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Significados de "diminish" en diccionario español inglés : 88 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
diminish ceder [v]
diminish menguar [v]
diminish mermar [v]
diminish decrecer [v]
diminish disminuir [v]
diminish paliar [v]
diminish minorar [v]
diminish ablandar [v]
diminish ablandarse [v]
diminish achicar [v]
diminish amenguar [v]
diminish amenorar [v]
diminish aminorar [v]
diminish caer [v]
diminish cedacear [v]
diminish cegar [v]
diminish cifrar [v]
diminish colapsarse [v]
diminish decrecer [v]
diminish degradar [v]
diminish descolmar [v]
diminish deshacer [v]
diminish diluir [v]
diminish disminuir [v]
diminish enfriar [v]
diminish esfumarse [v]
diminish frisar [v]
diminish menguar [v]
diminish menoscabar [v]
diminish minorar [v]
diminish parvificar [v]
diminish mermarse [v]
diminish apagarse [v]
diminish aliviarse [v]
diminish cercenar [v]
diminish menoscabar [v]
diminish minimizar [v]
diminish remitir [v]
diminish diminuir [v]
diminish diminuirse [v]
diminish disminuirse [v]
diminish amainarse [v]
diminish menguar [v]
diminish minorarse [v]
diminish acabarse [v]
diminish atenuar [v]
diminish anonadar [v]
diminish bajar [v]
diminish deshacer [v]
diminish desmenguar [v]
diminish circuncidar [v]
diminish declinar [v]
diminish descolmar [v]
diminish descontar [v]
diminish extenuar [v]
diminish empequeñecer [v]
diminish reformar [v]
diminish quebrantar [v]
diminish quedarse [v]
diminish rebajar [v]
diminish reducir [v]
diminish trasquilar [v]
diminish acortar [v]
diminish debilitarse [v]
diminish debilitar [v]
diminish degenerar [v]
diminish achiquitar [v] GT HN DO CO
diminish acorzar [v] ARA
diminish amenorgar [v] rare
diminish apabilarse [v] disused
diminish descrecer [v] rare
diminish desmenguar [v] rare
diminish diminuecer [v] disused
diminish diminuir [v] disused
diminish evacuar [v] disused
diminish menorar [v] disused
diminish ir en disminución [v]
diminish capar [v]
diminish caer [v]
diminish disminuir [v]
diminish mermar [v]
diminish minorar [v]
diminish decaer [v]
diminish decaer [v]
diminish caer [v]
diminish disminuir de diámetro [v]
diminish ir a menos [v]
diminish debilitar [v]

Significados de "diminish" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 27 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
diminish in strength desbravar [v]
diminish gradually estrecharse [v]
diminish the reputation of arruinar la reputación [v]
diminish the reputation of difamar [v]
diminish one's income capar [v]
diminish the tare allowed in weighing something destarar [v]
diminish the value of a thing desvalorizar [v]
remove/diminish ugliness desafear [v]
lessen/diminish substance desainar [v]
diminish in strength desbravar [v]
remove/diminish congestion descongestionar [v]
diminish (friendship) quebrar (una amistad) [v]
diminish further things taxed resisar [v]
diminish (friendship) romper (una amistad) [v]
diminish (friendship) distanciarse (de alguien) [v]
diminish one's income disminuir los ingresos [v]
diminish in strength desbravecer [v]
diminish the intrinsic value of anything desquilatar [v] fig.
to diminish diminuir [v] disused
diminish the cultural level of a country, a society or an institution achatarse [v] AR UY
diminish the words or actions of another aportillar [v] CL
diminish the value of something desmonetizar [v] PR BO PY AR rare
reduce or diminish the quantity of something in excess desvengar [v] PE:Nw rare
diminish the intrinsic value of desquilatar [v] rare
diminish the intrinsic value of gold desquilatar [v] disused
diminish one's authority capar [v]
diminish oneself by timidity or servility abajarse [v] EC