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Significados de "racket" en diccionario español inglés : 164 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
racket bulla [f]
racket raqueta [f]
racket estruendo [m]
racket bullicio [m]
racket jadeo [m]
racket pala [f]
racket estafa [f]
racket traca [f]
racket bolina [f]
racket alboroto [m]
racket jaleo [m]
racket estrépito [m]
racket barullo [m]
racket algarada [f]
racket algazara (árabe) [f]
racket alteración [f]
racket barahúnda [f]
racket baraúnda [f]
racket batahola [f]
racket bataola [f]
racket boruca (euskera) [f]
racket broma [f]
racket bulla [f]
racket boche [m] CL
racket bochinche [m]
racket bullicio [m]
racket bululú [m]
racket escándalo [m]
racket estruendo [m]
racket fraude [m]
racket algarabía [f]
racket zambra [f]
racket algarada [f]
racket escandalera [f]
racket bullanga [f]
racket gresca [f]
racket algazara [f]
racket tramoya [f]
racket batucada [f] AR:Nw
racket cuática [f] CL teen
racket cifarra [f] CU
racket changuenga [f] PA
racket chamuchina [f] GT
racket espetera [f] SV
racket guasanga [f] CU VE
racket guángara [f] DO rare
racket jocundia [f] HN
racket loquera [f] HN SV PA VE PY
racket majamama [f] CL
racket molotera [f] MX GT HN SV NI CU
racket molotera [f] HN SV
racket relinchada [f] NI
racket refala [f] DO
racket zalagarda [f] CL
racket zamotana [f] MX NI disused
racket raquetear [v] PE BO CL
racket guirigay [m]
racket fraude [m]
racket frontón [m]
racket alguito [m] DO
racket arrepinche [m] PA
racket burbaque [m] DO
racket degenere [m] MX SV PR CO
racket desconche [m] HN teen
racket desguañangue [m] DO
racket descachimbe [m] HN SV NI
racket descoque [m] GT HN SV
racket deschongue [m] MX GT HN SV teen
racket desgorre [m] HN teen
racket chivateo [m] CL:N
racket chivo [m] CU DO
racket fostró [m] PR
racket fox-trot (inglés) [m] PR
racket escarceo [m] CU DO
racket guaguancó [m] PA
racket guyryry [m] PY
racket laberinto [m] NI PE BO
racket destelengue [m] DO
racket detelengue [m] DO
racket detelengue [m] DO
racket macaneo [m] HN
racket empelotamiento [m] VE
racket molotal [m] GT HN SV NI CR PA DO PR
racket morlote [m] MX
racket mitote [m] MX
racket pijeo [m] HN
racket polvazón [m] SV
racket pogo [m] CO child
racket quilombo [m] HN BO PY AR UY
racket bolonqui [m] AR İuy
racket relincho [m] NI
racket reverbero [m] DO
racket tintingó [m] PR
racket vacilón [m] PR
racket zaperoco [m] HN NI PA CO VE
racket safacoca [m] MX
racket vergaceo [m] HN
racket vergoloteo [m] GT HN
racket vicio [m] PE
racket trabelazo [m] SV
racket barahunda [f]
racket raqueta (de tenis) [f]
racket francachela [f]
racket hacer ruido [v]
racket dar con una raqueta [v]
racket meter bulla [v]
racket pelotear [v]
racket zurriburri [m]
racket zapato de nieve [m]
racket guasa [f] SV
racket guasanga [f] HN SV CU CO
racket guirisapa [f] VE
racket trapaza [f]
racket trapacería [f]
racket trampa [f]
racket bolina [f] CL NI
racket bayoya [f] PR
racket bolina [f] CL NI
racket gangolina [f] AR:Nw
racket jicotera [f] HN rur.
