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Meanings of "machine" in Spanish English Dictionary : 46 result(s)

English Spanish
machine máquina [f]
machine automóvil [m]
machine maquinaria [f]
machine mecánico [adj]
machine aparato [m]
machine instrumento [m]
machine mecánica [adj/f]
machine artefacto [m] derog.
machine coser a máquina [v]
machine hacer con una máquina [v]
machine mecanismo [m]
machine equipo [m]
machine fresar [v]
machine ingenio [m]
machine labrar a máquina [v]
machine máquina [f]
machine trabajar a máquina [v]
machine torno [m]
machine camarilla [f]
machine computadora [f]
machine ordenador [m]
machine bicicleta [f]
machine máquina [f]
machine frentear [v]
machine fresar [v]
machine maquinar [v] MX
machine aeroplano [m]
machine computadora [f]
machine machina [f]
Construction Machinery
machine maquinar [v]
machine trabajar [v]
machine fabricar [v]
machine coser con la máquina [v]
machine labrar [v]
machine mecanizar [v]
machine elaborar a máquina [v]
machine tornear [v]
machine máquina motriz
machine rectificar [v]
machine trabajar a maquina
machine tornear [v]
machine taladrar [v]
machine fresar [v]
machine tornear pulir a máquina [v]
machine pulir a máquina
machine labrar [v]

Meanings of "machine" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
machine gun ametralladora [f]
baling machine embaladora [f]
start (machine) arrancar [v]
work (machine, device) andar [v]
(machine) run andar [v]
(machine) go andar [v]
fog machine nebulizador [m]
model (machine) modelo [m]
coffee machine cafetera [f]
calculating machine calculadora [f]
milking machine ordeñadora [f]
kneading machine amasadora [f]
machine gunner ametralladora [f]
adding machine sumadora [f]
mincing machine picadora [f]
machine-gun pipa [f]
knitting machine tejedora [f]
shearing machine esquiladora [f]
washing machine lavadora [f]
labelling machine etiquetadora [f]
sanding machine lijadora [f]
xerox® machine copiadora [f]
slot machine tragaperras [f]
fruit-machine tragaperras [f]
polishing machine lustradora [f]
cutting-machine cortadora [f]
knitting machine tricotosa [f]
threshing machine trilladora [f]
mincing machine trituradora [f]
crushing machine trituradora [f]
polishing machine pulidora [f]
tunnelling machine tuneladora [f]
washing machine automática [f]
strapping machine flejadora [f]
photocopying machine fotocopiadora [f]
milling machine fresadora [f]
weighing machine báscula [f]
winding machine bobinadora [f]
shredding machine desfibradora [f]
machine-gun ametrallar [v]
work (to operate, run a machine) operar [v]
run (to operate a machine) operar [v]
(machine) perform well responder [v]
machine gunner ametrallador [m]
exercise machine aparato [m]
fitness machine aparato [m]
fax (machine) fax [m]
threshing machine trillo [m]
crushing machine triturador [m]
mincing machine triturador [m]
rowing machine remero [m]
supervise (machine) atender [v]
planting machine sembradora [f]
copy machine copiadora [f]
press (machine) prensa [f]
answering machine contestador [m]
(machine, device) run ir [v]
shaving machine afeitadora [f]
machine for picking up cane alzadora [f] CU
machine gun ametralladora [f]
concrete block machine bloquera [f] HN NI PA CU AR
winding machine bobinadora [f]
chorizo machine choricera [f]
metal cutting machine cizalla [f]
machine-gun ametrallar [v]
machine gun ametrallador [adj]
machine gun ametrallador [m]
machine gunner ametrallador [m]
machine-gunning ametrallamiento [m]
machine to transport bananas andarivel [m] CR
winnower machine aventador [m]
coin minting machine balancín [m]
hoisting machine baritel [m] rare
automatic teller machine cajero [m]
automatic teller machine cajero automático [m]
snow machine cañón de nieve [m]
carding machine carmenador [m]
reaping machine cosechadora [f]
comminution machine trituradora [f]
copying machine multicopista [f]
machine for making churros churrera [f]
