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Significados de "perfume" en diccionario español inglés : 27 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
perfume perfume [m]
perfume fragancia [f]
perfume perfumar [v]
perfume aromar [v]
perfume aromatizar [v]
perfume sahumar [v]
perfume aroma [m]
perfume agua de ángeles [f] rare
perfume agua de colonia [f]
perfume agua rosada [f]
perfume cazoleta [f]
perfume esencia [f]
perfume fragancia [f]
perfume fragrancia [f] disused
perfume embalsamar [v]
perfume esencia [f]
perfume colonia [f]
perfume olor [m]
perfume aroma [m]
perfume pebete [m]
perfume ungüento [m]
perfume aromaticidad [f]
perfume embalsamar [v]
perfume incensar [v]
perfume olor fragante [m]
perfume agua rica [f]
perfume agua de florida© [f] MX HN SV NI PA CU DO CO VE EV PE PY

Significados de "perfume" en diccionario inglés español : 23 resultado(s)

Español Inglés
perfume [m] perfume
perfume [v] second-person singular formal present subjunctive of perfumar
perfume [v] second-person singular formal imperative of perfumar
perfume [v] third-person singular present subjunctive of perfumar
perfume [v] first-person singular present subjunctive of perfumar
perfume [m] scent
perfume [m] essence
perfume [m] flavour [uk]
perfume [m] eau de toilette
perfume [m] fragrance
perfume [m] odor
perfume [m] fragrancy
perfume [m] bouquet
perfume [m] odoriferousness
perfume [m] odorousness
perfume [m] redolence
perfume [m] redolency
perfume [m] relish
perfume [m] spice
perfume [m] savour
perfume [m] smell
perfume [m] flavor [us]
perfume [m] odour

Significados de "perfume" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 57 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
perfume shop perfumería [f]
alabaster perfume bottle alabastro [m]
perfume vendor alatar (árabe) [m] disused
person who wears civet perfume algaliero [m] rare
perfume vendor algaliero [m] rare
person who wears civet perfume algaliera [f] rare
perfume vendor algaliera [f] rare
lavender perfume lavanda [f]
wearing civet perfume algaliero [adj] rare
selling perfume algaliero [adj] rare
perfume with sulfur azufrar [v]
someone that makes or sells perfume perfumista [m]
cheap perfume sietemachos [m] SV
perfume store perfumería [f]
a witchcraft fetish or charm made of black tape with seven knots, each one of which has a different perfume and is associated with a thought having to do with a work goal cinta de siete nudos [f] PR
aphrodisiac perfume pusanga [f] PE
wearing too much cologne or perfume encoloniado [adj] CL
bathed in perfume emperfumado [adj] PA
put on perfume perfumarse [v]
perfume with incense incensariar [v] GT
perfume with incense inciensar [v] HN SV NI DO BO PY
put on perfume emperfumarse [v] DO
bottle of perfume frasco de perfume
civet perfume civeto [m]
perfume vessel perfumadero [m]
patchouli plant and perfume pachuli [m]
perfume-jar sahumador [m]
perfume-box ungüentario [m]
perfume vessel perfumador [m]
wax ball filled with water or perfume used in carnival bala [f]
acorn-shaped balsam or perfume-box bellota [f]
perfume box bujeta [f] disused
case for a perfume-bottle bujeta [f] disused
kind of perfume cazoleta [f]
perfume-box poma [f]
perfume with amber ambarar [v]
perfume with civet algaliar [v]
perfume with mastic almacigar [v]
perfume with musk almizclar [v]
perfume shop botiquería [f] disused
perfume bottle bujeta [f] disused
perfume bottle case bujeta [f] disused
know someone by one's perfume reconocer a alguien por su perfume
what perfume do you use? ¿qué perfume usa usted?
what perfume do you use? ¿qué perfume usas?
which perfume do you use? ¿qué perfume llevas puesto?
which perfume do you use? ¿qué perfume usas?
perfume censer or burner pebetero [m]
strong perfume venteconmigo [m] PA
be bathed in perfume oler a puta [v] NI PR
wear heavy perfume oler a puta [v] NI PR
perfume oil aceite esencial
perfume fixing agent agente de fijación de perfume
natural perfume perfume natural
synthetic perfume perfume sintético
perfume oils aceites aromáticos
perfume tree (ananga odorata) cadmia [f] CO