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Meanings of "clearly" in Spanish English Dictionary : 54 result(s)

English Spanish
clearly claramente [adv]
clearly evidentemente [adv]
clearly claro [adv]
clearly netamente [adv]
clearly nítidamente [adv]
clearly señaladamente [adv]
clearly palmariamente [adv]
clearly palpablemente [adv]
clearly llanamente [adv]
clearly expresamente [adv]
clearly manifiestamente [adv]
clearly meridianamente [adv]
clearly característicamente [adv]
clearly claramente [adv]
clearly claro [adv]
clearly descubiertamente [adv]
clearly desengañadamente [adv] disused
clearly obviamente [adv]
clearly claro y raspado [adv] VE
clearly claro y pelado [adv] GT HN NI DO
clearly agudamente [adv]
clearly conocidamente [adv]
clearly desengañadamente [adv]
clearly desnudamente [adv] fig.
clearly desarrebozadamente [adv]
clearly exentamente [adv]
clearly lucidamente [adv]
clearly paladinamente [adv]
clearly rasamente [adv]
clearly patentemente [adv]
clearly redondamente [adv]
clearly visiblemente [adv]
clearly libremente [adv]
clearly abiertamente [adv]
clearly precisamente [adv]
clearly sin reserva [adv]
clearly lejos [adv] CL
clearly sin duda [adv]
clearly a rajatablas [adv] PA
clearly por lejos [adv] CO BO AR UY CL
clearly a la clara [adv]
clearly por lo claro [adv]
clearly al descubierto [adv]
clearly dos dedos del oído [expr] rare
clearly en canto llano [adv]
clearly ¡dígame! [interj] CO:N
clearly con claridad
clearly claramente
clearly sin ambages [adv]
clearly en términos propios
clearly desde luego
clearly a todas luces
clearly evidentemente
clearly evidentemente [adv]

Meanings of "clearly" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 65 result(s)

English Spanish
clearly defined definido [adj]
clearly defined definida [adj/f]
speak clearly aclarar [v]
bright and clearly a primera hora de la mañana [adv]
bright and clearly al alba [adv]
clearly defined path pasarela [f]
(something) to be clearly explained ser claramente explicado (algo) [v]
speak clearly articular [v]
speak clearly vocalizar [v]
speak clearly hablar claramente [v]
speak clearly hablar claro [v]
hear something clearly oír algo con claridad [v]
see something clearly ver algo con claridad [v]
speak clearly hablar con claridad [v]
can't see clearly no poder ver claramente [v]
be understood clearly ser entendido claramente [v]
explain something very clearly and in great detail graficar [v] CR EC PE AR
refuse to see an issue clearly engringolarse [v] PR
stop thinking clearly tararse [v] CU CL AR UY
clearly expressed perspicuo [adj]
clearly expressed perspicua [adj]
clearly enunciated golpeado [adj] MX HN NI CR CO BO CL
not seeing clearly piciego [adj] DO
see clearly and at a distance distinguir [v]
express oneself clearly or vividly exprimir [v] fig.
speaking clearly bienhablado [adj]
any object not clearly seen bulto [m]
speaking clearly bienhablada [adj/f]
tell someone something clearly and bluntly cantar [v]
seeing clearly what most do not con ojos de ver [adv] PE
simply and clearly en buen panameño [adv] PA
explain something to someone clearly darle algo a alguien mascado [v]
speak very clearly hablar como un libro abierto [v]
express oneself clearly hablar en cristiano [v]
express oneself clearly hablar en román paladino [v]
speak clearly hablar en cristiano [v]
speak clearly hablar en román paladino [v]
talk clearly hablar en cristiano [v]
talk clearly hablar en román paladino [v]
be clearly better than or noticeably different from ordinary people or things salirse del montón [v]
defeat someone clearly sobarle el morro a alguien [v]
defeat someone clearly sobarle los morros a alguien [v]
pronounce clearly desanudar la voz [v]
not think clearly andar con los cables pelados [v] GT HN SV NI PE BO CL PY UY
understand something clearly estar chele [v] NI
refuse to see something clearly ponerse en gríngolas [v] PR
say clearly, but rudely and discourteously hablar raspado [v] PR
clearly establish the rules of a game marcar la cancha [v] CR BO UY
see clearly no tener telarañas en las narices [v] BO:W
not understand clearly of distinctly the nature of things tener cataratas [v]
clearly yes la verdad es que sí
I can't see clearly no puedo ver con claridad
say more clearly decírselo a alguien deletreado [v]
show clearly that... indicar claramente que... [v]
to say more clearly para ser más claro
clearly saying dicho claramente
clearly understood entendido
clearly understood comprendido claramente
able to think clearly cabal juicio
clearly and beyond a doubt claramente y más allá de una duda
clearly erroneous evidentemente erróneo
clearly proved claramente demostrado
clearly-numbered claramente numerado
stand out clearly destacarse [v]
clearly stated expreso [adj]