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musical rhythm

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musical composition typical of the andean region, with an energetic rhythm, generally interpreted on a guitar cueca [f] BO CL AR UY
musical competition in which two singers compete by alternating verses and accompanied by the joropo llanero rhythm contrapunto [m] CO VE
lively musical composition with a two by four rhythm chobena [f] BO:E
musical rhythm similar to marimba, from guatemala guarimba [f] GT
adapt lyrics and music from one musical rhythm to another fusilar [v] DO
lively musical rhythm from eastern bolivia carnaval [m] BO:E
popular musical composition, typical of the llano, with the rhythm of the joropo and couplets that allude to the american kestrel gavilán [m] CO:E VE
musical piece with a popular rhythm and lyrics charrango [m/pl] HN
folk musical composition with a slow rhythm and nostalgic tone, played on guitar milonga [f] NI AR UY
musical composition typical of paraguayan folk with a slow and melodic rhythm guarania [f] PY
musical composition with a lively and happy rhythm that accompanies this dance llamerada [f] BO:C,W
musical piece from venezuelan folklore which belongs to the joropo genre it has a fast rhythm and can be danced and sang chipola [f] VE
rhythmical and merry folk dance performed to the rhythm of the chobena, similar to the taquirari musical rhythm chovena [f] BO:E
musical composition to a slow and happy rhythm accompanying this dance pujllay [m] BO:C,W
musical composition with a lively and happy rhythm that accompanies this dance llamero [m] BO:W
musical composition with a lively rhythm played at a three by four beat, and generally interpreted on guitar and accordion or harmonica, very popular in towns in the northeast of argentina, particularly in corrientes chamamé [m] PY AR
traditional musical composition with a slow rhythm, generally about love and interpreted with harp, lyre, and maracas pasaje [m] VE