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Significados de "shaped" en diccionario español inglés : 17 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
shaped formado [adj]
shaped formada [adj/f]
shaped modelado [adj]
shaped perfilado [adj]
shaped configurado [adj]
shaped perfilado [adj]
shaped creado [adj]
shaped modelado [adj]
shaped no circular
shaped hecho [adj]
shaped creado [adj]
shaped configurado [adj]
shaped hecho [adj]
shaped configurado [adj]
shaped creado [adj]
shaped hecho [adj]
shaped modelado [adj]

Significados de "shaped" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 500 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
a bell-shaped object campana [f]
heart-shaped cordiforme [adj]
ring-shaped anular [adj]
globe-shaped globiforme [adj]
egg-shaped ahuevado [adj]
palm-shaped palmeado [adj]
palm-shaped palmado [adj]
trumpet-shaped abocinado [adj]
bell-shaped acampanado [adj]
bell-shaped campaniforme [adj]
bell-shaped campanudo [adj]
heart-shaped acorazonado [adj]
egg-shaped oviforme [adj]
egg-shaped ovoide [adj]
bell-shaped encampanado [adj]
almond-shaped almendrado [adj]
well-shaped perfilado [adj]
melon-shaped amelonado [adj]
ring-shaped anillado [adj]
egg-shaped aovado [adj]
cone-shaped apiñado [adj]
star-shaped estrellado [adj]
tree-shaped arbóreo [adj]
kidney-shaped arriñonado [adj]
horn-shaped corniforme [adj]
sickle-shaped falciforme [adj]
x-shaped aspado [adj]
bell-shaped atrompetado [adj]
almond-shaped rasgado [adj]
trumpet-shaped abocinada [adj/f]
bell-shaped acampanada [adj/f]
bell-shaped campanuda [adj/f]
heart-shaped acorazonada [adj/f]
bell-shaped encampanada [adj/f]
almond-shaped almendrada [adj/f]
well-shaped perfilada [adj/f]
melon-shaped amelonada [adj/f]
ring-shaped anillada [adj/f]
egg-shaped aovada [adj/f]
cone-shaped apiñada [adj/f]
star-shaped estrellada [adj/f]
tree-shaped arbórea [adj/f]
kidney-shaped arriñonada [adj/f]
x-shaped aspada [adj/f]
bell-shaped atrompetada [adj/f]
almond-shaped rasgada [adj/f]
ring-shaped roll rosca [f]
oval or heart-shaped leather shield adarga [f]
almond-shaped diamond almendra [f]
almond-shaped file (locksmith's) almendrilla [f]
core of gourd-shaped tassel calabacilla [f]
pear-shaped ear-ring calabacilla [f]
anything bell-shaped campana [f]
bottom of a well-shaped like a bell campana [f]
bell-shaped dress fringe campanilla [f]
acorn-shaped balsam or perfume-box bellota [f]
acorn-shaped fringeless tassel bellota [f]
ring-shaped fruit-cake casca [f]
chestnut-shaped jar castaña [f]
shell-shaped covering of spike of indian corn concha [f]
any shell-shaped object concha [f]
shell-shaped butter/jamdish concha [f]
anything shaped like a horse-shoe herradura [f]
a leaf-shaped fritter lasaña [f]
apple-shaped ornament in jewels mazaneta [f]
pear-shaped ornament perilla [f]
cone-shaped landmark pina [f]
crescent-shaped jewel lunecilla [f]
half-moon-shaped geometrical figure lúnula [f]
rose-shaped jewel roseta [f]
sweet ring-shaped fritter rosquilla [f]
tulip-shaped lamp-shade tulipa [f]
ill-shaped turret torreja [f]
ill-shaped macaca [f] derog. CU DO
make vault-shaped abovedar [v]
become grain-shaped agranujarse [v]
cover a criminal's head with a cone-shaped cap encorozar [v]
slipper-shaped achinelado [adj]
spindle-shaped ahusado [adj]