sewing machine máquina de coser [f]
ticket stamping machine validadora [f]
vending machine máquina [f]
woodchip making machine astilladora [f]
washing machine lavarropas [f] AR PY UY
machine which tears up objects into smaller pieces trituradora [f]
concrete block machine bloquera [f]
answering machine contestadora [f]
vending machine expendedora [f]
freeze-drying machine liofilizadora [f]
sex machine copuladora [f]
fruit machine tragaperras [f] ES
milking machine/apparatus ordeñadora [f]
wave-making machine máquina de hacer olas [f]
bread making machine máquina de hacer pan [f]
lubrication of certain parts of a machine to smooth its operation and to reduce the friction aceitada [f] GT HN SV NI CR CU DO CO VE EC PE BO AR UY
machine person máquina [f]
beating machine batidora [f]
binding-off machine máquina encuadernadora [f]
beetle machine máquina expendedora de escarabajos en japón [f]
burr machine máquina removedora de asperezas [f]
burr machine lima eléctrica [f]
button sewing machine máquina de coser botones [f]
concrete block-making machine bloquera [f] HN NI PA CU AR
concrete block-making machine bloquera [f]
ice-cream cone making machine barquillera [f] CL
machine with two wooden rollers which is used to tan leather batana [f] HN
machine that lifts large stacks of cane alzadora [f] CU
weaving or spinning machine used to wind the skein or thicken it by winding the thread bolera [f] MX
cigar making machine bonchera [f] HN CU
machine used for manufacturing concrete blocks bloquera [f] HN NI PA CU AR
machine/tool that is dilapidated cacharra [f] CU DO PR CL AR
button machine abrochadora [f] AR UY
machine/tool that is run down cacharra [f] CU DO PR CL AR
dressing machine máquina de preparar de harina [f]
duplex printing machine impresora de doble cara [f]
dry fruit roasting machine máquina para asar fruta seca [f]
electric sewing machine máquina de coser eléctrica [f]
electrical office machine máquina de oficina eléctrica [f]
duplex printing machine máquina de impresión de dos caras [f]
machine for removing weeds/underbrush from a plot of land desmalezadora [f] VE CL PY AR
failure or breakdown of a machine (leaving it unable to perform it's intended function) descompostura [f] MX
machine that flattens and grinds the sugar cane in order to extract the syrup desmenuzadora [f] CU
machine used to cut the horns off a cow from the base desmochadora [f] UY rur.
rock grinding machine chancadora [f] EC
grinding machine chancadora [f] PE BO CL
machine used for grinding chancadora [f] PE BO CL
manual or mechanical machine with rotating blades for cutting weeds and underbrush chapeadora [f] GT HN CR CU EC
useless and dilapidated machine, apparatus, or vehicle charata [f] PY
machine used to remove the pulp from mature coffee beans chancadora [f] CR
machine used to grind rock chancadora [f] EC
wood chipper (machine) chipera [f] CL
hemming machine fileteadora [f] HN CO
machine used to smooth a surface escrepa [f] MX
slot machine flipiadora [f] PR
sugar centrifuge machine centrífuga [f] NI CU rare
sugar centrifuge machine lavadora [f] CU DO PR
machine for grinding yerba mate leaves canchadora [f] AR:Ne
adding and calculating machine máquina de sumar y calcular [f]
adding and calculating machine calculadora [f]
additional machine máquina adicional [f]
hydraulic or mechanical machine used to lift large weights at low height gata caimán [f] BO
hydraulic or mechanical machine used to lift large weights at low height gata hidráulica [f] EC BO CL
hand-held perforating machine guagua [f] CL
coffee vending machine greca [f] DO CO VE EC rare
coffee machine greca [f] DO CO VE EC rare
answering machine contestadora [f] EC CL UY
embroidery machine collareta [f] HN NI
ticket vending machine (bus) cobradora [f] CL
machine used to measure the length and cut the excess of a puro cigar cortadora [f] HN rur.
