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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "discouraged" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 10 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
discouraged descorazonado [adj]
discouraged descorazonada [adj/f]
discouraged abatido [adj]
discouraged desanimado [adj]
discouraged amilanado [adj]
discouraged alicaído [adj]
discouraged alicaída [adj/f]
discouraged abatida [adj/f]
discouraged desmayado [adj]
discouraged desanimado [adj]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "discouraged" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 71 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
get discouraged desalentarse [v]
get discouraged desanimarse [v]
become discouraged desalentarse [v]
be discouraged desanimarse [v]
become discouraged descorazonarse [v]
become discouraged desesperanzarse [v]
be discouraged desinflarse [v]
be discouraged desmoralizarse [v]
be discouraged amilanarse [v]
become discouraged desanimarse [v]
be discouraged anonadarse [v]
become discouraged aplanarse [v]
become discouraged aplastarse [v] SCN
be discouraged descorazonarse [v]
get discouraged achamparse [v] AR:N
get discouraged (by someone or something) achompiparse [v] HN NI
become discouraged achacarse [v] CL
become discouraged apulismarse [v] HN NI rare rur.
be disturbed, depressed and discouraged by someone or something agüitarse [v] MX SV
become disturbed, depressed and discouraged by setbacks or misfortune agüitarse [v] MX SV
become discouraged aguarse [v] MX DO VE
get discouraged agüevarse [v] CR CO
become discouraged agüevonearse [v] VE
get discouraged ahuevarse [v] CR CO
become discouraged ahuevonearse [v] VE
become discouraged ahuevonarse [v] VE
become discouraged amachinarse [v] PA
be discouraged apachurrarse [v] MX GT HN SV NI CR CO VE CL
make someone feel sad or discouraged apachurrar [v] MX GT SV CR CO
get discouraged apanuncarse [v] CL
get discouraged apanucarse [v] CL
get discouraged amachinarse [v] PA
get discouraged bajarse [v] HN NI
get discouraged chucuyarse [v] HN
become discouraged espicharse [v] VE
become discouraged firiquearse (inglés freak) [v] PR CO
get discouraged destemplarse [v] NI CU
get discouraged empapelonarse [v] VE
become discouraged destemplarse [v] NI CU
be discouraged ñangotarse [v] DO PR
become discouraged rocharse (inglés rush) [v] PR
become discouraged rochearse [v] PR
become discouraged resfriarse [v] SV
be discouraged desmayar [v]
become discouraged desalentarse [v]
become discouraged desalmarse [v]
be discouraged destemplarse [v] NI
become completely discouraged hundirse en la miseria [v]
get discouraged irse el alma a los talones [v] CL
get discouraged bajar el moco [v] DO PR child
become discouraged estar agüita de coco [v] NI
be very discouraged estar de recoger con cuchara [v] VE
become discouraged enfriársele el guarapo [v] VE
get discouraged enfriársele el guarapo [v] VE
get discouraged enfriarse el guarapo [v] VE
become discouraged enfriarse el guarapo [v] VE
be discouraged volar con las trompetas destempladas [v] GT
be discouraged caer de ánimo [v]
become discouraged caerse de ánimo [v]
be discouraged caérsele a alguien los brazos [v] MX
don't be discouraged no te desalientes
the moment in which someone becomes discouraged, bored, depressed and embarrassed agüitón [m] SV
be discouraged encogérsele a alguien el ombligo [v]
become discouraged aplancharse [v] CO rare
become discouraged by pessimistic talk usually based on superstitious beliefs agüizotearse [v] CR
become discouraged or demoralized caérsele los brazos [v] MX UY
feel discouraged bajonearse [v] CO EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
be discouraged desalentarse [v]
become discouraged apendejarse [v] PA CO
get discouraged apendejarse [v] PA CO
discouraged workers trabajadores desanimados