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Meanings of "chuzo" in English Spanish Dictionary : 57 result(s)

Spanish English
chuzo [adj] CR lank
chuzo [m] prick
chuzo [m] pike
chuzo [m] goad
chuzo [m] spiked stick
chuzo [m] spiked walking stick
chuzo [m] alpenstock
chuzo [m] icicle
chuzo [adj] CL clumsy (person)
chuzo [adj] CR straight (person's hair)
chuzo [adj] CR straight-haired (person)
chuzo [adj] SV ready (person or thing)
chuzo [m] HN billy club
chuzo [m] BO PA CO CR EC bladed weapon
chuzo [m] BO PA CO CR EC knife
chuzo [m] PE knife wound
chuzo [m] PA CO sharp and pointed object
chuzo [m] VE PE shiv
chuzo [m] HN SV stinger
chuzo [m] HN night stick
chuzo [m] CR CO EC:W brochette
chuzo [m] CO derog. small shop
chuzo [m] AR:Nw rur. second-to-last child
chuzo [m] NI CR whip with an iron end used to spur oxen
chuzo [m] CL drill
chuzo [m] EC:W teen shoe
chuzo [m] CU DO PR whip partially covered with leather
chuzo [m] HN derog. police officer
chuzo [m] CR teen best in class car
chuzo [m] AR:Nw second-to-last child
chuzo [m] CL gimlet
chuzo [m] CR CO EC:W kebab
chuzo [m] HN weapon used by police to protect themselves
chuzo short pike
chuzo [m] lance
chuzo [m] CU whip made of twisted lengths of leather
chuzo [m] gad
chuzo [m] HN CL digging bar
chuzo [m] CU leather whip
chuzo [m] VE shiv
chuzo [adj] AR UY rur. bony (person or part of a person's body)
chuzo [adj] AR UY rur. dried up (plant/flower/fruit)
chuzo [adj] AR UY rur. immature (plant)
chuzo [adj] AR UY rur. crippled (limb)
chuzo [adj] AR UY rur. withered (plant/flower/fruit)
chuzo [adj] AR UY rur. scrawny (person or part of a person's body)
chuzo [adj] AR UY rur. gaunt (person or part of a person's body)
chuzo [m] BO bladed weapon
chuzo [m] BO knife
chuzo [m] HN NI knife
chuzo CR a car
chuzo [m] CL crowbar
chuzo [m] pike pole
chuzo pike
chuzo [m] CL crowbar
chuzo [m] MX:Se GT HN SV long sowing stick with a pointed end, used to make holes in the ground
chuzo [m] CL crowbar

Meanings of "chuzo" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 6 result(s)

Spanish English
¡chuzo! [interj] PA wow!
ser un chuzo [v] NI be pig-headed and persistent
estar chuzo [v] SV have the car ready to leave immediately
estar chuzo [v] SV have a vehicle ready to leave quickly
ser un chuzo [v] NI be pig-headed and persistent
pala de chuzo round-point shovel