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Significados de "manear" en diccionario inglés español : 21 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
manear [v] hobble around
manear [v] hobble
manear [v] tie hands and feet
manear [v] NI confuse
manear [v] NI tangle up
manear [v] HN SV UY hogtie
manear [v] HN SV UY tie up
manear [v] HN count by bunches
manear [v] NI tangle
manear [v] HN SV UY bind
manear [v] GT make it impossible for someone to do something
manear [v] SV not finish an agricultural job
manear [v] HN count by hands
manear [v] NI mix up
manear [v] NI mess up
manear [v] NI mess up
manear [v] HN SV UY tie someone up by their hands and feet
manear [v] chain
manear [v] shackle (horses)
manear [v] fetter
manear [v] hobble (a horse)