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Meanings of "choco" in English Spanish Dictionary : 47 result(s)

Spanish English
choco [adj] BO dark red
choco [adj] chocolate-coloured
choco [adj] CO swarthy
choco [adj] CO dark
choco [adj] CL one-legged
choco [adj] chocolate-colored [us]
choco [m] stump
choco [m] cuttlefish
choco [adj] CL with unclothed arms
choco [adj] BO red (hair)
choco [adj] GT HN SV NI short-sighted (person or animal)
choco [adj] CL short-tailed (animal)
choco [adj] NI smelly (person)
choco [adj] GT HN SV NI one-eyed (person or animal)
choco [adj] CL tailless (animal)
choco [adj] MX relating to tabasco state
choco [adj] CL rare lame (person)
choco [adj] HN SV sloppy (thing)
choco [adj] BO blonde (hair)
choco [adj] NI dirty (person)
choco [adj] HN SV fake (thing)
choco [adj] GT HN SV NI blind (person or animal)
choco [adj] HN SV illegal (thing)
choco [adj] BO light brown (hair)
choco [adj] CL rare one-eared (person)
choco [m] BO blond
choco [m] CL low-cost vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping usually sold on public buses
choco [m] CL rattail
choco [m] BO:Sw,C ball-and-stick
choco [m] BO:W,C trunk stool
choco [m] PR rur. type of banana
choco [m] BO light skinned foreigner
choco [m] BO:Sw,C cup-and-ball
choco [m] CL lock of hair that grown out on the back of the neck while the rest of the hair is kept short
choco [m] BO foreigner with light skin and red, blond, or light brown hair
choco spanish surname
choco [m] small cuttle-fish
choco [adj] NI spoiled (food)
choco [adj] HN burn out (headlamp)
choco [adj] NI fermented (food)
choco [m] BO endear. young man
choco [m] AR:Nw,W dog, especially a small mixed-breed dog
choco [m] CL stump
choco [m] PE common woolly monkey
choco [m] PE brown woolly monkey
choco [m] PE humboldt's woolly monkey
choco [m] PE a woolly monkey from colombia, ecuador, peru and brazil (lagothrix lagotricha)

Meanings of "choco" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 4 result(s)

Spanish English
ojo choco [m] SV wake where no food or drinks are offered
perro choco [loc/nom] CL man
¡choco! [interj] NI wow!
mal de choco [m] silicosis