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Meanings of "depp" in English German Dictionary : 332 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
Depp [m] bozo
Depp [m] muppet
Depp [m] blockhead
Depp [m] retard
Depp [m] dolt
Depp [m] dumbass
Depp [m] oaf
Depp [m] simpleton
Depp [m] gimp
Depp [m] imbecile
Depp [m] jerk
Depp [m] fool
Depp [m] clot
Depp [m] charlie
Depp [m] clod
Depp [m] clodhopper
Depp [m] schmuck
Depp [m] schnook
Depp [m] addle pate
Depp [m] gump
Depp dork
Depp [m] goof
Depp [m] goofball
Depp [m] one card short of a full deck
Depp [m] twat
Depp [m] nothing upstairs
Depp [m] couldn't pour water out of a boot (if there was instructions on the heel) (rur.)
Depp [m] have nothing between the ears
Depp [m] there's nobody home
Depp [m] half-baked
Depp [m] hare-brained
Depp [m] out to lunch
Depp [m] bozo
Depp [m] one brick shy of a load
Depp [m] ain't got a lick of sense
Depp [m] jackass
Depp [m] ain't got a grain of sense
Depp [m] I've seen better heads on nickel beers
Depp [m] pea-brained
Depp [m] several cards short of a full deck
Depp [m] soft in the head
Depp [m] have nothing between one's ears
Depp [m] can't see a hole in a ladder
Depp [m] as dumb as a bag of hammers
Depp [m] cuckoo
Depp [m] one sandwich short of a picnic
Depp [m] bird brain
Depp [m] a half-wit
Depp [m] not know enough to come in out of the rain
Depp [m] harebrained
Depp [m] douche
Depp [m] dipshit
Depp [m] pud
Depp [m] lamebrain
Depp [m] ding-dong
Depp [m] Spazz
Depp [m] douchebag
Depp [m] softhead
Depp [m] lamer
Depp [m] jay
Depp [m] cretin
Depp [m] nitwit
Depp [m] moron
Depp [m] twit
Depp [m] jackass
Depp [m] plonker
Depp [m] prat
Depp [m] tomfool (old-fashioned)
Depp nincompoop
British Slang
Depp [m] muppet
Depp [m] gormy
Depp [m] jam roll
Depp [m] a right one
Depp [m] pillock
Depp [m] dimmock
Depp [m] gonk
Depp [m] wanker
Depp [m] spanner
Depp [m] gimp
Depp [m] gobbledygook
Depp [m] radgepot
Depp [m] wassock
Depp [m] jack-the-lad
Depp [m] duffer
Depp [m] dozy
Depp [m] wolly
Depp [m] tube (scottish)
Depp [m] prat
Depp [m] pie-eater
Depp [m] charlie
Depp [m] bam (scottish)
Depp [m] tit-head
Depp [m] bawheid (scotch)
Depp [m] airhead
Depp [m] shit for brains
Depp [m] smeghead
Depp [m] dinlo
Depp [m] nob
Depp [m] spaz
Depp [m] nitwit
Depp [m] silly sausage
Depp [m] thick as shit in the neck of a bottle
Depp [m] daftie
Depp [m] gormless
Depp [m] dumbo
Depp [m] toby jug
Depp [m] bozo
Depp [m] half-sharp
Depp [m] dipstick
Depp [m] pig-ignorant
Depp [m] prick
Depp [m] smeg head
Depp [m] thick as a brick
Depp [m] bread bun
Depp [m] bonehead
Depp [m] fuckwit
Depp [m] dingbat
Depp [m] not the brightest crayon in the box
Depp [m] dopehead
Depp [m] twat
Depp [m] grebo
Depp [m] bamstick (scottish)
Depp [m] muffin
Depp [m] dildo
Depp [m] baboon
Depp [m] half soaked
Depp [m] nobber
Depp [m] gorm
Depp [m] bumbaclut
Depp [m] knobhead
Depp [m] spacky
Depp [m] bollock-brain
Depp [m] lemon
Depp [m] soft in the head
Depp [m] bumbaclat
Depp [m] thick as two short planks
Depp [m] thicko
Depp [m] durbrain
Depp [m] fat-head
Depp [m] doylem
Depp [m] burk
Depp [m] wang
Depp [m] twirp
Depp [m] dead from the neck up
Depp [m] berk
Depp [m] nugget
Depp [m] pilchard
Depp [m] eejit
Depp [m] dickhead
Depp [m] goit
Depp [m] gowk
Depp [m] deacon
Depp [m] divvy
Depp [m] culchie
Depp [m] spag
Depp [m] langer
Depp [m] doughnut
Depp [m] spazmo
Depp [m] mug
Depp [m] mong
Depp [m] spoon
Depp [m] bumbaclot
Depp [m] spazzy
Depp [m] dobber
Depp [m] spaccy
Depp [m] wally
Depp [m] prannock
Depp [m] prannet
Depp [m] clot
Depp [m] wazzock
Depp [m] chump
Depp [m] galoot
Depp [m] daft cow
Depp [m] fucktard
Depp [m] fannybaws
Depp [m] tosser
Depp [m] apeth
Depp [m] nana
Depp [m] get
Depp [m] dumbnuts
Depp [m] twerp
Depp [m] twonk
Depp [m] thick as pig shit
Depp [m] dim
Depp [m] ninny
Depp [m] twannock (yorkshire)
Depp [m] nobhead
Depp [m] twit
Depp [m] plank
Depp [m] numbnuts
Depp [m] radge pot
Depp [m] bampot (scottish)
Depp [m] knobber
Depp [m] flid
Depp [m] pranny
Depp [m] right charlie
Depp [m] barmpot
Depp [m] plonker