nipple-shaped apezonado [adj]
shaped like a trumpet abocinado [adj]
shaped like a pine-cone apiñado [adj]
purse-shaped abolsado [adj]
halberd-shaped alabardado [adj]
shaped like a half-gaiter abotinado (calzado) [adj]
shaped like a french loaf amolletado [adj]
fritter-shaped (of fried eggs) abuñuelado [adj]
shaped like a dagger apuñalado [adj]
shaped like a three-cornered hat acandilado [adj]
spiral-shaped acaracolado [adj]
keel-shaped aquillado [adj]
said of horses having the head shaped like sheep acarnerado [adj]
awl-shaped alesnado [adj]
shaped like a cutlass alfanjado [adj]
needle-shaped acicular [adj]
wing-shaped aliforme [adj]
having an almond-shaped croup anquialmendrado [adj]
shaped like a cup/vase acopado [adj]
grain-shaped agranujado [adj]
shaped like a slipper apantuflado [adj]
cherry-shaped cereiforme [adj]
pebble-shaped calculiforme [adj]
finger-shaped dactilado [adj]
with heart-shaped leaves cordifoliado [adj]
horn-shaped cornial [adj]
oblong-shaped (olive) corval [adj]
heart-shaped cardiáceo [adj]
square-shaped cuadriforme [adj]
wedge-shaped cuneiforme [adj]
spindle-shaped fusiforme [adj]
slim and well-shaped esbelto [adj]
shaped like endive escarolado [adj]
fan-shaped flabelado [adj]
sword-shaped ensiforme [adj]
shield-shaped peltiforme [adj]
lentil-shaped lenticular [adj]
shaped like a lyre lirado [adj]
pear-shaped piriforme [adj]
fish-shaped pisciforme [adj]
egg-shaped ovalado [adj]
oval-shaped ovalado [adj]
ill-shaped malhecho [adj]
tube-shaped tubular [adj]
navel-shaped umbilicado [adj]
ill-shaped larguirucho [adj]
shaped like a man androide [m]
pear-shaped fruit of the chayotera chayote [m] MX
pear-shaped fruit with a large stone chote [m] CU
anything heart-shaped corazón [m]
bottle-shaped snuff-box fusique [m]
shaped like a scythe falcado [m] rur. ARA
y-shaped division of beam horcajo [m]
star-shaped piece in fireworks estrellón [m]
tile-shaped brick mazarí [m]
ill-shaped macaco [m] derog. CU DO
rough, ill-shaped stick palitoque [m]
ring-shaped fritter rosquete [m]
screw-shaped torculado [m]
ill-shaped turret torrejón [m]
temple-shaped ornament templete [m]
v-shaped tear in a garment siete [m]
pear-shaped fruit with a large stone chayote [m]
rough, ill-shaped stick palitroque [m]
almond-shaped diamond ear-rings almendrillas [f/pl]
v-shaped pieces in a cloak camas [f/pl]
v-shaped pieces in garments cambas [f/pl]
any x-shaped tool tijeras [f/pl]
shaped like a trumpet abocinada [adj/f]
purse-shaped abolsada [adj/f]
shaped like a half-gaiter abotinada (calzado) [adj/f]
fritter-shaped (of fried eggs) abuñuelada [adj/f]
shaped like a three-cornered hat acandilada [adj/f]
spiral-shaped acaracolada [adj/f]
said of horses having the head shaped like sheep acarnerada [adj/f]
shaped like a cup/vase acopada [adj/f]
slipper-shaped achinelada [adj/f]
heart-shaped cardiácea [adj/f]
grain-shaped agranujada [adj/f]
spindle-shaped ahusada [adj/f]
halberd-shaped alabardada [adj/f]
awl-shaped alesnada [adj/f]
shaped like a cutlass alfanjada [adj/f]
slim and well-shaped esbelta [adj/f]
shaped like endive escarolada [adj/f]
shaped like a lyre lirada [adj/f]
shaped like a french loaf amolletada [adj/f]
having an almond-shaped croup anquialmendrada [adj/f]
ill-shaped malhecha [adj/f]