machine for making cream cremera (inglés) [f] CL
machine head cola de pato [f] HN
anchorage machine máquina perforadora de anclajes [f]
ice machine hielera [f] MX SV EC rur.
sugar centrifuge machine lavadora [f] CU DO PR
washing machine lavarropas [f] BO
kansai machine kansay (de kansay®) [f] HN
fumigation machine jirafa [f] EC:W
factory machine for sewing sleeves, collars, and hems kansay (de kansay®) [f] HN
slot machine maquinita [f] HN CO VE PE BO UY
bundling machine enfajilladora [f] MX
tobacco leaf deveining machine desvenadora [f] HN
starch machine engomadora [f] VE
deveining machine desvenadora [f] HN
hemming machine dobla [f] HN
metal bending machine dobladora [f] BO
crank that turns an object or starts a machine manigueta [f] CO VE disused
crank that turns an object or starts a machine manigueta [f] NI PA CU DO PR
machine that puts soles on shoes entapadora [f] CL
liquid filling machine llenadora [f] EC
filling machine llenadora [f] EC
ultraviolet machine to detect fat máquina de limpieza [f] PR
machine for making slots and tabs in boards machimbradora [f] MX NI PE UY
sewing machine empretinadora [f] HN
grain grinding machine morteadora [f] MX
machine gun metralladora [f] DO
machine gun metratraca [f] HN derog.
machine operator operadora [f] MX NI PA EC BO CL AR
machine gun mounted on a tripod pategallina [f] HN
machine gun pedorra [f] HN
machine-gun fire parada [f] GT
hot dog machine panchera [f] PY AR
wick making machine pabilera [f] PE
overlock stitching machine overlock (inglés) [f] NI CR BO CL UY
wick machine pabilera [f] PE
lever or control to operate a machine or vehicle piola [f] CL
hulling machine piladora [f] MX CR PA CO EC
machine to sew sleeves and neck to a garment recubridora [f] HN CO EC BO
sewing machine recubridora [f] HN CO EC BO
border sewing machine recubridora [f] HN CO EC BO
sewing machine rana [f] SV
snow cone machine raspadillera [f] PE
hook and eye machine presilladora [f] HN
soda machine retresquera [f] CU
machine to dry and toast yerba mate leaves in cylinders heated by fire sapecadora [f] AR:Ne
shotcrete machine shotcretera [f] CL
dough kneading machine sobadora [f] CL AR UY
hem sewing machine sorgeteadora [f] HN
strapping machine sunchadora [f] CL PY AR UY
milking machine vaquera [f] EC rur.
milking machine vaquería [f] DO PR
sewing machine taipera [f] HN
slot machine tragamonedas [f] MX HN SV PR AR UY NI BO CL PY CO EC
threading machine tarraja [f] CU BO PY
washing machine tina [f] HN
bread machine máquina panificadora [f]
bread machine máquina para hacer pan [f]
(the money) be stuck in atm machine atascarse en el cajero (dinero) [v]
(one's card) be swallowed by atm machine tragarse la tarjeta (el cajero) [v]
start (a machine) arrancar [v]
shoot/fire with a machine gun ametrallar [v]
machine stop working agarrotarse [v]
operate a machine manejar una máquina [v]
heap merchandize (referring to a machine) apilonar [v] CU
stop working (machine/mechanism/part of the body) atorarse [v] MX GT HN SV
(for a machine/a business/campaign) to work caminar [v] CU DO PR VE EC PE
break a machine desbaratar [v] MX NI DO CO
break down (machine) desbaratarse [v] MX NI DO
stop working (machine) desbaratarse [v] MX NI DO
take a machine apart in a disordered manner desguabilar [v] HN
remove the pulp from mature coffee beans with a machine chancar (del quechua) [v] CR
consume fuel or electricity, especially in large quantities (machine) halar (francés) [v] SV CU PR
consume fuel or electricity, especially in large quantities (machine) jalar [v] PR
print copies on a mimeograph machine multigrafiar [v] PA VE
sew with a sewing machine ranear [v] SV
manually collect sugar cane cut by machine in a mill repañar [v] EC
referring to a motor, automobile, or machine that runs on alcohol fuel alcoholero [adj] PY
driven by a machine conducido por una máquina [adj]
that clones credit cards/electronic devices (machine/computer program) colonador [adj] SV PE CL
used (apparatus or machine) chabeleado [adj] SV
wood chipper (machine/someone) chipeador [adj] PR CL
prone to fail (machine) fallón [adj] MX GT
prone to break down (machine) fallón [adj] MX GT
subjected to a great effort or output (person, animal, or machine) exigido [adj] HN rur.
