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Meanings of "ignorar" in English Spanish Dictionary : 28 result(s)

Spanish English
ignorar [v] disregard
ignorar [v] be unaware
ignorar [v] ignore
ignorar [v] not know
ignorar [v] be ignorant of
ignorar [v] cannot afford to overlook
ignorar [v] not to know
ignorar [v] be unacquainted with
ignorar [v] cold-shoulder
ignorar [v] fall through the cracks
ignorar [v] not give two hoots
ignorar [v] not turn a hair
ignorar [v] scrub round
ignorar [v] play blind man
ignorar [v] send to coventry
ignorar make nothing of
ignorar leave out in the cold
ignorar [v] play down
ignorar [v] put aside
ignorar pass by
ignorar pass over
ignorar [v] blank someone
ignorar [v] pay no mind
ignorar [v] ignore
ignorar [v] override
General Medicine
ignorar [v] unaware of
ignorar [v] override
British Slang
ignorar [v] dingy (scottish)

Meanings of "ignorar" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 44 result(s)

Spanish English
ignorar algo [v] be ignorant of something
ignorar algo [v] be unconscious of something
ignorar a alguien [v] ignore someone
ignorar que [v] be unaware that
ignorar las reglas [v] flout the rules
ignorar a alguien [v] cut somebody dead
ignorar a alguien [v] cut someone dead
ignorar algo deliberadamente [v] close one's eyes to something
ignorar a [v] fly in the face of
ignorar a [v] fly in the teeth of
ignorar a alguien [v] give the cold shoulder to someone
ignorar (algo o a alguien) [v] give the go-by
ignorar a alguien [v] give somebody a cold shoulder
ignorar a alguien [v] give somebody the cold shoulder
ignorar a alguien [v] give someone a blank look
ignorar a alguien [v] give someone a brush off
ignorar a alguien [v] give short shrift to somebody
ignorar a alguien [v] give someone the cold shoulder
ignorar algo [v] be in the dark about
ignorar a alguien [v] not give anyone the time of day
ignorar acerca de [v] not know beans about
ignorar la propia fuerza [v] not know one's own strength
ignorar a alguien [v] put the chill on someone
ignorar a alguien [v] put the freeze on someone
ignorar una persona que necesita ayuda [v] pass by on the other side
ignorar el mal que lo rodea a uno [v] see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
ignorar a alguien [v] send someone to coventry
ignorar a alguien [v] send somebody to coventry
ignorar una agresión [v] turn the other cheek
ignorar un insulto [v] turn the other cheek
ignorar algo [v] shut one's eyes to something
intentar ignorar algo desagradable o ilegal hold one's nose
ignorar a alguien kick in the teeth
ignorar algo [v] leave something aside
ignorar algo (intencionadamente) [v] shrug something off
ignorar algo pass something off
ignorar el hecho blink the fact
ignorar que not to know that
ignorar mis valores existentes ignore my existing settings
ignorar todo ignore all
ignorar cambios [v] discard changes
ignorar cambios [v] discard changes
British Slang
ignorar (a alguien) [v] def (someone) out
ignorar a alguien blank