shaped like a slipper apantuflada [adj/f]
nipple-shaped apezonada [adj/f]
shaped like a pine-cone apiñada [adj/f]
shaped like a dagger apuñalada [adj/f]
keel-shaped aquillada [adj/f]
with heart-shaped leaves cordifoliada [adj/f]
fan-shaped flabelada [adj/f]
finger-shaped dactilada [adj/f]
egg-shaped ovalada [adj/f]
oval-shaped ovalada [adj/f]
navel-shaped umbilicada [adj/f]
ill-shaped larguirucha [adj/f]
ornament shaped like an artichoke alcachofa (árabe) [f]
almond-shaped decoration almendra [f]
almond-shaped stitch almendrilla [f] disused
bud-shaped acapullarse [v] rare
be shaped ahormarse [v]
torus-shaped abocelado [adj]
trumpet-shaped abocinado [adj]
horn-shaped abocinado [adj]
fritter-shaped abuñolado [adj]
fritter-shaped abuñuelado [adj]
bell-shaped acampanado [adj]
shaped like a oil lamp acandilado [adj]
tube-shaped acañutado [adj]
snail-shaped acaracolado [adj]
spiral-shaped acaracolado [adj]
shaped like a castle acastillado [adj] rare
slipper-shaped achinelado [adj]
cowl-shaped acogullado [adj]
crown-shaped acopado [adj]
heart-shaped acorazonado [adj]
cord-shaped acordonado [adj]
bucket-shaped acubado [adj]
barrel-shaped acubado [adj]
shaped like an arrow aflechado [adj]
shaped like a hook agarabatado [adj]
halberd-shaped alabardado [adj]
shaped like an artichoke alcachofado [adj]
scimitar shaped alfanjado [adj]
shaped like a battlement almenado [adj]
battlement-shaped almenado [adj]
almond-shaped almendrado [adj]
peach-shaped amelonado [adj]
shaped like a roll amolletado [adj] disused
shaped like a morion amorrionado [adj] disused
shaped like a bubble ampollar [adj]
an aromatic herb with a heart-shaped, velvety leaf which grows in tropic mesoamerica (piper auritum) acuyo [m] MX
embroider shaped like an artichoke alcarchofado [m] disused
almond-shaped diamond earrings almendrillas [f/pl] disused
bell-shaped object campana [f]
small ring-shaped cake rosquilla [f]
bell-shaped flower campanilla [f]
tulip-shaped lampshade tulipa [f]
something which is made in or shaped on a mould moldura [f]
something which is made in or shaped on a mould copia [f]
something which is made in or shaped on a mould reproducción [f]
star-shaped thing estrella [f]
doughnut-shaped object rosca [f]
z-shaped figure aspa [f]
adobe shaped mold for making cheese adobera [f] CL rare
y-shaped piece of wood to harvest latex horqueta [f]
small guitar-like instrument with pear-shaped body and 6 pairs of strings played with a pick bandurria [f]
small hook-shaped anchor with six or more arms used for small boats araña [f] NI
small hook-shaped anchor with six or more arms used for small boats araña [f] HN:S
crescent-shaped stone in the fulling mill (used to grind) balladora [f] BO:E
bell-shaped dome cúpula en forma de media esfera [f]
bell-shaped dome cúpula acampanada [f]
globe-shaped lamp bomba [f] CU
y shaped stick/cane used to move grass and cut branches burra [f] HN:W
any bell-shaped flower campanula [f] HN SV
(in a horse's bridle) a bridge-shaped strap, sewn at the ends, under which passes the tip of the straps baguilla [f] PE rur.
triangular shaped plot of land cuchilla [f] GT HN SV rur.
triangular shaped piece of paper or fabric cuchilla [f] NI
small steel sheet shaped like a quarter circle cuchilla [f] HN NI
hole shaped ulcer chócola [f] CR disused rur.
