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smell bad

Meanings of "smell bad" in Spanish English Dictionary : 22 result(s)

English Spanish
smell bad heder [v]
smell bad husmear [v]
smell bad corromper [v]
smell bad oler mal [v]
smell bad jeremiar [v] HN teen
smell bad jier [v] PR
smell bad oler a león [v]
smell bad oler a demonios [v]
smell bad oler feo [v]
smell bad olera chotuno [v]
smell bad oler a perros muertos [v]
smell bad oler a rayos [v]
smell bad oler a tigre [v]
smell bad oler a chotuno [v]
smell bad oler a humanidad [v]
smell bad oler a cojón de oso [v] CU
smell bad oler a chivo [v] MX PA
smell bad oler a chivo correteado [v] MX
smell bad oler a bacalao [v] VE
smell bad funguelar [v]
smell bad estar abombado [v]
smell bad cantar [v]

Meanings of "smell bad" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 20 result(s)

English Spanish
bad smell hediondez [f]
bad smell juquencia [f] HN
go bad and smell (especially food) chuquearse [v] HN
have a bad smell voltear [v] AR UY
smell very bad voltear [v] AR UY
bad smell olor a morgue [m] CL
bad smell queabos [m] BO
bad smell olor que voltea [n] CL AR UY
exclamation at bad smell ipu! [interj]
smell bad (raising the arm/taking off the jacket) dar un aletazo [v] PR
person or thing that has a very bad smell pata juca [m/f] HN
you smell bad hueles mal
unpleasant and annoying thing that gives off a bad smell jediondera [f] NI CO derog.
bad smell patada [f] SV NI CR
bad foot smell sicote [m]
bad smell berrinche [m] VE
bad smell olor a rodilla [m] CL
bad smell baranda [f] AR UY
smell bad when one lifts their arm or takes off their jacket dar un aletazo [v] PR
bad smell hedor [m]