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Significados de "corretear" en diccionario inglés español : 36 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
corretear [v] run about
corretear [v] loiter
corretear [v] run around
corretear [v] romp
corretear [v] wander
corretear [v] LAM chase
corretear [v] LAM persecute
corretear [v] scamper
corretear [v] patter
corretear [v] run about for play
corretear [v] CU manage something
corretear [v] PR go out partying
corretear [v] AR UY sell items of one or several types at wholesale prices by buying from several retailers
corretear [v] CU arrange something
corretear [v] MX GT HN NI CU EC PE AR:Nw SV EC BO CL harass
corretear [v] PR have a good time
corretear [v] GT CL drive a away a person or animal from a place
corretear [v] MX GT HN NI CU EC PE AR:Nw SV EC BO CL pester
corretear [v] MX GT HN NI CU EC PE AR:Nw SV EC BO CL chase
corretear [v] rove
corretear [v] ramble
corretear [v] walk the streets
corretear [v] jaunt
corretear [v] gad about
corretear [v] course
corretear [v] flirt
corretear [v] gad
corretear [v] lounge
corretear [v] troll
corretear [v] tramp
corretear [v] scour
corretear [v] MX HN NI PE BO CL chase
corretear bucket along
corretear [v] run around
corretear [v] gadding about
corretear [v] AR UY visit businesses to make sales

Significados de "corretear" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 2 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
corretear de aquí para allá [v] run around
corretear de aquí para allá atrás de alguien [v] run around after someone