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Meanings of "weary" in Spanish English Dictionary : 72 result(s)

English Spanish
weary cansarse [v]
weary cansar [v]
weary cansado [adj]
weary hastiar [v]
weary aburrir [v]
weary aquejar [v]
weary despernado [adj]
weary cansino [adj]
weary fatigado [adj]
weary despeado [adj]
weary despernada [adj/f]
weary cansada [adj/f]
weary cansina [adj/f]
weary fatigada [adj/f]
weary despeada [adj/f]
weary cansado [adj]
weary cansino [adj]
weary empalagar [v]
weary apurar [v]
weary ajetrearse [v]
weary aplastarse [v]
weary aperrear [v]
weary aplatanarse [v]
weary atediar [v]
weary agotado [adj]
weary liquidado [adj] CU
weary jorro [adj] PA
weary abrumar [v]
weary brumar [v]
weary fastidiarse [v]
weary fatigar [v]
weary moler [v]
weary ainado [adj]
weary aborrecido [adj]
weary abrumado [adj]
weary aburrido [adj]
weary laso [adj]
weary trabajado [adj]
weary aborrecida [adj/f]
weary abrumada [adj/f]
weary aburrida [adj/f]
weary ainada [adj/f]
weary lasa [adj/f]
weary trabajada [adj/f]
weary molestar [v]
weary enfadar [v]
weary molido [adj]
weary rendido [adj]
weary hastiado [adj]
weary enfadoso [adj]
weary fastidioso [adj]
weary fastidiado [adj]
weary molida [adj/f]
weary rendida [adj/f]
weary hastiada [adj/f]
weary fastidiada [adj/f]
weary enfadosa [adj/f]
weary fastidiosa [adj/f]
weary estar muerto de sueño [v]
weary caerse de sueño [v]
weary hasta la remaceta [adj] PE
weary estar hecho cisco [v]
weary estar hecho papilla [v]
weary caerse de cansancio [v]
weary caerse de sueño [v]
weary quedar hecho cisco [v]
weary estar muerto [v]
weary estar muerto de cansancio [v]
weary amolar [v]
weary con la lengua afuera
weary con la lengua fuera
weary resingado [adj] CU

Meanings of "weary" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 40 result(s)

English Spanish
get utterly weary aspearse [v]
get weary fatigarse [v]
grow weary cansarse [v]
become weary cansarse [v]
make weary cansar [v]
be weary of doing something estar cansado de hacer algo [v]
be weary of something estar cansado de algo [v]
be weary doler el alma [v]
be weary of desconfiar de [v]
weary breathing accompanied by a whistling snore jipar [v] DO
battle weary desgastado [adj]
battle weary agotado [adj]
battle weary cansado [adj]
weary attitude amojonamiento [m] PR
weary breathing accompanied by a whistling snore jipido [m] CU
weary breathing accompanied by a whistling snore jipío [m] CU
become weary aborrecerse [v]
weary of aburrirse [v]
grow weary cansarse [v]
be too weary estar hecho una pavesa [v]
be weary of life perder el interés por la vida [v]
become weary of perder la paciencia
foolish head weary feet quien no tiene cabeza, tiene pies
weary with cansar con algo (a alguien) [v]
weary with fatigar con algo (a alguien) [v]
weary with hastiar con algo (a alguien) [v]
weary of estar aburrido de [v]
weary of estar cansado de [v]
weary with cansar (a alguien) con (algo) [v]
weary of agotado
weary of cansado
weary of fatigado
grow weary estar muerto de cansancio [v]
grow weary quedar hecho cisco [v]
grow weary estar hecho papilla [v]
grow weary caerse de cansancio [v]
grow weary caerse de sueño [v]
grow weary estar hecho cisco [v]
grow weary estar muerto [v]
war weary airplane aeroplano no operativo