) chúcaro [adj] BO:W,C
feared for having an appetite for humans (wild animal) cebado [adj] CO VE PE BO PY AR UY
reverted to semi-wild orejano [adj] HN
wild marjoram orégano [m]
wild goose ánsar [m] formal
the state of being wild or untamed desenfreno [m]
northern wild rice arroz indígena [m]
kind of wild mountain goat íbice [m]
kind of wild mountain goat ibex [m]
wild card comodín [m]
a wild and feral animal mestengo [m]
area of savanna with wild vegetation about 1 m high pajonal [m] DO PR CO VE PE CL PY AR UY
observation point to keep a watch on cattle and wild horses veladero [m] VE
wild arum jarillo [m] VE CO
runaway/wild horse cimarronero [m] VE
wild pig jabalí [m]
wild unbranded bull in the savanna cachilapo [m] VE
large wild bull bigarro [m] VE
young wild pig having gland high on back giving off fetid smell báquiro [m] CO VE
wild coffee aveyuelo [m] PR
wild pig barbiblanco [m] HN
wild party bembé [m] CU
a wild species of bananas (musa balbisiana) barraganete [m] EC
wild party barranco [m] VE
wild fuchsia barsalito [m] CO
wild fuchsia barzalito [m] CO
wild date palm biscoyol [m] CR
a wild species of bananas (musa balbisiana) maqueño [m] CO:C,E VE
a wild species of bananas (musa balbisiana) postre [m] CO:C,E VE
swarm of wild wasps cacure [m] VE:W
non-alcoholic beverage made from wild herbs amargo [m] AR
wild sweet sop (fruit) anonillo [m] PA
wild sweet sop (fruit) cadongo [m] PA
place where wild prayer plants grow bijagual [m] VE
wild cashina (fruit) cadongo [m] PA
wild cashina (fruit) anonillo [m] PA
wild plant that gives off a foul odor buche de puerco [m] PR rur.
wild or untamed horse cerrero [m] DO
piece of honeycomb of wild bees carajotillo [m] HN:E rur.
wild duck caw guacapás [m] NI
man dressed as a wild west cowboy cow boy (inglesa) [m] US HN NI BO
wild honeycomb and honey used as food and purgative jimerito [m] HN SV:E
wild man locato [m] CO:C VE
wild person lobanillero [m] SV
wild person lobanillo [m] SV
place with abundant trees and bushes where wild birds sleep dormidero [m] EC rur.
place with abundant trees and bushes where wild birds sleep dormidero [m] GT DO PR
wild animal lobo [m] DO
wild man destarabillado [m] PR
wild man estarabillado [m] PR
wild horse macaco [m] AR rur.
wild card mono [m] VE BO
wild banana plátano orito [m] EC
wild turkey hen picho [m] MX:Nw
wild boar quitan (maya) [m] MX:Se
wild boar quitán (maya) [m] MX:Se
wild horse potro [m] GT rur.
wild horse potro [m] MX NI EC BO AR UY
wild dog that lives in the bush sacha allco [m] PE rur.
