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Spanish English
cuico [adj] CL derog. nosy
cuico [adj] CL relating to the upper social class
cuico [adj] CL derog. excessively curious
cuico [adj] CL derog. meddlesome
cuico [m] CL preppy
cuico [m] CL snob
cuico [m] CL social climber
cuico [m] PA disused person who is blind in one eye (male)
cuico [m] PR cleft lip
cuico [m] CL man of the upper social class that displays the manners of that class at all times
cuico [m] GT HN SV man with one incapacitated hand due to some dysfunction
cuico [m] CL man with fussy or affected customs and behavior
cuico [m] PA disused one-eyed person
cuico [m] EC thin person
cuico [m] SV child or young boy
cuico [m] PR harelip
cuico [m] MX SV derog. male police officer
cuico [m] MX US cop
cuico [m] CL a high-society person who talks and acts in a certain way
cuico CL smart
cuico CL elegant
cuico [m] PR bird with a defective beak, the two parts of which do not fit together when closing the beak but remain crossed one over the other
cuico [m] PR long melon
cuico [m] PR white-flowered gourd
cuico [m] PR suzza melon
cuico [m] PR new guinea bean
cuico [m] PR bottle gourd
cuico [m] PR tasmania bean
cuico [m] PR calabash
cuico [m] PR calabash gourd
cuico [m] PR opo squash

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Spanish English
el cuico [m] MX the policeman