used to mix or work with cement or concrete (machine or tool) concretero [adj] CL
painted with an electric spray paint machine al duco [adj] PE
machine-painted al duco [adj] PE
by machine por máquina [adj]
ground effect machine aerodeslizador [m]
flying machine avión [m]
rickety machine or car cacharro [m]
vending machine expendedor [m]
machine language lenguaje máquina [m]
automated teller machine (atm) cajero automático [m]
vending machine vending [m]
machine which dispenses merchandise vending [m]
step machine stepper [m]
machine which spurts out snow over pistes cañón de nieve [m]
automated teller machine redbanc [m] CL
automated teller machine cajero automático [m]
someone that is part machine ciborg [m]
coffee bean powdering machine molinillo de café [m]
coffee bean powdering machine molino de café [m]
answering machine (device) contestador automático [m]
dictation machine dictáfono [m]
machine language lenguaje de máquina [m]
a kind of machine gun cañón gatling [m]
seeding machine sembrador [m]
washing machine lavarropas [m]
karaoke machine karaoke [m]
sex machine copulador [m]
fruit machine tragamonedas [m]
slot machine tragamonedas [m]
slot machine tragaperras [m]
milking machine/apparatus ordeñador [m]
bubble machine máquina de burbujas [m]
machine used to serrate wood aserradero [m] EC
tanning leather machine operator bataneador [m] HN
man in charge of the tanning leather machine bataneador [m] HN
sugar cane grinder machine batidor eléctrico [m] PR
(sugar industry) a machine that applies heat to the liquid leaving the sugar cane mill calentador [m] CU
automated teller machine cajero activo [m] HN
automated teller machine cajero dinámico [m] HN
automated teller machine cajero dominical [m] HN
automated teller machine cajero expreso [m] HN NI DO
automated teller machine cajero diferido [m] HN EC
machine to treat leather (tannery) bombo [m] HN
machine used to transport fruit to be washed (banana export industry) andarivel [m] CR
large machine animalón [m] GT HN CL
button machine abrochador [m] AR
a hydraulic excavating machine that consists of a tractor with a hinged boom attached, and a bucket with movable jaws on the end of the boom bajop [m] CR
ak-47 machine gun chivo [m] HN teen delinq.
checker machine chequeador [m] CL
machine and rings used to measure the thickness of a puro cigar cepillo [m] HN
additional machine aparato adicional [m]
signature machine gomígrafo [m] CU DO
ticket vending machine (bus) cobrador automático [m] CL
answer machine contestador automático [m]
washing machine lavarropa [m] BO AR UY
washing machine lavarropas [m] AR UY
machine stitching despunte [m] DO BO
machine sewing of an article of clothing despunte [m] DO BO
tobacco cutter machine machete [m] CU
mimeograph machine multígrafo [m] VE
machine operator operador [m] MX NI PA EC BO CL AR
wick making machine technician pabilero [m] PE
discharge chute of a coffee depulping machine palacio [m] GT rur.
wick machine technician pabilero [m] PE
copy machine policopiador [m] BO disused
copy machine policopista [m] GT BO
worker who collects the sugar cane cut from a cane-cutting machine recogedor [m] PR rur.
