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Meanings of "chanfle" in English Spanish Dictionary : 11 result(s)

Spanish English
chanfle [m] MX GT CU BO AR UY oblique blow or cut produced by something
chanfle [m] MX CU large and narrow plan that, instead of a corner, unites two flat surfaces that form an angle
chanfle [m] MX deflection or angle in a straight surface
chanfle [m] MX CU BO AR UY CR face produced by making an oblique cut
chanfle [m] MX clumsy player
chanfle [m] AR quarter round
chanfle [m] chamfer
chanfle [m] bevel
chanfle [m] MX GT SV NI CR CO EC PE BO CL AR UY spin that causes the ball to follow a curved trajectory
chanfle [m] MX GT SV NI CR CO EC PE BO CL AR UY bending the ball
chanfle [m] CR curved trajectory of a ball hit with the interior or exterior part of the foot

Meanings of "chanfle" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 13 result(s)

Spanish English
¡chanfle! [interj] MX CO woah!
¡chanfle! [interj] EC rare woah!
¡chanfle! [interj] MX CO yikes!
¡chanfle! [interj] EC rare yikes!
de chanfle [loc/adj] CU DO AR UY BO obliquely
de chanfle [loc/adv] CU DO AR UY BO obliquely
con chanfle [loc/adv] CL at a glance
de chanfle [loc/adv] CR (in soccer and other ball sports) with a spin
en chanfle [loc/adv] BO describing a curved line
con chanfle [loc/adv] CL out of the corner of your eye
¡al chanfle! quick!
formón con chanfle bevel-edge chisel
formón con chanfle cant chisel