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Meanings of "cheating" in Spanish English Dictionary : 80 result(s)

English Spanish
cheating trampa [f]
cheating defraudación [f]
cheating fullería (cartas) [f]
cheating engañador [adj]
cheating fulero [adj]
cheating fullero [adj]
cheating engañadora [adj/f]
cheating fulera [adj/f]
cheating fullera [adj/f]
cheating chocarrería [f] disused
cheating amarrón [adj]
cheating baratador [adj] disused
cheating baratero [adj] disused
cheating chocarrero [adj] disused
cheating defraudador [adj]
cheating delusor [adj] rare
cheating delusorio [adj] rare
cheating engañador [adj]
cheating amarro [m]
cheating engaño [m]
cheating fullería [f]
cheating mauleria [f]
cheating chuecura [f] MX
cheating cañona [f] PR CL
cheating galleteada [f] BO
cheating gorreada [f] CL
cheating marramuncia [f] AR:Nw disused
cheating marramuncia [f] VE
cheating tramposería [f] DO PR EC PE CL
cheating tramposo [adj]
cheating chepeador [adj] HN
cheating churuncullo [adj] HN
cheating hoyero [adj] GT rare
cheating jaranero [adj] HN SV NI
cheating malamañoso [adj] PR VE:W
cheating malandrín [adj] NI PA PR PE PY AR
cheating matrero [adj] BO:N
cheating trunciero [adj] SV
cheating truquero [adj] SV
cheating vacuna [adj] CL
cheating trácala [adj] MX GT
cheating tramafasero [adj] SV
cheating tramoyero [adj] CL UY rare derog.
cheating tramoyero [adj] VE UY derog.
cheating tramuyero [adj] CO:N
cheating transa [adj] MX derog.
cheating embeleco [m]
cheating gorreo [m] CL
cheating mandraqueo [m] HN SV
cheating malandrines [m/pl] UY
cheating bellaquería [f]
cheating bribonería [f]
cheating trampería [f]
cheating fraude [m]
cheating chuecura [f] MX
cheating trafulla [f]
cheating chantada [f] AR
cheating guampa [f] PY AR UY
cheating emburujador [adj] PR
cheating malamañoso [adj] PA
cheating mulero [adj] BO AR CL UY
cheating tracalero [adj] MX PA VE
cheating trampero [adj] SV BO PY
cheating copión [adj] derog.
cheating cuerno [m]
cheating cuernos [m/pl]
cheating mapa [adj] EC derog.
cheating quemón [adj] PA
cheating parrillazo [m] PA
cheating queme [m] PA
cheating trampería [f]
cheating trampa [f]
cheating truhanería [f]
cheating tramposo [adj]
cheating truhán [adj]
cheating truhanería [f]
cheating infidelidad [f]
cheating estafa [f]
Nursing Terms
cheating engaño [m]
cheating fullero [m]

Meanings of "cheating" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 51 result(s)

English Spanish
cheating at cards ballestilla [f] disused
cheating in a card game carteo [m]
playing card smeared with rubber to facilitate cheating baraja de pega [f] DO
academic cheating chepeada [f] HN
large scale cheating on a test copiadera [f] HN PE CL UY NI EC derog. stud.
large scale cheating on a test copiazón [f] HN
be suspicious that one's spouse is cheating on someone sospechar de la infidelidad del propio cónyuge [v]
be suspicious that one's spouse is cheating on someone sospechar que el cónyuge de uno le es infiel [v]
get drugs by cheating suichar (inglés switch) [v] PR
get drugs by cheating swichar (inglés switch) [v] PR delinq.
get an advantage by cheating ventajear [v] GT UY derog.
cheating (person) chivero [adj] EC disused
cheating (person) chivista [adj] EC
cheating (student) chepeón [adj] HN SV
cheating (person) chepeón [adj] HN SV
cheating (person) chepión [adj] HN SV
accustomed to cheating emborujador [adj] PR
cheating person chalemán [m] PR
mutual help with cheating on a test copiete [m] PR
deceiving or cheating, especially in romantic relationships kikirigüiki [m] VE
cheating out of a lotto ticket paquetazo [m] HN SV
lying and cheating person tránsfuga [m/f] CU
cheating trick (at cards) ballestilla [f] disused
cheating at play fullería [f]
cheating at cards tahurería [f]
cheating (at cards) amarre [m]
cheating trick of gamblers flores [f/pl]
surprise a partner cheating coger fuera de base [v] CU
catch someone cheating coger fuera de base [v] CU
ignore that one's wife is cheating hacerse el cabrito [v] HN NI
cause harm with tricks and cheating hacer el mandado [v] CO
cheating out of a lotto ticket paquete chileno [m] VE
are you cheating on me? ¿me estás engañando?
are you cheating on me? ¿me estás poniendo los cuernos?
are you cheating on me? ¿me estás siendo infiel?
I'm cheating on you te estoy engañando
you're cheating estás haciendo trampas
his wife really is cheating on him la esposa lo engaña
my husband's cheating on me mi marido me engaña
my husband's cheating on me mi marido me pone los cuernos
my wife's cheating on me mi mujer me engaña
get an advantage by cheating ventajear [v] BO PY AR derog.
cheating on one's wife mujereo [m] CL rare
if you're not cheating, you're not trying el que no transa no avanza MX
put or pass something by cheating embuchar [v] CO derog.
cheating on one's girlfriend cacho CR
cheating behavior conducta de fraude
cheating behavior conducta de engaño
Cold Roll Terminology
cheating by sticking two card together pego [m]
without cheating a cuerpo limpio [adv]
cheating trick (cards) armada [f]