manual collection of sugar cane cut by machine in a mill repañe [m] EC
clock card machine reloj checador [m] MX CL
clock card machine reloj chequeador [m] CL
gaming machine store tilín [m] BO
yoke sewing machine yuki (inglés yoke) [m] HN
slot machine traganíquel [m] EC rare
slot machine traganíquel [m] PA
slot machine traganíquel [m] CU disused
machine head transporte [m] BO AR UY
tunnel boring machine topo [m] EC CL
someone that acts like a machine or robot autómata [m/f]
washing machine lavarropa [m/f] PY
washing machine lavarropas [m/f] PY
expert worker in using a sewing machine singerista (de singer®) [m/f] CL
(the money) be stuck in atm machine atascarse en el cajero (dinero) [n]
(one's card) be swallowed by atm machine tragarse la tarjeta (el cajero) [n]
slot machine traganíqueles [m/pl] PR
slot machine maquinitas [f/pl] SV
automated teller machine cajero automático [abrev]
target machine máquina objeto
numbering machine máquina foliadora
postage machine máquina de franqueo
numbering machine máquina numeradora
numbering-machine máquina de numerar
cash machine cajero automático
useless machine máquina inútile
the quality of a machine inteligencia artificial
time machine (device) máquina del tiempo
simple machine (device) máquina simple
machine tool máquina herramienta
machine translation traducción automática
turing machine máquina de turing
vending machine máquina expendedora
woodchip making machine trituradora de madera
rube goldberg machine máquina de rube goldberg
sewing machine (device) máquina de coser
vending machine distribuidor automático
machine which dispenses merchandise distribuidor automático
slot machine máquina automática (de bebida/cigarrillo)
fruit machine [uk] máquina tragaperras
answering machine con testador automático
atm (automatic teller machine) cajero automático
change machine máquina de cambio
sewing machine máquina de coser
slot machine máquina tragaperras
vending machine máquina de venta
automated teller machine cajero automático
machine operator operario de máquina
machine-gun ametralladora [f]
planing-machine acepilladora [f] disused
sausage-machine choricera [f]
road-sweeping machine barredera [f]
milling machine corredera [f]
washing machine coladora [f]
carding-machine diabla [f]
glass-making machine cristalera [f]
cultivating machine cultivadora [f]
cardboard-cutting machine guillotina [f]
corking machine encorchadora [f]
granulating machine granuladora [f]
hoisting machine grúa [f]
ancient military machine grúa [f]
washing machine lavadora mecánica [f] disused
part (a machine) pieza [f]
cloth plate of a sewing machine plancha [f]
folding machine plegadora [f]
reaping-machine rastra [f]
crushing machine triturador [f]
cloth-shearing machine tundidora [f]
drilling-machine taladradora [f]
mowing machine segadora [f]
sowing machine sembradera [f]
planter (person/machine) plantadora [f]
disconnect (machine) desarticular [v]
race (as a machine) dispararse [v]
start a hand machine/apparatus cebar [v]
set (a machine) montar [v]
disconnect (machine) desconectar (máquina) [v]
machine-made/operated mecánico [adj]
calculating machine aritmómetro [m]
unwieldy machine armatoste [m]
machine for making briquettes aglomerador [m]
duplicating machine autocopista [m]
wringing machine desengrasador [m]
machine for drying and bleaching linen azufrador [m]
bolting-machine cernedor [m]
engraving machine calcógrafo [m]
part of telegraph receiving machine which translates the signal emitted combinador [m]
comber (workman/machine) carmenador [m]
carding-engine/machine carmenador [m]
duplicator (machine) duplicador [m]
cave of a baking machine infierno [m]
manager of a party machine gamonal [m] CAM SA
reaping machine encabezador [m]
mowing machine guadañador [m]
numbering machine numerador [m]
crushing-machine pulverizador [m]
crushing machine quebrantador [m]
planter (person/machine) plantador [m]
machine twist torzal [m]
flywheel of a machine volante [m]
stamping-machine timbrador [m]
machine-made/operated mecánica [adj/f]
combing-machine máquina de peinar [f]