racket maroma [f] AR UY
racket rejolina [f] MX:Nw
racket relojina [f] NI
racket zafacoca [f] CL disused
racket zafacoca [f] MX NI CO
racket zafacoca [f] PE rare
racket zarabanda [f] VE UY
racket zarangamusinga [f] VE:W
racket algarabía (árabe) [f]
racket canfínfora [f] VE
racket cencerrada [f]
racket la de dios es cristo [f]
racket guachafita [f] DO VE
racket batifondo [m] BO CL PY AR UY
racket batuque [m] AR
racket bojote [m] VE PR disused
racket bojote [m] VE
racket deschave [m] CR PE HN teen
racket chongo [m] PE
racket escandalete [m] AR UY
racket escombro [m] AR UY
racket espolvorín [m] NI CR DO disused
racket cogeculo [m] VE
racket macán [m] VE
racket plequepleque [m] PA CO:N
racket pereque [m] NI CR PA
racket batifondo [m] AR
racket chanchullo [m]
racket foxtrot (inglés) [m] VE
racket hollín [m]
racket hule [m]
racket charanga [f]
racket bronca [f]
racket crical [m] PR
racket desvergue [m] HN SV NI
racket vainero [m] VE
racket vergueo [m] GT HN SV NI
racket verguero [m] PA CO:N VE:W rur.
racket profesión
racket extorsión [f]
racket timo [m]
racket chanchullo [m]
racket chanchullo [m]
racket raqueta de tenis

Significados de "racket" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 75 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
string a racket encordar [v]
make a racket escandalizar [v] disused
racket made by one or more people guirisapa [f] VE
make a racket bayoyar [v] PR
draw the attention of a person by making a racket aparatar [v] SV
make a racket by yelling (two or more people) chajwar [v] BO:Sw,C rur.
make a racket molotear [v] SV
cause a racket mitotear [v] MX
bounce a tennis ball on a racket raquetear [v] BO
make a racket relinchar [v] HN SV NI
causing a racket, din, commotion, or scene cuático [adj] CL teen
racket (noise) areite [m] DO
racket or din caused by many voices chachareo [m] PR
racket or din caused by many voices vacilón [m] PR
racket accompanied by loud noise and fighting gorogoro [m] VE
loud racket rebulicio [m] DO VE
tennis racket raqueta de tenis
scoop or racket in the game of pelota cesta [f]
scoop or racket fastened to the hand for playing ball bomba [f] CU MX
racket (for ball games) pala [f]
racket-seller raquetera [f]
racket-maker raquetera [f]
racket-maker raquetero [m]
racket-seller raquetero [m]
make a racket armar una patasca [v]
kick up a racket armar una patasca [v]
make a racket armar un expolio [v]
make a racket meter bulla [v]
make a racket armar bulla [v]
hang up one’s racket colgar la raqueta [v]
cause a racket armar una cumbia [v] PA
cause a racket having fun hacer chorcha [v] MX
cause a racket levantar ámpula [v] MX
cause a racket meter vicio [v] PE
land too poor to raise a racket on tierra improductiva
land too poor to raise a racket on tierra infértil
land too poor to raise a racket on tierra yerma
what a racket! ¡qué jaleo!
person accustomed to making a racket chajwaca (del quechua) [f] BO:Sw,C
disturbance or racket caused by several people guachafita [f] CO VE
fight or quarrel that creates a racket garrotera [f] CO
disturbance or racket caused by several people huachafita [f] CO VE
racket caused by an argument or fight furrusca [f] CO VE
racket about correrse una juerga [v]
racket about chinganear [v] CL
make a racket armar barullo [v]
make a racket hacer barullo [v]
person accustomed to making a racket chajwaco (del quechua) [m] BO:Sw,C
racket (children) chivateo [m] AR
racket, noise leseo [m] CL
loud racket rebulicio [m] MX:E
drug racket narcotráfico [m]
drug racket tráfico de estupefacientes
golden-mantled racket-tail lorito-momoto dorsidorado
mindanao racket-tail lorito-momoto de mindanao
blue-crowned racket-tail lorito-momoto coroniazul
lesser racket-tailed drongo drongo de raquetas chico
blue-winged racket-tail lorito-momoto de las sulu
racket-tailed treepie urraca bronceada
booted racket-tail colibrí de raquetas
green racket-tail lorito-momoto de luzón
yellow-breasted racket-tail lorito-momoto amarillento
racket-tailed coquette rabudito de raquetas
blue-headed racket-tail lorito-momoto de palawan
montane racket-tail lorito-momoto montano
buru racket-tail lorito-momoto de buru
racket-tailed roller carraca de raquetas
greater racket-tailed drongo drongo de raquetas grande
racket amputation amputación en raqueta
racket nail uña en raqueta
racket amputation amputación en raqueta
racket nail uña en raqueta
racket cell célula raqueta
racket blade hoja de la raqueta
popular sport which is played by two teams and consists in throwing a ball with a rubber racket chaza [f] CO:Sw