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Meanings of "toy" in Turkish English Dictionary : 7 result(s)

English Turkish
Common Usage
toy n. oyuncak
toy v. oynamak
toy v. eğlenmek
toy v. önemsememek
toy n. önemsiz şey
toy n. küçük
toy n. çocuk oyuncağı

Meanings of "toy" in English Turkish Dictionary : 34 result(s)

Turkish English
Common Usage
toy callow adj.
toy naive adj.
toy great bustard n.
toy novice n.
toy tenderfoot n.
toy chicken n.
toy punk n.
toy feast n.
toy sophomore n.
toy greenhorn n.
toy colt n.
toy inapt adj.
toy dewy-eyed adj.
toy unfledged adj.
toy unbaked adj.
toy immature adj.
toy sappy adj.
toy unsophisticated adj.
toy bustard adj.
toy verdant adj.
toy raw adj.
toy naif adj.
toy inexperienced adj.
toy beardless adj.
toy green adj.
toy ingenuous adj.
toy fledgling
toy just off the boat
toy wet behind the ears
toy fresh off the boat
toy green
toy layman
toy otis tarda
toy great bustard

Meanings of "toy" with other terms in English Turkish Dictionary : 19 result(s)

Turkish English
güney afrika toy kuşu pou n.
toy adam colt n.
toy kuşu bustard n.
toy zihin young mind n.
yakalı toy houbara bustard n.
göründüğü kadar toy değil not as green as one is cabbage looking
toy olmak be wet behind the ears
toy olmak wet behind the ears
toy olmak not dry behind the ears
toy olmak hardly dry behind the ears
tecrübesiz ve toy tenderfoot
toy ve deneyimsiz cheechako
büyük toy otis tarda
büyük toy great bustard
küçük toy tetrax tetrax
küçük toy little bustard
toy kuşu otis tarda
toy kuşu great bustard
toy kuşu bustard