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pass away

Meanings of "pass away" in German English Dictionary : 6 result(s)

English German
pass away vorübergehen [v]
pass away vergehen [v]
pass away vorbeigehen [v]
pass away verscheiden
pass away entschlafen
pass away versterben

Meanings of "pass away" in English German Dictionary : 11 result(s)

English German
pass away sterben [v]
to pass away verscheiden [v]
to pass away in one's sleep hinüberdämmern [v]
pass the time away pausieren [v]
pass away verscheiden [v]
to pass away entschlafen [v]
pass away dahinscheiden [v]
to pass away heimgehen [v]
to pass away dahinscheiden versterben [v]
pass away entschlafen [v]
pass away dahinscheiden [v]