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become serious

Meanings of "become serious" in Spanish English Dictionary : 5 result(s)

English Spanish
become serious enseriarse [v] CU PE PR VE
become serious hacerse serio [v]
become serious pasar a mayores [v]
become serious enseriarse [v] MX NI CU DO PR CO VE
become serious ponerse el dado malo [v] CU

Meanings of "become serious" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 10 result(s)

English Spanish
become serious/earnest formalizarse [v]
become serious/earnest hacerse serio/responsable [v]
become serious or earnest formalizarse [v]
become a more serious volverse más grave [v]
become more serious volverse más serio [v]
become a serious health concern convertirse en un problema grave de salud [v]
become serious (illness) llegar a ser grave (enfermedad) [v]
become excessively serious and formal acartonarse [v] MX BO AR
become more serious than originally thought jugar garrote [v] VE disused
become serious and formal coger fundamento [v] CU PR