wild card game repechaje [m] MX HN SV NI CR CO VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
wild apricot tintín [m] PA
wild person luria [m/f] NI
group of runaway/wild horses cimarroneros [m/pl] VE
it refers to an animal, especially equine or bovine, that has become wild when losing contact with man abagualada [adj/f] AR
in wild form cerrera  [adj/f] ANT CAR MX CAM
wild metal metal no calmado
wild area zona silvestre
wild metal metal agitado
wild heat calda efervescente
wild steel acero salvaje
wild pear peral común
wild track toma de sonido adicional
wild oats avena loca
wild cherry cerezo silvestre
in the wild virus salvaje
wild animal animal montaraz
a wild feral boy un niño salvaje
the wild west el salvaje oeste
wild goose ánsar común
wild goose ganso común
wild goose oca común
wild-goose chase búsqueda inútil
wild hunt cacería salvaje
the call of the wild la llamada de la selva
green wild almond alloza [f]
fruit of the wild olive acebuchina [f]
wild turkey avutarda [f]
taming of wild animals cicuración [f] disused
species of wild-hog báquira [f] AMER
wild expression/action barbaridad [f]
lair/couch of wild animals cama [f]
wild tree of hard rich yellow wood camaguira [f] CU
kind of wild rabbit camera [f] CO
wild creeping plant (bejuco) campanilla [f] CU
variety of the wild palm tree cana [f] CU
wild fig-tree cornicabra [f]
wild cherry cornizola [f]
white wild cinnamon canica [f] CU
wild pigeon collarada [f] disused
wild prank diablura [f]
mating season of deer and other wild animals brama [f]
wild pigeon concuna [f] CO
wild pigeon cuncuna [f] CO
wild barley cebadilla [f]
wild chicken congolona [f] CR HN
kind of wild cane used for thatching chamiza [f]
crested wild pigeon gura [f] PH
wild rose gabarda [f]
wild rue harma [f]
wild syrian rue gamarza [f]
claw of a wild beast garra [f]
sowing wild oats garzonía [f] outdated
wild shrub of the verbena family filigrana [f] CU
sow of a wild boar jabalina [f]
lofty wild tree (balsa wood) guácima [f] CO VE ANT PA
den of a wild beast guarida [f]
cave of a wild beast guarida [f]
wild tree of the polygonacece family guiabara [f] CU
wild hoar's tusk navaja [f]
wild grape-vine labrusca [f]
wild lettuce lechuguilla [f]
wild boar's lair porquera [f]
wild vine parriza [f]
multitude of wild beasts salvajina [f]
wild beast salvajina [f]
collection of wild beast's skins salvajina [f]
a wild climbing plant tarralí [f] CO
kind of wild vine uvayema [f]
wild boar's bristles seda [f]
a wild mangrove tree yanilla [f] CU
wild weeds mala hierba [f]
small wild pigeon azulona [f]
tree giving a fruit used to feed the wild peacock canjura [f] HN
wild pigeon paloma (salvaje) [f]
wild indian meca [f] MX
lofty wild tree (balsa wood) guásima [f] CO ANT
grunt (said of hunted wild boar) arruar [v]
tame wild animals cicurar [v]
make wild statements barbarizar [v] fig.
grow wild degenerar [v]
be wild desbocarse [v]
tame wild horses by riding them jinetear [v] AMER
grunt (wild boar) rebudiar [v]
belonging to wild olives acebuchal [adj]
belonging to the wild olive acebucheno [adj]
wild (horses and cattle) bagual [adj] CL AR UY
running wild cerrero [adj]
wild (untamed animals) chúcaro [adj] AMER
said of a wild beast which has tasted human flesh cebado [adj] AMER
resembling a wild boar jaro [adj]
said of the wild chestnut regoldano [adj]
wild (plants) rusticano [adj]
wild (plants/beasts/country) salvaje [adj]
haunt of wild boars aguzadero [m]
ground planted with wild almond trees allozar [m]
kind of wild duck alavanco [m]
wild artichoke alcaucil [m]
plantation of wild olives acebuchal [m]
wild olive-tree acebuche [m]
a wild tree with valuable wood antejo [m] CU
wild grape agrazón [m]
wild chicory almirón [m] AND
drinking-pool (wild animals) aguadero [m]
grove or plantation of wild fig-trees cabrahigal [m]
male wild fig-tree fruit cabrahigo [m]
fruit of male wild fig-tree cabrahigo [m]
wild fuchsia chilco [m] CL
wild indian tribesman chuncho [m] BO PE
bathing-place of wild animals bañadero [m]
wild carrot dauco [m]
wild plant with white flower and very sweet small fruit camambú [m] AMER
small wild pigeon camao [m] CU
tree giving a fruit used to feed the wild peacock canjuro [m] CR HN
wild goose canquén [m] CL
odor emitted by furious wild boar berrenchín [m]
wild plant used as fodder cañamazo [m] CU