folding machine máquina de plegar [f]
folding machine plegadora mecánica [f]
knitting machine máquina para hacer punto [f]
mowing machine segadora mecánica [f]
penny-in-the-slot machine tragaperras [f]
reaping-machine segadora [f]
sewing-machine máquina de coser [f]
refrigerating machine máquina de hacer hielo [f]
washing-machine lavadora [f]
tape-machine máquina de cinta magnética [f]
shearing-machine esquiladora mecánica [f]
teasling machine máquina de cardar paño [f]
weighing-machine romana [f]
weighing-machine balanza [f]
ruling-machine máquina para rayar [f]
thrashing-machine trilladora [f]
weighing-machine báscula [f]
machine-made hecho a máquina [adj]
machine-gun cañón automático [m]
talking machine fonógrafo [m]
talking machine gramófono [m]
tape-machine telégrafo [m]
weighing-machine balancín [m]
thrashing-machine trillo [m]
slot-machine expendedor [m]
hydraulic or mechanical machine used to lift large weights at low height gata [f] HN SV NI CR PR EC PE BO CL
crushing machine chancadora [f] EC PE BO CL
threshing machine rudder cambizo [m] ES local
aerial machine avión [m]
without the use of a machine a mano [adv]
slot machine traga pisto [f] SV
abuse an object or machine dar como caja [v] CL
use an object/machine for an extended period of time (subjecting it to wear) dar como caja [v] CL
use an object/machine for an extended period of time (subjecting it to wear) dar como guasca [v] CL
use an object/machine for an extended period of time (subjecting it to wear) dar como huasca [v] CU
use an object/machine for an extended period of time (subjecting it to wear) dar duro [v] CL
use a sewing machine volar máquina [v] GT
robbery involving pulling an atm machine out of the wall robo con arrastre [m] CL delinq.
a cog in the machine uno del montón
a cog in the machine eslabón
a cog in the machine una pieza en la máquina
a cog in the machine baza fundamental
a cog in the machine una pieza del mecanismo
a cog in the machine contribución
a cog in the machine un engranaje en la maquinaria
a cog in the machine parte fundamental
killing machine máquina de destrucción
be a cog in the machine ser un engranaje más de la maquinaria
be a cog in the machine ser uno del montón
cog in the machine una pieza más en el engranaje
cog in the machine engranaje de la máquina
run the machine manejar la máquina
machine gun metraca [f] PE
exercise on a rowing machine remar en seco [v]
disconnect an appliance/machine desenchuchar [v] CU PY
sew buy hand or using a sewing machine costurear [v] PY AR
defected (machine) fallo [adj] DO PR
subjected to a great effort or output (person, animal, or machine) exigido [adj] AR UY
pinball machine flipper (inglés) [m]
repair made to some machine by someone without professional knowledge/experience cacharreo [m] CU
cash point machine [uk] cajero automático
fruit machine [uk] maquinas traga perras
slot machine [us] maquinas traga perras
drum machine caja de ritmos
pinball machine máquina de bolas
cigarette machine máquina de tabaco
this machine is functionally top esta máquina es la mejor de su tipo
machine gun matraca [f]
destroy or damage (a machine) cagar  [v] AR
fuck machine máquina de fornicar
service (of machine) revisión [f]
accounting machine tabuladora [f]
grinding machine rectificadora [f]
accounting machine calculadora [f]
machine readable legible por máquina [adj]
machine-made hecho a máquina [adj]
machine-readable legible por máquina [adj]
dictating machine dictáfono [m]
(of machine) operation funcionamiento [m]
answering machine contestador [m]
accounting machine máquina contable
book sewing machine cosedora de libros
machine shop taller mecánico
production machine máquina de producción
accounting machine máquina contabilizadora
bookkeeping machine máquina de contabilidad
machine shop taller de máquinas
accounting machine máquina calculadora
automatic teller machine cajero electrónico
franking machine máquina flanqueadora
invoicing machine máquina facturadora
change machine máquina de cambio
office machine operator operador de máquinas de
machine-made hecho a máquina