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Significados de "graze" en diccionario español inglés : 58 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
graze rozar [v]
graze pastar [v]
graze pacer [v]
graze ramonear [v]
graze abrasión [f]
graze rozadura [f]
graze erosión [f]
graze herbajar [v]
graze herbajear [v]
graze pastear [v]
graze pastorear [v]
graze lamer [v]
graze excoriar [v]
graze raer [v]
graze rasar [v]
graze besar [v]
graze zacatear [v]
graze roce [m]
graze raspón [m]
graze apacentarse [v]
graze tascar [v]
graze agostar [v]
graze raspadura [f]
graze rozarse [v]
graze raspar [v]
graze rasguñar [v]
graze arañar [v]
graze rasguñar (la piel/la rodilla) [v]
graze pacer en [v]
graze pastar en [v]
graze rasear [v]
graze chimar [v] CR
graze raspillar [v] CL
graze ramajear [v] DO
graze rasguño [m]
graze chaspón [m] SV rare rur.
graze guayazo [m] DO PR
graze llegue [m] GT
graze pelón [m] SV
graze rasguñón [m] MX HN NI PR CL
graze tocar ligeramente [v]
graze llevar al campo [v]
graze pasar rozando [v]
graze dar pienso/hierba/forraje [v]
graze pasar volando [v]
graze pasto [m]
graze rozamiento [m]
graze apacentamiento [m]
graze acción de rozar
graze rochar (inglés rush) [v] PA
graze rebote [m]
graze rasponazo
graze abrasión [f]
Nursing Terms
graze herida por rozadura [n]
graze rebotar [v]
graze apacentar (dar pasto) [v]
graze apacentarse (el ganado) [v]
Animal Husbandry
graze verdear [v] AR rur.

Significados de "graze" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 34 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
graze a knight's armor with a lance barrear [v]
put flocks to graze herbajar [v]
lead cattle to graze pastar [v]
graze by night (horses) yacer [v]
put flocks to graze herbajear [v]
spot where cattle graze in summer veranero [m]
boy who leads horses to graze by night yacedor [m]
let livestock graze in a pasture acoger [v] disused
surface erosion/wound caused in the body by a graze or a small hit astilladura [f] MX
place where donkeys frequently graze burrera [f] HN rur.
shepherd who after paying a fee, takes her cattle to another's field to graze pastajera [f] AR:Nw
put to graze apacentar [v]
graze in the stubble rastrojear [v]
graze animals gramear [v] BO:E rur.
graze cattle pastear [v] PE BO PY
put out to graze repastar [v] NI
put out to graze a second time repelar [v] MX rur.
graze an object in the air zumbar [v] UY
taking his herd to graze on the hill lomero [adj] PE
pasture where old and thin horses graze chalatón [m] HN rur.
cattle that graze on a rented lot ganado a piso [m] DO
superficial wound caused by a violent graze guayón [m] DO teen
shepherd who takes his herd to graze on the hill lomero [m] PE
field where cattle graze pastaje [m] MX GT AR:Nw rur.
directing livestock to graze pasteaje [m] PE disused
shepherd who after paying a fee, takes his cattle to another's field to graze pastajero [m] AR:Nw
high and humid place where cattle graze in the dry season sitio [m] HN rur.
large plot of land that is fenced with wire where cattle graze estancia [f] BO
lightly graze or rub the surface of something chaspear [v] CR rare
graze on pastar [v]
graze burst explosión a ras del suelo
put out to graze pacer [v]
Animal Husbandry
graze in winter pastures invernar [v] PE BO CL AR UY
graze in winter pastures invernar [v] PY rur.