wild cat colocolo [m] CL
small wild boar cariblanco [m] CR
lair of wild beasts cubil [m]
wild beast's lair cubilar [m]
rutting-place of deer and other wild animals bramadero [m]
savageness of wild beasts bravío [m]
buck of wild goat bucardo [m] rur. ARA
name given to several wild herbaceous plants with prickly or spinous fruit guisaso [m] CU
wild syrian rue hediondo [m]
back of a wild boar escudo [m]
wild goat hirco [m]
wild spinach gingidio [m]
wild plant (euphorbia tithimaloides) itamo [m] CU
small wild apple jabí [m]
wild tree with poisonous seeds guabán [m] CU
wild common pear guadapero [m]
wild tree the resin of which is used as a purge guaguasí [m] CU
wild deer guazubirá [m] AR UY
wild chestnut tree regoldo [m]
kind of wild duck lavanco [m]
wild indian meco [m] MX
patch of wild alfalfa melgar [m]
wild pear-tree peruétano [m]
wild boar puerco [m]
wild ass onagro [m]
a wild tree with hard, yellow wood pijojo [m] CU
wild pine pinastro [m]
a large bird similar to the wild turkey piuquén [m] CL
wild plantain pacul [m] PH
wild apple-tree maguillo [m]
wild goat robezo [m]
wild hog malandar [m]
wild plant with poisonous prickles patanco [m] CU
wild cornel sangüeño [m]
wild cornel sanguiñuelo [m]
a wild liana of the asclepiadaceae family tasi [m] AR
a species of wild hog tatabro [m] CO
a wild tree (coccoloba laurifolia) uverillo [m] CU PR
a wild tree of central america with edible fruit uvero [m] AMER
potato that grows wild vuchén [m]
wild weeds yuyo [m] AR CL BO PY UY
wild olive tree zambullo [m] rur. rare
wild pigeon zuro [m]
lofty wild tree (balsa wood) caulote [m] SV HN
a species of wild hog saíno [m]
wild tree of the polygonacece family uvero [m] CAM ANT VE
grove or plantation of wild fig-trees cabrahigar [m]
wild tribe which used to inhabit the banks of the river ucayali, in peru camahuas [m/pl]
said of a wild beast which has tasted human flesh cebada [adj/f] AMER
resembling a wild boar jara [adj/f]
running wild cerrera [adj/f]
said of the wild chestnut regoldana [adj/f]
wild (plants) rusticana [adj/f]
wild (untamed animals) chúcara [adj/f] AMER
wild (horses and cattle) baguala [adj/f] CL AR UY
wild goose chase caza infructuosa [f]
wild olive acebuchina [f]
wild-goat cabra montés [f]
wild pigeon paloma torcaz [f]
wild vine vid silvestre [f]
wild sow puerca montés [f]
wild goose chase empresa inútil [f]
sow one's wild oats pasar las mocedades [v]
sow one's wild oats arrojar el fuego de la juventud [v]
run wild volver al estado primitivo [v]
run wild desencadenarse [v]
sow one's wild oats andarse a la flor del berro [v]
wild cat gato montés [m]
wild-swine jabalí [m]
wild-cat scheme proyecto fantástico [m]
wild cat gato silvestre [m]
wild-cat scheme proyecto quimérico [m]
wild goose chase sus de gaita (coloquial) [m]
wild goose chase caza de ilusiones de cosas inasequibles
type of wild rabbit camera [f] CO
herd of wild animals cimarronada [f] MX HN PA CU DO VE EC AR
sowing wild oats garzonía [f] ES local
wild gesticulation esparajismo [m] ES local
be wild about caérsele a alguien la baba con algo [v]
take a wild stab in the dark dar un manotazo de ahogado [v]
go hog wild perder el control [v]
go hog wild ponerse muy ansioso [v]
go into the wild blue yonder visitar lugares lejanos y desconocidos [v]
be wild about someone estar quedado con alguien [v]
talk wild hablar cabezas de pescado [v] SCN
talk wild hablar con boca de ganso [v]
run wild desmandarse [v]
run wild desenfrenarse [v]
send someone on a wild-goose chase embarcar a alguien en una búsqueda inútil [v]
send someone on a wild-goose chase hacer buscar una aguja en un pajar a alguien [v]
send someone on a wild-goose chase embarcar a alguien en una actividad sin sentido [v]
send someone on a wild-goose chase pedir a alguien algo imposible de lograr [v]
live a wild life (as in the bush or as a bushranger) andar al estricote [v] CAR
make a wild guess of something calcular algo a bulto [v]
run wild hacer el gamberro [v]
let one's imagination run wild dar rienda suelta a la imaginación [v]
let one's imagination run wild dejar volar la imaginación [v]
start a fire in the opposite direction of a wild fire in order to contain the fire dar contracandela [v] CU
to sow your wild oats ir de flor en flor
hog wild alborotado
wild horses couldn't drag me there! ¡nada podría arrastrarme allí!
