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Significados de "mourning" en diccionario español inglés : 27 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
mourning luto [m]
mourning duelo [m]
mourning duelo [m]
mourning funebrero [adj] BO
mourning fúnebre [adj]
mourning plañidero [adj]
mourning lamento [m]
mourning lutos [m/pl]
mourning plañidera [adj/f]
mourning aflicción [f]
mourning deplorable [adj]
mourning luctuoso [adj]
mourning afligido [adj]
mourning funéreo [adj]
mourning lamentoso [adj]
mourning de luto [adj]
mourning llanto [m]
mourning dolor [m]
mourning desconsuelo [m]
mourning gemido [m]
mourning vestido de luto [m]
mourning plañido [m]
mourning prendas de luto [f/pl]
mourning afligida [adj/f]
mourning luctuosa [adj/f]
mourning lamentosa [adj/f]
mourning funérea [adj/f]

Significados de "mourning" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 96 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
be in mourning estar de luto [v]
in mourning enlutado [adj]
in mourning enlutada [adj/f]
mourning ribbon on a hat gasa [f]
dress in mourning enlutar [v]
be dressed in mourning enlutarse [v]
in mourning enjergado [adj] disused
in mourning enlutado [adj]
end of the mourning period alivio [m] disused
mourning bonnet capirote [m]
long mourning gown capuz (francés) [m]
black mourning ribbon crespón [m]
man in mourning enlutado [m]
mourning room guayadero [m] disused
a state of mourning (estar) de luto [adv]
mourning bride viuda [f]
mourning widow viuda [f]
mourning scarf yacolla [f] PE rur.
person in mourning enlutada [f]
put on mourning enlutarse [v]
dress oneself in mourning enlutarse [v]
put into a state of mourning or grief enlutar [v]
be in mourning for estar de luto por [v]
be in mourning llevar luto [v]
be in mourning for llevar luto por [v]
appear to someone (spirit or soul in mourning) espantar [v] HN
in mourning enlutecido [adj] MX DO
small ribbon used on the lapel of a suit as a sign of mourning, recognition, or protest of something cintillo [m] HN BO
mourning dress disimulo [m] DO
a mourning atmosphere un ambiente de luto
short black mourning mantle chía [f] disused
paid mourning woman at funerals endechadera [f]
leave off mourning garments desenlutar [v]
put into mourning enlutar [v]
put crape/mourning on enlutar [v]
long mourning gown capuz [m]
mourning band on the arm brazal [m]
black fabric used for mourning requemado [m]
mourning-dress monjil [m]
mourning dress zulú [m] CU
mourning clothes lutos [m/pl]
mourning-dove paloma de la carolina [f]
go into mourning tomar el luto [v]
come out of mourning dejar el luto [v]
deep mourning luto riguroso [m]
half mourning medio luto [m]
mourning gecko cuija [f] MX HN
dress in full mourning attire cerrarse de negro [v] PA PR
i am in mourning estoy de luto
be dressed in mourning vestirse de luto [v]
in mourning de luto
mourning dove paloma lúgubre
mourning wheatear collalba núbica
american mourning dove güilota [f] MX
american mourning dove güiltota [f] HN
american mourning dove huilota [f] MX
mourning dove (zenaida macroura) huiltota [f] HN
mourning dove güilota [f] MX
mourning dove güiltota [f] HN
mourning dove huilota [f] MX
mourning dove (zenaida macroura) güiltota [f] HN
mourning dove (zenaida macroura) huilota [f] MX
mourning dove (zenaida macroura) güilota [f] MX
mourning dove (zenaida macroura) paloma rabiche [f] CU
mourning dove (zenaida macroura) rabiche [f] CU PR
mourning dove güilota [f] MX
american mourning dove güilota [f] MX
mourning sierra-finch (phrygillus fruticeti) yal [m] CL
mourning collared dove tórtola engañosa
american mourning dove zenaida huilota
mourning sierra-finch yal pechinegro
mourning sierra finch yal pechinegro
african mourning dove tórtola engañosa
mourning wheatear collalba núbica
mourning dove zenaida huilota
mourning warbler reinita plañidera
General Medicine
mourning widow viuda [m]
work of mourning duelo [m]
work of mourning trabajo del duelo
anticipatory mourning duelo anticipatorio
complicated mourning duelo complicado
mourning rituals rituales de luto
mourning flag bandera de luto
mourning widow escabiosa [f]
mourning bride escabiosa [f]
mourning bride viudo [m]
mourning widow viudo [m]
mesoamerican mythical character who is a mature woman appearing at night near rivers and ravines mourning her dead children siguampera [f] HN:W
mourning moth bruja [f] CU
mourning moth mariposa de la muerte [f] MX CR
mourning moth tara bruja [f] VE
mourning moth mariposa negra [f] CO
mourning moth pirpinto de la yeta [m] AR
mourning moth miquipapalotl [m] MX
mourning moth tepanpapalotl [m] MX
mourning moth taparaco [m] PE