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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "showy" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 62 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
showy fanfarrón [adj]
showy rimbombante [adj]
showy rumboso [adj]
showy charro [adj]
showy aparatoso [adj]
showy pretencioso [adj]
showy bambollero [adj]
showy rumbosa [adj/f]
showy charra [adj/f]
showy aparatosa [adj/f]
showy pretenciosa [adj/f]
showy bambollera [adj/f]
showy altísono [adj]
showy aparatoso [adj]
showy de mal gusto [adj]
showy animado [adj]
showy ostentoso [adj]
showy jactancioso [adj]
showy alborotoso [adj] derog.
showy refistolero [adj] PA CU DO VE
showy refistulero [adj] PA
showy alegre [adj]
showy boquiseco [adj] fig.
showy curro [adj]
showy gayo [adj]
showy jarifo [adj]
showy orondo [adj]
showy ostensivo [adj]
showy lujoso [adj]
showy llamativo [adj]
showy pajarero [adj]
showy rozagante [adj]
showy vistoso [adj]
showy vanidoso [adj]
showy jarifa [adj/f]
showy lujosa [adj/f]
showy llamativa [adj/f]
showy fanfarrona [adj/f]
showy curra [adj/f]
showy gaya [adj/f]
showy oronda [adj/f]
showy ostensiva [adj/f]
showy pajarera [adj/f]
showy boquiseca [adj/f] fig.
showy vanidosa [adj/f]
showy vistosa [adj/f]
showy magnífico [adj]
showy suntuoso [adj]
showy chillón [adj]
showy magnífica [adj/f]
showy suntuosa [adj/f]
showy chillona [adj/f]
showy compadrito [adj] AR UY rare
showy peliculero [adj]
showy currutaco [adj]
showy de postín [adj]
showy gaitero (poco usado/dicho de vestidos/adornos) [adj]
showy mayativo [adj] MX
showy peliculera [adj/f]
showy gaitera (poco usado/dicho de vestidos/adornos) [adj/f]
showy cantoso [adj]
showy cantosa [adj/f]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "showy" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 26 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
showy person alborotosa [f] derog.
showy and flashy woman bambollera [f] CU UY
very showy foco [adj] EC
showy person alborotoso [m] derog.
showy and flashy man bambollero [m] CU UY
showy furniture alhaja [f]
showy article of little value abalorio [m]
showy colors colorines [m/pl]
be showy llamar la atención [v]
be showy tener vista [v]
be clever in a showy manner ser un sieteciencias [v]
a showy and flashy person alardosa [f] PA CU
showy person pelucona [f] EC UY derog.
vain or conceited and tends to dress in a flashy or showy manner currupantioso [adj] PE rare derog.
showy but worthless thing ciegayernos [m]
showy apparel perejil [m] fig.
a showy and flashy person alardoso [m] PA CU
showy person pelucón [m] EC UY derog.
shoddy or showy fielding of a fly ball manoletina [f]
showy mistletoe (loranthaceae) capitana [f] DO PR
a tree up to 7 m tall, with branches almost erect, bare, with thorns on top, ovate leaves and showy flowers rosa de ciénaga [f] PR
showy rattlebox (crotalaria spectabilis) maraquita [f] DO
showy goat's-beard barba cabruna [f]
a tree up to 4 m high, with bristly leaves, showy flowers and fruits in the shape of a long berry (theobroma mariae) cacao chuncho [m] PE
a tree up to 7 m tall, with branches almost erect, bare, with thorns on top, ovate leaves and showy flowers hucarillo [m] PR
a thorny pine up to 10 m high, with trifoliate leaves of brown color and showy flowers of orange color (erythrina grisebachii) piñón real [m] CU