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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "confront" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 49 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
confront afrontar [v]
confront encarar [v]
confront confrontar [v]
confront abocarse a [v] AMER
confront plantar cara a [v]
confront enfrentar [v]
confront enfrentarse [v]
confront acarar [v]
confront acarear [v]
confront cotejar [v]
confront comparar [v]
confront enfrontar [v]
confront carear [v]
confront hacer frente a (problema/tarea) [v]
confront presentarse a (problema/tarea) [v]
confront enfrentarse con [v]
confront encararse a [v]
confront confrontarse con [v]
confront encararse con [v]
confront enfrentarse a [v]
confront contrastar a [v]
confront contrastar contra [v]
confront contrastar con [v]
confront afirmarse [v] AR UY
confront encamorrarse [v] MX
confront pararse [v] NI
confront pulsear [v] EC PE CL AR
confront acarar [v]
confront afrentar [v] disused
confront afrontar [v]
confront mecharse [v] PE
confront pararse [v] EC CL rare
confront pararse [v] NI PE BO AR
confront salir al paso [v]
confront confrontar
confront echar penca [v] HN
confront montarse maceta [v] HN
confront ponerle el frente [v] DO
confront ponerle la proa [v] VE UY
confront tener la cara cortada [v] EC
confront ser la cara cortada [v] EC
confront subir la parada [v] CU
confront hacer frente
confront contestar [v]
confront carearse con
confront hacer frente a
confront hacer frente [v]
confront arrostrar [v]
confront enfrentar a [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "confront" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 33 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
confront a difficulty coger el toro por los cuernos [v]
confront someone with someone else confrontar a alguien con alguien más [v]
confront one thing with another to determine its similarity or difference acotejar [v] EC rare
confront a prey (a hunting dog) armarse [v] HN SV
cause roosters to confront one another without touching in order to prepare them for the fight (cock fighting) abosar [v] CU
confront something or someone with bravery and authority fajarse [v] DO EC
confront aggressively encacharse [v] CL
confront someone enrostrar [v] EC
unable to confront someone about something chiquito [adj] EC
conflicting situation in which some sector of the population is prepared to resist or confront someone estado de emergencia [m] DO EC BO
conflicting situation in which some sector of the population is prepared to resist or confront someone estado de apronte [m] BO
violently confront someone cruzarse [v] PR CL
confront someone with poner a alguien cara a cara con [v]
confront with enfrentarse a [v]
confront someone habérselas con alguien [v]
confront someone vérselas con alguien [v]
confront someone plantar cara a alguien [v]
confront the truth rendirse a la evidencia [v]
confront the truth rendirse ante la evidencia [v]
confront someone salir al paso de alguien [v]
confront a problem head-on coger al toro por los cuernos [v]
confront a problem head-on irse a la cabeza del toro [v]
confront someone botarse a choro [v] CL
confront verbally darse un agarrón [v] MX
confront a danger dar cara [v] PE BO
confront a situation with determination dar el frente [v] CU
confront by force darse un agarrón [v] MX
confront a situation dar cara [v] PE BO
confront a responsibility dar cara [v] PE BO
confront a difficult situation chocar con la concreta [v] CU
confront someone about something that is difficult or problematic hinchar el cuero [v] GT HN
confront with courage topar con cerca [v] CR
confront criminals carear [v]