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Meanings of "skins" in Spanish English Dictionary : 3 result(s)

English Spanish
skins corambre [f]
skins pieles [f/pl]
British Slang
skins papel de fumar

Meanings of "skins" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 42 result(s)

English Spanish
mix made to tan skins or to give shine to fabrics adobo [m]
tanning of skins curtiembre [f] HN NI CR PA CL PY
establishment where skins are tanned curtiembre [f] NI PA CO VE EC PE BO CL AR UY
process of treating leather, from the skinning of dead cattle to the tanning and sun and air drying of the skins corambre [f] UY disused rur.
pertaining to hunting and trafficking otter skins nutriero [adj] CL:S
person who kills and skins cattle in the slaughterhouse degüellador [m] VE:W
blanket made of guanaco skins quillango [m] AR
hides and skins of animals corambre [f]
skins of pressed olives hojuela [f]
house/shop where skins are dressed and sold pellejería [f]
collection of wild beast's skins salvajina [f]
a bale of skins for shoe-soles solería [f]
stick for cleaning wine-skins regaladora [f]
dealer in kid-skins cabritera [f]
soak skins in limewater apelambrar [v]
moisten skins with water abrevar [v]
dress skins like chamois leather agamuzar [v]
dress skins with herbs herbar [v]
cover/line with skins empellejar [v]
sun-dry skins estacar [v] CO CL HN VE
relating to the skins of deer gamuno [adj]
dealer in kid-skins cabritero [m]
instrument used for scraping skins debo [m]
dealer in hides and skins corambrero [m]
stick for cleaning wine-skins regalador [m]
dress made of skins/furs pellico [m]
dressed marten skins martas [f/pl]
relating to the skins of deer gamuna [adj/f]
woman who skins cattle cuereadora [f] AR:Nw rur.
man who skins cattle cuereador [m] AR:Nw rur.
veal skins vaquillonas [f/pl]
fermentation on skins vinificación en tinto
drying (of skins) secado [adj]
flight skins gratificación de vuelo
hides and skins cueros y pieles
Animal Husbandry
raw hides and skins pieles y cueros brutos
Wildlife Management
launder skins blanqueo de pieles [v]
tagging of skins etiquetado de pieles
launder the skins legalizar las pieles
universal tagging system for the identification of crocodilian skins sistema universal de marcado para identificar pieles de cocodrilitos
register of traders in crocodilian skins registro de comerciantes de pieles de cocodrílidos
American Football
red skins (washington) los pieles rojas