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Meanings of "guindarse" in English Spanish Dictionary : 29 result(s)

Spanish English
guindarse [v] hang oneself
guindarse [v] hang
guindarse [v] get hung up
guindarse [v] be lowered
guindarse [v] fall down
guindarse [v] hang oneself
guindarse [v] CR impose on someone
guindarse [v] CR join someone without an invitation
guindarse [v] PR not pass in exams
guindarse [v] HN SV NI PA CU PR CO:N hang on to something without touching the ground
guindarse [v] VE fight
guindarse [v] HN SV NI PA CU PR CO:N suspend oneself above the ground
guindarse [v] VE throw punches
guindarse [v] hang from/on anything
guindarse [v] be suspended
guindarse [v] MX CA AN CO VE EC CI get hung up
guindarse [v] pop off
guindarse [v] buy the farm
guindarse [v] bite the dust
guindarse [v] GT CR PR cling to something
guindarse [v] CU live off someone
guindarse [v] GT CR PR hang from something
guindarse [v] GT CR PR hang on something
guindarse [v] VE hit one another
guindarse [v] PR hang oneself
guindarse [v] SV jail flee
guindarse [v] SV jail leave
guindarse [v] PR choke oneself
guindarse [v] SV jail escape

Meanings of "guindarse" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 4 result(s)

Spanish English
guindarse a golpes [v] VE come to blows
guindarse a golpes [v] VE get into a fist fight
guindarse a golpes [v] VE fight
guindarse a golpes [v] VE throw punches