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Meanings of "barbu" in Spanish English Dictionary : 5 result(s)

English Spanish
Marine Biology
barbu barbú [m]
barbu barbú [m] PR
barbu cici [m] PR
barbu cachicata [m] PR
barbu barbudo de charco

Meanings of "barbu" in English Spanish Dictionary : 15 result(s)

Spanish English
Marine Biology
barbú [m] barbu
barbú [m] threadfins
barbú [m] PR polydactylus virginiculus
barbú [m] PR a tropical fish found along western atlantic coast
barbú [m] PR barbu
barbú [m] PR a threadfin
barbú [m] PR a fish inhabiting western atlantic coastal waters
barbú [m] PR a marine fish up to 30 cm long, corpulent, smooth skin, devoid of scales, amber, long head and large mouth
barbú [m] PR barbu (polydactylus virginicus)
barbú [m] PR chinese rose
barbú [m] PR beard fish
barbú [m] PR threadfish
barbú [m] PR threadfin
barbú [m] PR catfish
barbú [m] PR sevenfingered threadfin

Meanings of "barbu" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 4 result(s)

Spanish English
Marine Biology
barbu cabezón white catfish
barbu moteado channel catfish
barbu torito marbled bullhead
barbu torito brown bullhead