small teat-shaped ornaments on a clay pot chiche [f] HN
cone-shaped candy on a stick carioca [f] CU disused
ring-shaped pendant candonga [f] CO VE
crescent-shaped stone used for grinding in a mortar guagua [f] BO
very light sweet, usually oval shaped, that is baked, covered with caramel and sugar colación [f] AR
bathtub shaped en forma de bañera [f]
bone shaped into a pipe to smoke marijuana matabacha [f] SV
colorful candy shaped like a pill pastillita [f] CU
square shaped piece of fabric that joins another to make tablecloths, quilts and other garments pastilla [f] PE
v-shaped plow made of a tree branch pulled by oxen rastra [f] CU rur.
be shaped configurarse [v]
bloom (plant with spike-shaped flowers) espigar [v] PR EC
spindle-shaped ahuesado [adj]
biscuit-shaped oblongo [adj]
cup-shaped ciatiforme [adj]
fair shaped fuselado [adj]
leaf-shaped foliáceo [adj]
awl shaped subuliforme [adj]
sickle shaped falciforme [adj]
shell-shaped conchiforme [adj]
cup-shaped acopado [adj]
funnel-shaped embudado [adj]
funnel-shaped abocinado [adj]
cross-shaped cruciforme [adj]
wave-shaped ondulado [adj]
crown-shaped coronario [adj]
arrow-shaped sagital [adj]
arrow-shaped aflechado [adj]
oval (oval-shaped) ovalado [adj]
ovoid (egg-shaped) ovoide [adj]
crescent-shaped lunado [adj]
annular (ring-shaped) anular [adj]
bell shaped acampanado [adj]
disk-shaped discoide [adj]
star-shaped asteroide [adj]
worm-shaped vermiforme [adj]
shaped like a pentagon pentágono [adj]
shaped like a pentagon pentagonal [adj]
related to or shaped like a torus tórico [adj]
pertaining to shaped like a disc / disk discoide [adj]
pyramid-shaped piramidal [adj]
oval-shaped oval [adj]
egg-shaped en forma de huevo [adj]
star-shaped en forma de estrella [adj]
arch-shaped arqueado [adj]
bowl-shaped en forma de bol [adj]
bowl-shaped en forma de cuenco [adj]
bathtub shaped con forma de bañera [adj]
ball shaped redondo [adj]
egg shaped con forma de huevo [adj]
egg shaped ovalado [adj]
egg shaped ahuevado [adj]
square-shaped (thing) escuardo [adj] US
tube-shaped canuteado [adj] HN SV NI
almond shaped almendrado [adj]
arrow shaped en forma de flecha [adj]
ball shaped con forma de esfera [adj]
ball shaped con forma de pelota [adj]
ball shaped en forma de bola [adj]
arch-shaped arqueado [adj]
arch-shaped en forma de arco [adj]
ball shaped abombado [adj]
arch-shaped curvado [adj]
doughnut-shaped cake or bread roll rosco [m]
ring-shaped cake or pastry roscón [m]
cone-shaped heap of alluvium abanico aluvial [m]
cone-shaped heap of alluvium cono de deyección [m]
ring-shaped pastry rosco [m]
drum-shaped piece tambor [m]
cone-shaped hat bonete [m]
rhomboid-shaped sweet made from yucca starch, egg, unrefined brown sugar and spices almidón [m] VE
rhomboid-shaped sweet made from yucca starch, egg, unrefined brown sugar and spices almidoncito [m] VE
rhomboid-shaped sweet made from yucca starch, egg, unrefined brown sugar and spices almidonero [m] VE
woody vine with claw-shaped thorns ñaragato [m] VE
bell-shaped roof techo en forma de cúpula [m]
bell-shaped roof techo en forma de campana [m]
ring-shaped pastry bizcocho [m] CR BO
large round-shaped candy bolón [m] DO
ear-shaped piece of wood used by shoemakers to sew the sole bofo [m] HN
round-shaped caramel boliche [m] VE:W
cocaine-based sulphate (contained in a small and ball-shaped wrapping) bollo [m] BO:S
a large metal pot with an arch-shaped wire serving as a handle canari [m] VE
elbow-shaped pipe tubo en forma de codo [m]
funnel-shaped net for fishing in river pools chacal (del francés) [m] SV rur.
