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Meanings of "muddy" in Spanish English Dictionary : 81 result(s)

English Spanish
muddy turbio [adj]
muddy enturbiar [v]
muddy embarrado [adj]
muddy cenagoso [adj]
muddy encenagado [adj]
muddy cienoso [adj]
muddy limoso [adj]
muddy lodoso [adj]
muddy fangoso [adj]
muddy barroso [adj]
muddy zurraposo [adj]
muddy embarrada [adj/f]
muddy cenagosa [adj/f]
muddy encenagada [adj/f]
muddy cienosa [adj/f]
muddy limosa [adj/f]
muddy lodosa [adj/f]
muddy fangosa [adj/f]
muddy turbia [adj/f]
muddy barrosa [adj/f]
muddy zurraposa [adj/f]
muddy embarrar [v]
muddy barrar [v]
muddy barrealoso [adj] SV
muddy barrioso [adj] disused
muddy barroso [adj]
muddy terroso [adj]
muddy pantanoso [adj]
muddy lleno de barro [adj]
muddy barroso [adj] HN
muddy barroso [adj] HN
muddy barrialoso [adj] SV CR VE
muddy chilatoso [adj] SV
muddy cenegoso [adj] CL rare
muddy cenegoso [adj] NI CO PE BO
muddy guadaloso [adj] AR
muddy guadaloso [adj] AR:Nw rur.
muddy embarrealado [adj] CR
muddy embarrealado [adj] CR
muddy embarrialado [adj] VE
muddy llena de barro [adj/f]
muddy barrosa [adj/f] HN
muddy barrosa [adj/f] HN
muddy barrialosa [adj/f] SV CR VE
muddy borroso [adj]
muddy lamoso [adj]
muddy lúteo [adj]
muddy túrbido [adj]
muddy turbulento [adj]
muddy lamosa [adj/f]
muddy lútea [adj/f]
muddy túrbida [adj/f]
muddy turbulenta [adj/f]
muddy borrosa [adj/f]
muddy ensuciar [v]
muddy manchar [v]
muddy encenagar [v]
muddy empantanar [v]
muddy entontecer [v]
muddy turbar [v]
muddy oscurecer [v]
muddy enturbiado [adj]
muddy confuso [adj]
muddy tonto [adj]
muddy tonta [adj/f]
muddy confusa [adj/f]
muddy enturbiada [adj/f]
muddy cascarriento [adj] SCN
muddy cenegoso [adj] EC
muddy espeso [adj]
muddy lodoso [adj]
muddy limoso [adj]
muddy fangoso [adj]
muddy barroso [adj]
muddy barroso [adj]
muddy fangoso [adj]
muddy enfangado [adj]
muddy enfangada [adj/f]
muddy fangoso [adj]
muddy limoso [adj]
muddy sucio [adj]

Meanings of "muddy" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 87 result(s)

English Spanish
get muddy encenagarse [v]
get muddy enfangarse [v]
get muddy enlodarse [v]
get muddy enturbiarse [v]
muddy area barreal [m]
muddy place barreal [m]
muddy area barrero [m]
muddy place barrero [m]
muddy area barrial [m] GT NI CR CU CO VE PE BO PY CL AR
muddy place barrial [m] GT NI CR CU CO VE PE BO PY CL AR
muddy area barrizal [m]
muddy place barrizal [m]
muddy plot of land bodonal [m]
muddy terrain barrosa  [f] VE
muddy plot of land changua [f] PA rur.
footprint left by cattle on muddy ground sarteneja [f] MX
get muddy enlodar [v]
become muddy alborotarse [v] PR
become muddy volverse cenagoso [v]
get muddy embabacharse [v] PR
get muddy embacharse [v] PR
get muddy embarrealar [v] CR
get muddy embarrealarse [v] CR
get muddy embarrialarse [v] CR
get muddy enñangarse [v] HN
get muddy entacotarse [v] HN
get muddy encenegarse [v] MX DO
muddy (plot of land) chahuitoso [adj] MX GT
muddy (liquid) chocolatoso [adj] MX HN CR PR
muddy (coffee/drink) chingastoso [adj] HN NI
muddy ground barrizal [m]
muddy land babote [m] PR
flooded and muddy plot of land chagüital [m] HN CR
flooded and muddy plot of land chagüite (del náhuatl) [m] CR rare
flooded and muddy plot of land chagüite (del náhuatl) [m] MX GT HN SV
muddy plot of land changual [m] PA rur.
muddy plot of land changualú [m] PA rur.
muddy plot of land changuazal [m] PA
muddy plot of land changuatal [m] PA
poor neighborhood, particularly one built in a swampy or muddy area fanguito [m] PR
muddy area guadal [m] AR UY
muddy area guadal [m] AR:N UY rur.
muddy place lapachero [m] PR
muddy area lapachero [m] PR
muddy and sticky clay abundant in the yucatan calcareous lands kancab [m] MX:Se
muddy land mogo [m] SV
muddy land medanal [m] AR:Nw
muddy land oconal [m] PE:Se
deep well-drained soil on top of a rocky muddy flow xay [m] MX disused rur.
deep well-drained soil on top of a rocky muddy flow xayá [m] GT disused rur.
small current of muddy water tepinte [m] SV
muddy water agua turbia [f]
make muddy/turbid enturbiar [v]
become muddy (water) enturbiarse [v]
muddy place chapatal [m]
muddy spot barrial [m] disused
muddy place barrizal [m]
muddy place lodachar [m] rare
muddy place lodazal [m]
muddy place lodazar [m] rare
muddy the waters hacer del agua lodo [v] HN NI
muddy the waters ensuciar la cancha [v] UY
muddy the waters embarrar la cancha [v] UY
muddy the waters embarrar la cancha [v] BO AR
muddy the waters menear el piso [v] MX NI
muddy the waters menear el tapete [v] MX
muddy the water enturbiar el agua
muddy the waters aportar confusión
muddy mind mente turbia
muddy something up enlodar algo [v]
muddy something up confundir algo [v]
muddy up enturbiar [v]
muddy something up enturbiar algo [v]
a muddy, marshy water aguacha [f]
run through muddy places patullar [v]
get muddy all over ponerlo todo perdido de barro [v]
muddy with excessive water (plot of land) chagüitoso [adj] GT HN SV NI
muddy water chilate [m] HN
be muddy haber iodo [v]
become muddy enlodarse [v]
muddy sand arena política
Marine Biology
muddy auger torrecilla de fango
muddy ground chapatal [m]
muddy water agua turbia
muddy bottom fondo fangoso
muddy ground fondo fangoso
Olive Oil Terms
muddy sediment borras [f/pl]