Depp [m] gear
Depp [m] bubblehead
Depp [m] wet nellie
Depp [m] dimbo
Depp [m] head-the-ball (scottish)
Depp [m] gimboid
Depp [m] nit
Depp [m] toss-pot
Depp [m] pond life
Depp [m] tool
Depp [m] div
Depp [m] dickfuck
Depp [m] dippy
Depp [m] silly billy
Depp [m] hairy-arsed
Depp [m] saft
Depp [m] glaikit (scottish)
Depp [m] bungalow
Depp [m] silly bugger
Depp [m] daft apeth
Depp [m] gobbin
Depp [m] barmcake
Depp [m] spazz
Depp [m] douche bag
Depp [m] mongo
Depp [m] kook
Depp [m] schnook
Depp [m] dick
Depp [m] turkey
Depp [m] dip
Depp [m] dickwad
Depp [m] blockhead
Depp [m] drongo
Depp [m] douchebag
Depp [m] douche
Depp [m] cheese ball
Depp [m] a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic
Depp [m] dumb as a bag of hammers
Depp [m] a few fries short of a happy meal
Depp [m] dumbass
Depp [m] dumb as a box of rocks
Depp [m] a couple beers short of a six-pack
Depp [m] dingbat
Depp [m] dingleberry
Depp [m] dink
Depp [m] cuckoo
Depp [m] ass clown
Depp [m] brain-free
Depp [m] begg
Depp [m] ass hole
Depp [m] birdbrain
Depp [m] dork
Depp [m] doofus
Depp [m] doof
Depp [m] dipshit
Depp [m] doushbag
Depp [m] dumb ass
Depp [m] dickhead
Depp [m] asshole
Depp [m] arsehole
Depp [m] dickweed
Depp [m] airhead
Depp [m] dag
Depp [m] crank
Depp [m] dumb truck
Depp [m] a bird-brain
Depp [m] dipstick
Depp [m] asshat
Depp [m] berk
Depp [m] get
Depp [m] meathead
Depp [m] galah
Depp [m] saddo
Depp [m] gaby
Depp [m] fuckwit
Depp [m] jerky
Depp [m] heroin
Depp [m] nimrod
Depp [m] nigeot
Depp [m] schmo
Depp [m] idget
Depp [m] gaumless
Depp [m] sap
Depp [m] plonker
Depp [m] rassgat
Depp [m] dumbbell
Depp [m] jabroni
Depp [m] nozzle
Depp [m] fruit loop
Depp [m] not the sharpest tool in the shed
Depp [m] scatterbrain
Depp [m] jag-off
Depp [m] git
Depp [m] dweeb
Depp [m] lunatic
Depp [m] featherbrain
Depp [m] lamer
Depp [m] numptie
Depp [m] nincompoop
Depp [m] wizza
Depp [m] harebrain
Depp [m] pratt
Depp [m] feeb
Depp [m] loggerhead
Depp [m] lop
Depp [m] heavy-headed
Depp [m] scag
Depp [m] not the sharpest knife in the drawer
Depp [m] nut
Depp [m] sawney
Depp [m] jughead
Depp [m] nut job
Depp [m] lamebrain
Depp [m] seaweed brain
Depp [m] langer
Depp [m] spazzer
Depp [m] turkey (orig. u.s. 1940s)
Depp [m] turnip
Depp [m] mook
Depp [m] scatterbrains
Depp [m] sucka
Depp [m] prick
Depp [m] supergoose
Depp [m] fagass
Depp [m] numpty
Depp [m] fuckface
Depp [m] jobbernowl
Depp [m] one sandwich short of a picnic
Depp [m] screwball
Depp [m] putz
Depp [m] featherhead
Depp [m] rattlebrain
Depp [m] flibbertigibbet
Depp [m] fool

Meanings of "depp" with other terms in English German Dictionary : 39 result(s)

Alemán Inglés
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] jerk
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] fool
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] dolt
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] clot
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] charlie
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] clod
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] clodhopper
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] schmuck
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] schnook
hochnäsiger Depp [m] supercilious oaf
der Depp bozo
Depp [pejorativ] [m] dickhead
Depp [pejorativ] [m] douche
Depp [pejorativ] [m] douche bag
Depp [pejorativ] [m] douchebag
Depp [pejorativ] [m] dunderhead
Depp [pejorativ] [m] dunce
Depp [pejorativ] [m] numbskull
Depp [pejorativ] [m] numskull
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] plonker
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] prat
Depp [pejorativ] [m] thicko
Depp [Süddt.][Ös.][Schw.] [m] tomfool (old-fashioned)
ein geborener Depp a born sucker
British Slang
der Depp bam (scottish)
der Depp bampot (scottish)
der Depp bamstick (scottish)
der Depp barmcake
der Depp barmpot
der Depp bubblehead
der Depp bumbaclat
der Depp bungalow
der Depp bumbaclot
der Depp bumbaclut
der Depp burk
ein Depp a jerk
der Depp assclown
der Depp balloon head
der Depp blockhead