baton shaped cheese flavored snack made with cornstarch chizito (de chizito®) [m] PE BO AR
small cone-shaped candy made with eggs, cornstarch, and sugar, and covered with syrup capuchino [m] CU
horn-shaped tuft of hair chifle [m] PR
cube-shaped kite farol [m] GT
two trapezoid shaped subdivisions in hopscotch at the start of the board and at the end where the player can rest frente de buey [m] HN
very small coffee bean, almost round and shaped like a snail caracolillo [m] GT HN NI CR PR PE rur.
very small coffee bean, almost round and shaped like a snail caracolillo [m] DO
pretzel-shaped sweet bread alamar [m] MX
fork shaped stick used to hold and remove weeds that are cut with the machete gancho [m] GT HN rur.
y-shaped post fence so that passersby can cross it gancho [m] NI rur.
almond-shaped moustache bigote en forma de almendra [m]
a large cherry, with a color between red and pink, and a heart shaped form corazón de paloma [m] CL
truncated cone-shaped small box used to store tobacco snuff congolo [m] VE:W
diamond-shaped roll cocol [m] MX
pear shaped sweet with pink and yellow stripes cocoroco [m] PE
sickle shaped machete guingaro [m] MX
oval shaped bread ojo de pancha [m] MX
diamond shaped kite pavo [m] CL
incision in clay pots shaped like pineapples efecto de piña [m] HN:E,W
triangle shaped sweet bread pico [m] SV
rooster crest shaped like a saw serrucho [m] PR rur.
ceremonial knife used in ancient peru with a crescent shaped blade tumi [m] PE
z-shaped piece of wood placed on level walls, as a support zoquete [m] HN
arch-shaped en forma de arco [loc/adj]
arrow shaped en forma de flecha [loc/adj]
crescent-shaped stone used for grinding in a mortar guagua batán [loc/nom] BO
fan-shaped en forma de abanico [adj]
ill-shaped irregular [adj]
ill-shaped disforme [adj]
ill-shaped mal hecho [adj]
ring-shaped bucle [adj]
star-shaped estrelular [adj]
ill-shaped mal hecha [adj/f]
u-shaped en forma de u [loc/adv]
funnel-shaped en forma de embudo
ring-shaped en forma de sortija
cone-shaped boob chuspa [f] CR
be gracefully shaped ir bien trajeado [v]
good-shaped respingón [adj]
well-shaped respingón [adj]
ill-shaped (person) cebolludo [adj] disused
ill-shaped zamborondón [adj]
ill-shaped langaruto [adj]
ill-shaped zamborotudo [adj]
long, ill-shaped sleeve mangajarro [m]
a tall, ill-shaped man, without spirit gambalúa [m]
ill-shaped stopper taperujo [m]
ill-shaped little bundle atadijo [m]
ill-shaped person jergón [m]
ill-shaped person zancajo [m]
a short, ill-shaped person escarabajo [m]
hook-shaped door handle pico de loro [m] BO:W
ill-shaped zamborondona [adj/f]
ill-shaped (person) cebolluda [adj/f] disused
ill-shaped langaruta [adj/f]
ill-shaped zamborotuda [adj/f]
go pear-shaped ponerse feo
go pear-shaped irse a pique
cone-shaped hill cucurucho CO HN NI DO VE
cone shaped coniforme [adj]
go pear-shaped fracasar [v]
spine-shaped espiniforme [adj]
brick-shaped muriforme [adj]
bell-shaped curve curva en forma de campana
Work Safety Terms
plate-shaped laminado [adj]
v-shaped arrangement aparejo en v
v-shaped rebound recuperación en v
v-shaped rebound recuperación en forma de v
v-shaped recovery recuperación en forma de v
v-shaped recovery recuperación en v
bell-shaped curve curva de distribución normal
bell-shaped curve curva campaniforme
