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German English
frech [adj] impudent
frech [adj] cheeky
frech [adj] ribald
frech [adj] boldfaced
frech [adj] unsubtle
frech [adj] brazenfaced
frech [adj] saucy
frech [adj] insolent
frech [adj] bald-faced
frech [adj] perky
frech [adj] insulting
frech [adj] audacious
frech [adj] cool
frech [adj] pawky
frech [adj] contumelious
frech [adj] fresh
frech [adj] malapert
frech [adj] nervy
frech [adj] barefaced
frech [adj] bold
frech [adj] pushing
frech [adj] naughty
frech [adj] bare faced
frech [adj] brassey
frech [adj] browless
frech [adv] insultingly
frech [adv] barefacedly
frech [adv] wickedly
frech [adv] saucily
frech [adv] cheekily
frech [adv] naughtily
frech [adv] impudently
frech [adv] perkily
frech [adv] insolently
frech [adv] acock
frech [adv] bathetically
frech [adv] brashly
frech sassy
frech [adj] brazen-faced
frech [adj] lippy
frech [adj] nervy
frech [adj] smart
frech [adj] sassy
frech [adj] gallus
British Slang
frech [adj] brass-necked
frech bolshie
frech bolshy
frech brass-neck
frech chopsy
frech [adj] chopsy
frech bold
frech [adj] impertinent
frech [adv] naughtily

Meanings of "frech" in English German Dictionary : 47 result(s)

German English
so frech wie [adj] as bold as
frech antworten [v] sass
jemandem frech kommen [v] get smart with someone
frech antworten [v] give a lippy answer
frech antworten [v] answer back
sich frech benehmen [v] act cheekily
sich frech benehmen [v] act insolently
frech antworten [v] answer back
frech werden [v] answer back
frech erwidern [v] answer back
jemandem frech antworten [v] answer back to someone
jemandem frech antworten [v] answer someone back
frech sein [v] be brassy
frech sein [v] be brazen
frech sein [v] be cheeky
frech sein [v] be brazen-faced
frech sein [v] be barefaced
ganz frech sein [v] be altogether shameless
frech sein [v] be audacious
frech sein [v] be bodacious
frech sein [v] be bold-faced
frech sein [v] be impertinent
frech sein [v] be insolent
frech sein [v] be naughty
zu frech sein [v] be too naughty
frech werden [v] become impudent
frech werden [v] become insolent
sich frech benehmen [v] behave saucily/freshly
frech werden [v] become saucy
frech werden [v] become shameless
sich frech verhalten [v] behave cheekily
sich frech benehmen [v] behave impudently
sich frech benehmen [v] behave insolently
frech sein [v] do something cheekily
frech geantwortet sassed
frech antwortend sassing
frech antworten talk back
frech geantwortet answered back
frech anwortend answering back
frech antworten sass
frech wie Oskar as bold as brass
frech wie sonst as bold as brass
frech wie Oskar as cool as a cucumber
frech wie Oskar bold as brass
Er war frech wie Oskar he was as bold as brass
frech wie Oskar [übertragen] [adj] bold as brass
frech sein [v] have a pair of brass balls