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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "abatido" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 69 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
abatido [v] past part of abatir
abatido [adj] abject
abatido [adj] discouraged
abatido [adj] dejected
abatido [adj] glum
abatido [adj] downcast
abatido [adj] despondent
abatido [adj] depressed
abatido [adj] contemptible
abatido [adj] despicable
abatido [adj] depreciated
abatido [adj] spiritless
abatido [adj] crestfallen
abatido [adj] faint
abatido [adj] dismayed
abatido [adj] knocked down (in value/price)
abatido [adj] mean
abatido [adj] faint-hearted
abatido [adj] broken
abatido [adj] disconsolate
abatido [adj] beat
abatido [adj] amort
abatido [adj] flat
abatido [adj] chapfallen
abatido [adj] deject
abatido [adj] gloomy
abatido [adj] mirthless
abatido [adj] mopish
abatido [adj] morose
abatido [adj] pining
abatido [adj] low-spirited
abatido [adj] in low spirits
abatido [adj] poor-spirited
abatido [adj] servile
abatido [adj] miserable
abatido [adj] crestfallen
abatido [adj] reduced
abatido [adj] disused wretched
abatido [adj] dejected
abatido [adj] depressed
abatido [adj] disused heinous
abatido [adj] slashed
abatido [adj] disused abject
abatido [adj] despondent
abatido [adj] downcast
abatido [adj] lowered
abatido [adj] disused contemptible
abatido [adj] crestfallen
abatido [adj] cut
abatido [adj] dispirited
abatido [adj] disused despicable
abatido [adj] disheartened
abatido [adj] downcast
abatido [adj] downhearted
abatido [adj] listless
abatido [adj] disused mean
abatido [adj] discouraged
abatido [adj] disused insignificant
abatido [adj] glum
abatido [adj] disused negligible
abatido [adj] downhearted
abatido [adj] low
abatido [adj] heartbroken
abatido down to chili and beans
abatido more dead than alive
abatido sick at heart
abatido a heavy hearted
abatido [adj] depreciated or fallen in price or demand
abatido [adj] down

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Spanisch Englisch
estar abatido [v] mope
hombre abatido [m] mope
como abatido [adv] downheartedly
estar abatido [v] be in the doldrums
estar abatido por el dolor [v] squirm in pain
estar abatido por el dolor [v] writhe in pain
estar abatido por el dolor [v] twist in pain
¡abatido! [interj] BO rare used to express anger toward another
quedarse abatido [v] lose heart
estar abatido [v] have one's tail down
estar afectado/abatido por [v] be laid low with
estar abatido [v] be down in the mouth
estar abatido [v] moon
estar muy abatido [v] be very unhappy
estar muy abatido [v] be very dejected
estar muy abatido [v] be very down
estar muy abatido [v] be very depressed
estar muy abatido [v] be in low spirits
te ves abatido you seem to be out of sorts
pareces abatido you seem out of sorts
estar abatido [v] be down