wild card algo inesperado
wild and woolly bárbaros
wild horses could not drag him nada podría apartarlo
wild horses couldn't drag someone away nada podría apartarlo
wild horses couldn't drag me nada podría apartarme
wild horses couldn't drag someone away nada podría separarlo
wild and woolly salvajes y rebeldes
wild-eyed ojos desorbitados
wild horses couldn't drag me there! por nada del mundo iría allí
wild-goose chase búsqueda inútil
wild-goose chase búsqueda ridícula
wild and woolly gamberros
wild card persona impredecible
wild goose chase pérdida de tiempo
a wild goose chase una búsqueda inútil
a wild goose chase una misión imposible
a wild goose chase una pérdida de tiempo
a wild card un comodín
be wild andar como burro sin mecate MX
into the wide/wild blue yonder a un lugar remoto
don't go hog wild! ¡no te enloquezcas!
are you afraid of wild animals? ¿le tienes miedo a los animales salvajes?
don't go hog wild! ¡no te vuelvas loco!
i'm in the wild estoy en medio de la naturaleza
things went wild la situación se volvió incontrolable
things went wild las cosas se salieron de control
wild time juerga [f]
wild get-together francachela [f]
sow your wild oats correrla [v]
sow your wild oats correr sus mocedades [v]
go wild correrse una juerga [v]
drive someone wild darse el calentón [v]
drive someone wild darse un calentón [v]
have a wild time fandanguear [v] SCN
grow wild izquierdear [v]
have a wild time liarla parda [v]
take a wild guess calcular a ojo de buen cubero [v]
sow one's wild oats hacer travesuras juveniles [v] fig.
sow one's wild oats correr sus mocedades [v]
engage in wild, kinky sex bellaquear [v] PR
deny, fiercely disqualify, or launch wild and desperate attacks, with destructive zeal canibalear [v] MX
taming of wild horses jinetear [v] MX GT HN NI PA VE EC PE PY UY BO
lead a wild life calaverear [v]
have gone wild desmadrarse [v]
have gone wild despendolarse [v] ES
sow one's wild oats andarse a la flor del berro [v]
sow one's wild oats buscar la flor del berro [v]
wild (indian) meco [adj] MX
wild person calvatrueno [m]
wild youth trueno [m]
wild gesticulation when expressing something escombro [m] AR UY
going wild desmadre [m]
going wild despendolamiento [m] ES
wild youth saltaparedes [m/f]
wild youth saltabardales [m/f]
wild (indian) meca [adj/f] MX
a wild guess una conjetura al azar
(wild) goat el garañón
wild-goose chase búsqueda infructuosa
wild adventures aventuras salvajes
wild ideas ideas de bombero
wild horses couldn't keep me away no me lo perdería por nada del mundo
in the wild en estado salvaje
in the wild a lo salvaje
go hog wild descontrolarse [v]
go wild enloquecerse [v]
go wild volverse loco [v]
drive someone wild estar a cien
wild card eventos inesperados
wild card situaciones inesperadas
the wild bunch la pandilla salvaje
wild celery apio [m]
Foreign Trade
convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora (cites) convención sobre el comercio internacional de especies amenazadas de fauna y flora silvestres (cites)
wild silk seda salvaje
wild silk seda silvestre
wild silk seda silvestre
wild light sarracina [f]
wild animal animal fiero [m]
wild animal animal salvaje
wild flora flora silvestre
wild animals animales fieros
wild fauna fauna silvestre
possession of wild animals posesión de animales fieros
wild animals animales salvajes
wild lands tierras sin cultivo o mejoras
International Law
world wild fund for nature fondo mundial para la naturaleza
wild card character carácter comodín
Ios Terms
wild card (team) comodín [m]