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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "defecate" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 70 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
defecate defecar [v]
defecate evacuar [v]
defecate deponer [v]
defecate cagar [v]
defecate aciscarse [v] HN rur.
defecate bostear (del inglés) [v] CL AR UY rur.
defecate bostear [v] BO:E,S rur.
defecate cutarrearse [v] HN rur.
defecate churriarse [v] HN DO
defecate churrusquearse [v] HN
defecate chorretearse [v] NI
defecate ajuerear [v] SV NI EC rare rur.
defecate corregir [v] CU disused
defecate corregirse [v] CU disused
defecate piturrear [v] HN
defecate piñar [v] SV
defecate pupusear [v] VE child
defecate vaciarse [v] HN PR
defecate zurrar [v] MX HN SV NI
defecate zurriar [v] HN NI
defecate depurar [v]
defecate purgar [v]
defecate clarificar [v]
defecate limpiar [v]
defecate purificarse [v]
defecate clarificarse [v]
defecate clarificado [adj]
defecate depurado [adj]
defecate depurada [adj/f]
defecate clarificada [adj/f]
defecate jiñar [v]
defecate hacer aguas mayores [v]
defecate descomer [v]
defecate obrar [v]
defecate hacer del cuerpo [v]
defecate cajetear [v] MX
defecate descargar [v] MX DO
defecate cantar [v] CR
defecate cantar [v] GT HN SV NI
defecate guanear [v] BO CL AR:Nw
defecate hacer el dos [v] NI CU BO
defecate hacer la mayor [v] PA CU
defecate echar el topo [v] MX
defecate tirar un venado [loc/v] CR
defecate dar del cuerpo [v] CR PA CU DO PR VE
defecate dar de cuerpo [v] CU
defecate dar la cantada [v] NI
defecate escribir al papa [v] DO
defecate cortar una flor [v] CR
defecate hacer del baño [v] MX
defecate hacer del dos [v] MX
defecate hacer el dos [v] CR PE child
defecate hacer el número dos [v] CR
defecate echar una carta al correo [v] PR
defecate echar una criolla [v] PR
defecate tirar un venado [v] CR disused
defecate hacer del cuerpo AMER
defecate obrar [v] MX VE CAM CO
defecate quitarle al mondongo un peso de encima [v] MX
defecate zurrar [v] MX HN NI
defecate regir [v] MX
defecate cagusearse [v] HN NI
defecate cagusiarse [v] SV NI HN
defecate canturrearse [v] GT HN NI CR
defecate echar el topilzin [v] MX
defecate echar la larga [v] CL
defecate pupusear [v] NI
defecate surrar [v] HN SV
defecate surrarse [v] HN SV
defecate defecar [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "defecate" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 30 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
defecate (animal) guanear [v]
go out to defecate afuerear [v] HN SV NI rare
go out to defecate canturrear [v] HN SV NI rare
go out to defecate cursear [v] HN SV NI rare
go out to defecate churrisquear [v] HN SV NI rare
defecate (animal) boñiguearse [v] CR
defecate (especially referring to a child) cacachar [v] BO child
defecate (especially referring to a child) cacarearse [v] AR UY
defecate (bird) cuitear [v] NI CR PA
defecate (bird) cuitear [v] HN rare
go out to defecate cursearse [v] HN
defecate oneself (on clothes) chispearse [v] CU
defecate oneself (on clothes) churretearse [v] NI CL AR:C,Nw,W
go outside to defecate churrisquear [v] HN
defecate (person or animal) churrisquearse [v] HN
defecate outside fuerear [v] GT SV rur.
defecate oneself zurrarse [v] HN SV NI
defecate oneself zurriarse [v] HN NI CR
referring someone who has had a bird defecate on them cuitado [adj] HN NI
strong wasp bite that produces the urge to defecate quita-calzón [m] GT SV CO
effect of the evil eye in children causing whimpering, straining but being unable to defecate, and general malaise pujo [m] HN SV NI CR CO:Sw
defecate involuntarily (especially referring to a child) cacacharse [v] BO child
go to the bathroom, go out to defecate ir a chicago [v] BO
defecate oneself zurrarse [v] MX
squatting (especially to urinate or defecate) de aguilita [loc/adv] MX
take a dump (to defecate) plantar un pino [v]
leave to defecate ir a chicago [v] BO
defecate on a hill ir a amarrar un conejo [v] SV rur.
defecate outside ir a la mata [v] DO
defecate frequently cagar más que un pato amarrao [loc/v] PR