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wide-brimmed hat


Meanings of "wide-brimmed hat" in Spanish English Dictionary : 4 result(s)

English Spanish
wide-brimmed hat pamela [f]
wide-brimmed hat sombrero alón [m] BO:S,Ne rur.
wide-brimmed hat sombrero alón [m] CU CO AR CL disused
wide-brimmed hat guarapón [m] CL

Meanings of "wide-brimmed hat" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 21 result(s)

English Spanish
a type of wide-brimmed hat capellina [f]
wide brimmed straw hat for women capelina [f] PY AR UY
wide brimmed straw hat for women capelina [f] CL rare
wide-brimmed straw hat chupaya [f] AR:Nw
wide-brimmed straw hat corrosca [f] CO:C,N
wide-brimmed peasant hat made of palm fiber pava [f] DO PR
wide-brimmed (hat) alerudo [adj] HN
wide-brimmed (hat) aludo [adj] HN NI AR UY
wide-brimmed (hat) alón [adj] PA CU CO VE EC BO
wide-brimmed (hat) alón [adj] UY rare
wide-brimmed (hat) vividor [adj] HN
with wide brimmed hat charrudo [adj] HN SV
wide brimmed hat vividor [adj] HN
wide-brimmed hat used in the field guarapón [m] PE BO CL AR rare
wide brimmed hat conchudo [m] HN
wide-brimmed hat woven with tender leaves of some palm trees cogollo [m] VE
wide-brimmed hat used in the sun sombrero de cogollo [m] VE
wide-brimmed palm hat sombrero jíbaro [m] PR
wide-brimmed hat made with black and white braided fibers sombrero vueltiao [m] CO
wide-brimmed hat with a low crown charra [f] GT HN SV NI
wide-brimmed (hat) faldón [adj] EC:S