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Significados de "abombarse" en diccionario inglés español : 50 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
abombarse [v] PY DO PR CO VE decompose
abombarse [v] be bewildered
abombarse [v] be confused
abombarse [v] be disoriented
abombarse [v] be stunned
abombarse [v] be shocked
abombarse [v] be stupefied
abombarse [v] start to go bad
abombarse [v] start to spoil
abombarse [v] AL NI get tipsy
abombarse [v] AL NI get drunk
abombarse [v] AR be bewildered
abombarse [v] AR be confused
abombarse [v] AR be disoriented
abombarse [v] AR be stunned
abombarse [v] AR be shocked
abombarse [v] AR be stupefied
abombarse [v] become convex
abombarse [v] bulge
abombarse [v] get drunk
abombarse [v] go off
abombarse [v] become bent
abombarse [v] rot
abombarse [v] decompose
abombarse [v] LAM get sloshed
abombarse [v] BO CL PY feel weakness
abombarse [v] CO:N go bad
abombarse [v] EC rare go bad
abombarse [v] PA DO PR VE go bad
abombarse [v] NI PA PR VE AR UY start to go bad
abombarse [v] CO:N smell musty after washing and drying (clothing)
abombarse [v] PR smell musty after washing and drying (clothing)
abombarse [v] BO CL PY be confused
abombarse [v] CO:N start to go bad due to fermentation
abombarse [v] HN NI become swollen
abombarse [v] NI become drunk
abombarse [v] PR AR UY VE PA NI tainted
abombarse [v] PR AR UY VE PA NI approaching putrefaction
abombarse [v] AR UY EC feel weakness
abombarse [v] AR UY EC be confused
abombarse [v] PA EC make someone feel bored
abombarse [v] EC feel bored
abombarse [v] buckle
abombarse [v] bulge
abombarse [v] warp
abombarse [v] bulge
abombarse [v] mushroom
abombarse [v] bulge
abombarse [v] warp
abombarse [v] mushroom

Significados de "abombarse" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 2 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
abombarse (cabello) frizz up
abombarse (cabello) puff out