bell-shaped curve curva acampanada
funnel-shaped infundibuliforme [adj]
wave shaped ondulado [adj]
goblet-shaped crateriforme [adj]
flask-shaped lageniforme [adj]
cup-shaped cupuliforme [adj]
cup-shaped crateriforme [adj]
tooth-shaped dentiforme [adj]
canoe-shaped cóncavo [adj]
paddle shaped beam haz en forma de paleta [m]
shaped conductor conductor perfilado [m]
sector-shaped conductor conductor perfilado de sección sectorial [m]
bell-shaped insulator aislador acampanado [m]
bell-shaped insulator aislante acampanado [m]
bell-shaped insulator aislante bajo carpa [m]
sector-shaped conductor conductor sectoral
shaped-beam antenna antena de haz modelado
shaped-beam antenna antena de haz configurado
ring-shaped electron gun cañón de electrones anular
fan-shaped beam haz en abanico
shaped conductor conductor perfilado
ring-shaped electron gun cañón de electrones anular
shaped beam tube tubo de haz perfilado [m]
shaped beam haz perfilado [m]
shaped pulse impulso perfilado
shaped beam haz perfilado
nose-shaped catch for a latch nariz [f]
anything bell-shaped campana [f]
anything cup-shaped copa [f]
crutch-shaped device muleta [f]
needle-shaped particle partícula en forma de aguja [f]
penny-shaped crack grieta en forma de monedas [f]
u-shaped base plate chapa de base en forma de u [f]
boat-shaped carinado [adj]
rod-shaped rabdoide [adj]
boat-shaped navicular [adj]
hook-shaped unciforme [adj]
lemon-shaped limoniforme [adj]
cap shaped galeriforme [adj]
arc-shaped arqueado [adj]
needle-shaped aciculado [adj]
bag-shaped utricular [adj]
mouth-shaped oriforme [adj]
pitcher-shaped aritenoideo [adj]
diamond-shaped rómbico [adj]
cigar-shaped ahusado [adj]
dome-shaped abovedado [adj]
crescent-shaped luniforme [adj]
bed-shaped clinoide [adj]
cone-shaped cónico [adj]
coin-shaped numular [adj]
hook-shaped hamular [adj]
shell-shaped conchoidal [adj]
acorn-shaped abellotado [adj]
bell-shaped acampanulado [adj]
club-shaped bacilar [adj]
cube-shaped cúbico [adj]
boat-shaped escafoide [adj]
almond-shaped amigdaloidal [adj]
hammer-shaped maleolar [adj]
star-shaped astroide [adj]
needle-shaped aguzado [adj]
cone-shaped conoide [adj]
ball-shaped esférico [adj]
ring-shaped circular [adj]
handle-shaped manubrial [adj]
heart-shaped cardioide [adj]
diamond-shaped romboidal [adj]
globe-shaped globular [adj]
doughnut-shaped tórico [adj]
doughnut-shaped toroidal [adj]
beak-shaped rostriforme [adj]
coffin-shaped ataudado [adj]
moon-shaped lunular [adj]
rod-shaped rabdoidal [adj]
star shaped asteroideo [adj]
arrow-shaped sagitado [adj]
beak-shaped coronoide [adj]
keystone-shaped forma trapezoidal [adj]
sawtooth-shaped en forma de dientes de sierra [adj]
cup-shaped acopado [adj]
bell-shaped acampanado [adj]
cone-shaped coniforme [adj]
egg-shaped ovoide [adj]
pear-shaped periforme [adj]
spindle-shaped fusiforme [adj]
funnel-shaped embudiforme [adj] AR
ring-shaped anillado [adj]
t-shaped en forma de t [adj]
v-shaped en v [adj]
ring-shaped en forma de anillo [adj]
needle-shaped aguzado [adj]
needle-shaped acicular [adj]
berry-shaped tassel madroño [m]
anything fan-shaped abanico [m]
s-shaped hook gancho en forma de s [m]
shaped conductor conductor perfilado
band shaped en forma de cinta
shaped beam aerial antena de haz perfilado
annular shaped de forma anular